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Senior Software Development Engineer In Test (sdet) Resume

Reston, VA


  • Over 7+ years of total IT experience in Software Design, Development and Testing with emphasis on Quality Assurance.
  • Proficient in both Automation and Manual Testing.
  • Expertise in System Requirement Analysis, GUI Testing, functionality testing, Integration Testing, Stress/Load testing, API Testing, Black box techniques, Regression Testing, Security testing, User Acceptance testing, Compatibility testing, Integration testing, Smoke testing and System testing.
  • Good knowledge on Agile Software Development Methodology
  • Experiences in doing Risk Analysis, Planning Process, Test Design, Performance Test, Defect Tracking and Management, Quantitative Measurement, and Test Reporting
  • Experienced in Automation Tools such as (QTP, Selenium, Appium, Win Runner, Load Runner, Silk Central and Test Director).
  • Excellent skills in overall Defect Management/Problem Solving including tracking bugs, reporting using Bugzilla, Issue Tracker and Clear Quest.
  • Knowledge in Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC).
  • Extensive knowledge of XML, XQuery, XPath, XML Schema
  • Specialized in analyzing functional specifications and writing Test Plans, Test cases, executing test cases, generating defect reports in MS - Access, Test Director, QAComplete and Quality Center (QC)/ ALM.
  • Worked with Development and Requirements Analysts to define Test Scenarios and ensure that test requirements are correct and complete.
  • Good exposure in creating documents (QA Status Report, QA Summary Reports, QA Test Logs, issue and defects) to apprise project team members as to the status of meeting defined quality goals.
  • Knowledge on C++, JAVA, HTML, SOAP, SNMP.
  • Woked on Network Management and networking concepts.
  • Knowledge on Process Management, Kernel Management and pThreads.
  • Involved in Automation Tool Framework Development.
  • Knowledge on debugging in UNIX, Solaris Operating System using Ladebug.
  • Excellent Communication and Interpersonal Skills.


Languages: Core Java 1.5, C, C++, C# .Net

Scripting Language: Perl, CLI

Testing Tools: Quick Test Professional (QTP), Quality Center, Win Runner, Load Runner and Test Director, Bugzilla, QA Complete, Selenium, Appium


Web Services: SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), SOAP, WSDL, REST

Web Development: HTML, DHTML

Databases: Oracle 10g, MS SQL Server 2005, MySQL 5.x

Database languages: SQL, My SQL

IDE: Eclipse 5.x, Netbeans 6.1.

Application/Web Servers: Tomcat 5.x

UML Tools: Microsoft Visio, Edraw

Version Controls: VSS6.0, WinCVS2.0, SUBVERSION, Smart CVS

Operating Systems: Windows, UNIX, Linux, Solaris

Other: Adobe Flex 3.0, VersionOne, TeamCity, CodeCollaborator


Confidential, RESTON, VA

Senior Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET)


  • Written component tests in Java for various components of EMM
  • Conducted automation for Functional, GUI validation, Data driven testing
  • Worked in an agile technology with Scrum.
  • Involved in automation of the application.
  • Scrum Master for our team of about 7 members.
  • Used QA Complete for test management and execution of manual test cases.
  • Used Bugzilla as bug tracking and reporting tool and followed up with development team to verify bug fixes, and update bug status
  • Used VersionOne as the management tool to support the agile software development methodologies.
  • Used Subversion as a software versioning and revision control system.
  • Perform code reviews for team members using Code Collaborator
  • Run Automated, Component and System tests using TeamCity
  • Developed automated test scripts for web based automation testing using Selenium.
  • Used Appium for cross-platform test automation for applications on iOS and Android devices
  • Wrote ant scripts to run unit tests and code coverage results.
  • Write test cases and review test cases written by other team members.
  • Database testing using SQL queries.
  • Expertise Regression testing on each new builds of application.
  • Involved in User Acceptance Testing.
  • Prepared builds and code coverage results using ANT to auto deploy for UI development.
  • Used JaCoCo as the code coverage tool for Java.
  • Used JSCoverage to instrument Javascript code in webpages.

Environment: Java, Android, HTML, XML, SubVersion, Bugzilla, Appium, QAComplete, VersionOne, Teamcity

Confidential, Austin, TX

Senior Test Engineer


  • To Manage 9500 radio nodes through SAM (Service Aware Manager) (NMS/EMS) software.
  • Worked on Agile Methodology.
  • Involved in automating of various features of 5620 SAM..
  • Extend service supports which include VLAN, VLL and point to point links to 9500.
  • Involved in automation of the newly developed features of 5620 SAM
  • Identify and develop test cases to test the features and validate them.
  • Run regression and monitor results on daily basis.
  • Developed the Login page using SSL Authentication.
  • Worked on SNMP, TCP and SOAP protocols for equipping network devices.
  • Design nodes setup to commonly run the entire regression setup.
  • Created Use Case, Sequence, Activity and Class diagrams to depict the model.
  • Integrate with existing OSSI testlab test suite run through the automation with RTB.
  • CLI and perl scripts verification script used for validation.
  • Operating system was Oracle Solaris 10 and database Oracle 10g.
  • QTP was used for automation.
  • Smart CVS was used as a file repository.
  • JAVA was used to develop new features on 5620 SAM.
  • Network elements and SAM communication using SNMP and JDBC.
  • Perl Scripts were written for validation of test cases.
  • Object relational mapping was done using XML Schema and modelling using XML.
  • Implementing Usecase, Sequence diagrams for independent components using Visio and Edraw.
  • Understanding of Cards like p8eth, core, radio cards.
  • Conduct Unit Testing, Integration and System testing for formulation of request, service provisioning and deployment modules.
  • Exposure to OSS layer of TMN model.

Environment: Oracle 10g, HTML, XML, SNMP, SOAP, RTB, OSSI testlab Automation Framework.

Confidential, RALEIGH, NC

Senior QA Engineer


  • Automation of the framework done using QTP.
  • Unit testing is done to check whether execution controller, TDL parser, driver.
  • Functional tests were conducted to evaluate the components of CSAT to check their compliance with the functional requirements specified in requirement documents
  • Run automation and monitor results.
  • The HTML parser was used and helps in preparing the DOM of the web page, which will be used to generate the Xpath of the components in the web page.
  • Using The DBLogger to log every step performed by the tool and after end of every run prepares an execution report.
  • The validation statements were written in a common language known as TDL.
  • Smart CVS was used as a file repository
  • Familiarity with TDL language.
  • Implementing Usecase, Sequence diagrams for independent components using Visio and Edaw.
  • JAVA was used in coding few additional features to CSAT.
  • Usage of XML, XPATH in web component identification.

Environment: Oracle 10g, HTML, XML, Google WebDriver Platform, Netbeand IDE, JAVA


Senior Tester


  • Accountable for all the necessary OS installations.
  • Woked on agile methodology.
  • Incharge of customer queries.
  • In charge of TruCluster configurations and Cluster application availability services.
  • Involved in Tru64 Unix Cluster Formations.
  • Working on defect fixing from the previous releases.
  • Setting up of Virtual Machines.
  • Using Sys check Tool for testing.
  • Received recognition for my work in the BL29 (latest) release patch.
  • Coding on new features in C++.
  • Indentification of bugs using Ladebug debugger.
  • Knowledge on Alpha instruction set architecture.
  • Knowledge on Advfs.
  • UNIX based operating Systems were used.
  • In-depth knowledge on kernel Management and Process Management.
  • PERL scripts were used to run various installations.

Environment: TRU64 UNIX, C++, Perl, CAA, Ladebug, pThreads, Kernel management, Process Mangement, Cluster Applications Availability


Junior Test Engineer


  • Monitoring and providing backup service for VPN.
  • Analysis of SNMP dumps.
  • Involved in verifying test specs.
  • Involved in giving demos for QA.

Environment: SOAP, NAHIOS, SNMP, NRPE Client, XML, RSA


Junior Test Engineer


  • Involved in automation..
  • Regression testing, UI testing, Compatibility testing.
  • Web Services testing with FireBug.
  • Involved in writing test plan, bug reports



Software Engineer i


  • Identify and Checking various program on host machines to measure different performance parameters.
  • Come up with a suitable value as a threshold.
  • Initiation of migration.
  • Automating the migration when the threshold is reached.

Environment: perl scripts, Xen Hypervisor, STAF, ISCI

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