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Sr. Sw Qa Engineer Resume

White Plains, NY


  • Extensive expérience in software testing, integration and development for SONET, Satellite. Cellular/Fixed Wireless communication and Network system. Handled positions of increasing responsibility across testing and developing system effectively.
  • Experience with INTEL 8080/8086 and MOTOROLA 6800/68000 software and hardware.
  • Experience in using ProComm Plus, PSpice, MathCAD, MatLab, Smart Work and TestDirector.
  • Experience in using FrameMaker, DOORS, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint & Microsoft Word.
  • Telecom switches ALCATEL S12 and Lucent 5ESS switches, IXIA1600, SmartBits2000 and Abacus.


Transmission Systems: SONET (OC3 - 192)/SDH/PDH/ ATM/DWDM, DS3/DS1/FT1/T1/E1, LAN/WAN, DLC, GFP/VCAT/LCAS & EOS.

Wireless Protocols: AMPS/GSM/TDMA/CDMA/WCDMA, IS41, IS136, 1S95, CDPD, WLAN, IEEE802.11 & Inmarsat M/B/miniM.

Telecom Protocols: GR-253, GR-1400, GR-1230, GR-499 GR1244, GR-418, GR-831,GR-303, GR-57 (POTs),Q3, Q921, Q931, UPSR, BLSR, TCP/1P, UDP/IP, RTP/RTCP, SIP, H323, VoIP, MPLS, IEEE 802.3, GFP, ITU G7071, HDLC,EIGRP, OSPF,RIP, IP in Wireless Network, ISDN and SS7

Programming experience: C, C++, FORTRAN, BASIC, C & Korn shells, Tcl, Tk, Expect, Perl, and Assembly.

Networking: Ethernet, Remote Access, terminal servers, UNIX server, Novell Network, modems, CSUs/DSUS, Cisco ONS15454, FLASHWAVE 4010, 4020 & 4100, Ethereal, Commview, PathCore Router & Cisco routers, and switches.

OS/Environments: Windows NT, 95, 98, 2000 & XP, PSOS, Sun Solaris UNIX, HP-UX, LINUX and VAX/VMS


Sr. SW QA Engineer

Confidential, White Plains, NY


  • I have Tested Service Assurance Manager (SAM), IP Availability Manager (AM)/ Performance Manager (PM) in Windows and UNIX (Solaris, HP & Linux).
  • Worked on Confidential /Smarts Optical Transport Manager (OTM), tested consolidates fault management of SONET/SDH and DWDM devices (Lucent 400G & NEC160) in simulated environment.
  • Testing SNMPv3 Authentication Traps, IP tagging and integration of OTM in IP Network Management on win2k, win2003, HP Unix, Solaris and Linux operating systems.
  • I have written automation scripts in Tcl/Expect for software installation. Testing layer 2/3 alarms & Traps for IP Network Management systems.

QA Test Engineer

Confidential, Bethlehem, PA


  • Performed manual test and automated the test plan for wireless data communication systems (WLAN).
  • Performed network switching testing between wire line and different wireless network.
  • I have tested using LAN (switches) and IP (router) network for wireless systems in Windows NT/2K/XP environment, used Ethereal and Comview . for network testing & troubleshooting.

Software Test Engineer

Confidential, Long Island, NY


  • Performed software verification utilizing complex test procedures for A340 system.
  • Software testing utilizing Motorola Emulator used in embedded systems.


Confidential, Mineola, NY


  • Taught Confidential using Cisco Routers (2500/2600 series)/Switches (1900 & 2900 series) & Simulation.

System Validation Test Engineer

Confidential, Pearl River NY


  • Worked on Fujitsu FLASHWAVE 4000 series, 10/100 Ethernet, GigE, QLAN(FE), RPR-GLAN (GiE), DMLAN VTLAN, Bridging, POS (Packet over SONET), SFP section of SAN(FiberChannel), CWDM, SFP(wavelength, power spectrum & threshold crossing measurement), DS3/DS1/STS1/STS3 (LAN/WAN), OAM&P (operations, administration, maintenance, and provisioning) Alarms, LAPS, UPSR, GFP, RPR/SFPs, and VCAT/LCAS.
  • I have automated test cases using TCL/Expect.
  • Used TL1 commands for testing. Tested Telecordia, IEEE and ITU standards.
  • Test equipment used during testing are FireBird 6000A, OmniBer/OTN (GFP), ANT-20, IXIA1600 and SmartBits2000.
  • Used ClearCase DDTS, FrameMaker and Access data base for testing.

Test Engineer

Confidential, Brookfield, CT


  • Written Test Plan & Tested MasterSeries (PathMaster, DataMaster, BandMaster and FlexMaster) Product.
  • Tested T1/E1 and LAN/WAN interfaces with integral Channel Service Unit (CSU), RJ45, V.35 or RS530A, DSU, and PacketCore Router that add high speed IP routing, DS1/DS0 transport and Ethernet user interface. Written test cases using Test Director and Visio.
  • Test Equipment used during testing are FireBerd 6000, TBerd 310, OmniBer and ADTECH

Adjunct Faculty

Confidential, Brooklyn, NY


  • Responsible for teaching EM350L Electronics and EM110 (two sections) logic and problem solving programming courses for spring 2004.
  • EM250L Digital Control (fall) and EM350L Electronics (fall).

Adjunct Faculty

Confidential, Long Island City, New York


  • Responsible for teaching COMP 217 Problem Solving with C/C++ in RedHat Linux Operating System environment Spring 2004 and COMP 217 Problem Solving with C/C++ in Linux Operating System environment and COMP 370 Software Design with Object Oriented Programming. Fall 2003.

Sr. Member of Technical Staff

Confidential, Bolingbrook, IL


  • Developed, implemented and tested SONET/SDH/DS3/DS1 product (TITAN6500).
  • Used DOORs to distribute and track the requirements for FP2.0.
  • Responsible for load build (compile and translate OOA Domains) for simulation and development & maintenance of PIO stub domain (OO Design, ASL (Action Specification Language) and C++) using Bridge Point that is similar to UML.
  • Performed lead role tester for integration phase and tested the following sections. I) Facility provisioning & de-provisioning ii) Facility Fault Management iii) Cross Connections OCn (OC3 to OC192, STS-1E and DS3) IV) Loop Backs v) Bridge & Roll VI) Test Access and LAPs, and Vii) Performance monitoring, line and path alarms.
  • Tested SONET rings (UPSR (Unidirectional Path Switched Ring) and BLSR (Bi-directional line Switched Rings), Telcordia requirements and LAPS (Linear Automatic Protection Switching) for Titan6500/5500 DCS by using TL1, AgentTester and EMS (Element Management System).
  • Tested new Administrative shelf (Solaris-Unix) and verified system and Telecordia requirements.
  • Performed Systems Integration & Verification, regression and overnight testing.
  • Responsible for analyzing and allocating requirements to test scripts.
  • Responsible for simulation testing (gray and white box testing) and reported MRs using RationalClearDDTS.
  • Responsible for understanding requirements and building test plans/cases.
  • Written C programs to automate HP8606-C Series switch, JDS Matrix and OC3/12 signal generator.
  • Written automation scripts in C, EXPECT, Tcl/TK, SCPI and Perl to test MultiService Transport Switch (MTS).
  • Systematically documented, tracked and followed-up on resolution of product bugs.
  • Used TestExpert and WinRunner to automate the test scenarios.
  • Set up lab LANs (Ethernet-TCP/IP), equipment (JDS, Agilent, etc) and Terminal Server for design-verification testing and automation.
  • Equipment used: HP37717/18A OmniBER (SONET/SDH/PDH), HP8606-C Series switch, JDS Matrix, Digital Light Wave, HP CERJAK 156 MTS, IXIA and Nettest.
  • Experience in using DOORs, WinRunner/XRunner, Test Coordinator, TestExpert, TestMaster, XDDTS and Mercury’s Test Director.

System Integration & Test Engineer

Confidential, Redmond, WA


  • Responsible for system Integration and Verification for wireless systems.
  • Tested GR303 (T1, EOC, TMC & Call Processing (CP-Q931) & LAPD), TR-57 (POTS), ISDN (PRI) and GR303/TR008 requirements for wireless system.
  • Worked on Hybrid Switching, Layer 3 Operations for GR303 requirements and Call Feature testing.
  • T1 provisioning (DS1 and Line provisioning (DS0)) on 5ESS switch. Used Confidential and WEMS (Wireless Element Management Systems) to test line provision and status. Used Recent Change & Verify (RCV) procedures.
  • Written test cases for VoIP (H323)
  • Performed air link performance and characterization tests.
  • Reproduce Bellcore problems for GR303 CP (Q931), Transmission and Performance Monitoring.
  • Written Schlumberger, ProComm Plus and Perl scripts for testing wireless system.
  • Worked on installing and testing RF test system.
  • Test Equipment used: Tekelec Chameleon 32 (ISDN), Schlumberger S765ST, Spectrum Analyzers, SAGE 930A, Fiberbird 500 (decoding TMC/EOC & TL-1 messages), BERD 224, Abacus (ABACUS) CO Simulator & Bulk Call Generators (BCG) and Ameritec 2A BCG.

System Engineer II

Confidential, Clarksburg, MD


  • Reviewed and tested Inmarsat Mini M and M/B (Burst & SCPC SATCOM) satellite communication systems.
  • Tested different Modems for data testing for Mini M and M/B Inmarsat communication system
  • Written scripts for testing (voice quality, fax, and voice band data) for Mini M and M/B systems.
  • Performed link budget analysis satellite system.
  • Used protocol analyzers (LAN (Ethernet) & FAX) for Inmarsat M/B testing.

ENGINEER (Technical Asst Center)

Confidential, Germantown, MD


  • Test engineer to test HW/SW for DCN (Digital Cellular Network) and Fixed wireless systems.
  • Performed testing on base station for DCN (TDMA/IS-136) and Fixed wireless (ETDMA) systems.
  • Performed product qualification (BSC/MSC) and isolate Hughes network system field engineer problems in DCN and Fixed wireless systems and Performed MSC and BTS integration testing.
  • Post-sale customer support for local and international customers.
  • Written tests on functional sections and performed stress and soak testing using bulk call generators..
  • Performed frequency planning and create database for TDMA and ETDMA (Fixed Wireless/Spread Spectrum)).
  • Worked on Setting up the RF testing lab and performed RF testing.
  • Performed link budget analysis of TDMA system and IS41 tests on DCN system.

Sr. Technical Trainer

Confidential, Germantown, MD


  • Taught introduction to Digital Cellular communication (AMPS, TDMA/GSM and CDMA (IS95)).
  • Taught courses DCN-GMH2000 BTS (Base station transceiver system) maintenance, BSC maintenance and Satellite Systems.

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