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Graduate Research Assistant Resume

OBJECTIVE: To obtain an internship that will enable me to use my strong coding skills and also develop experience by working with well established organization.


  • Graduate Research Assistant - Pervasive Computing/Opportunistic Networking in Android domain.
  • Website Administrator - Confidential - UTA.
  • Worked with Confidential, Arlington, Texas. as part of curriculum project.
  • Completed training as Systems Engineer at Confidential.
  • Completed summer internship with Confidential in year 2007 and 2008.
  • Consulting locally as a freelancer for design and development of web pages.
  • Served as Research Assistant with my mentor for the Project on e-Learning


  • Masters of Science in Computer Science
  • Bachelors of Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering


  • Languages: Java, C#, C++, C.
  • Web Languages: HTML, DHTML, CSS, JSP, JQuery, Java Script, VB Script, JavaBeans, Java Servlets, XML, ASP, ActiveX, PHP, CORBA.
  • Development Environments (IDE): Dreamweaver, Eclipse and various plug-in, NuSphere PhpEd, NetBeans.
  • Application: Android Emulator 1.5, Fortify, Find Bugs and other Static, Dynamical Analysis tools. Ms Visual Studio, Rational Rose.
  • Web Servers: Apache Tomcat, Xampp.
  • Databases: MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle 9i, OLEDB.
  • Operating Systems: Ms Windows 9x - Win 7, Linux, Solaris.


Advanced Information Security, Special Topics in Information Security (Secure Programming), Software Engineering II (Management, Maintenance and Quality Assurance), Design & Analysis of Algorithms, Computer Networks I, Operating Systems II.


Graduate Level Projects:

  • Thesis Project: Currently working under the guidance of Dr. Mohan Kumar, as part of the Pico Lab in Pervasive Computing/Opportunistic Networking that involves developing middleware in Android.
  • Operating Systems II: Android Meeting Schedule Application - Designed and developed an application in Java under Android operating system that schedules a meeting within a group without any user intervention after it is initiated.
  • Distributed Systems: Designed and developed a Time Synchronization application that finds the difference between the local and server time and synchronizes the local clock accordingly. The application was developed using the Android Emulator 1.5.
  • Secure Programming: Performed Static and Dynamic analysis on JMule - Open Source File Sharing application. Fixed security bugs in the application and tested various web attacks on the application.
  • Software Engineering, Management, Maintenance and Quality Assurance: Worked with Ayoka LLC, Arlington as part of curriculum project. Developed a High Cost Claimant report in C# and SQLite for an insurance company and its corresponding drilldown report that shows the individual split up of the cost claimed.
  • Information Security: In a "tOR" (Towards Onion Routing) network, compromised mixes controlled by the adversary that could leak sensitive traffic information were introduced and consequences were measured. The simulation was done using Python.
  • Computer Networks: Developed in Microsoft C#.NET, this project segments a file into parts and transmits them parallely implementing the File Transfer Protocol.

Summer Internship: Project completed on "Networking and Server Communications" with TUV Middle East during installation and synchronization of their new and enhanced local Server with their Global one.

Internship Experience: "File sharing with Concurrent Access and Access Permissions" - Designed in PHP this system simulates a file sharing environment where a client can upload, download, download and modify.

Under-Graduate Level Projects: Final Year Project: "Goal Based Personalized Online Tutoring System Based on Fuzzy Item Response Theory" based on Artificial Intelligence

  • Designed in PHP and hosted online, conceptualizes an e-Learning system that evaluates the participant from the learning stage as against the traditional systems that evaluates only at the testing stage. This system evaluates the participant on a real-time basis and provides an adaptive environment for further improvement.
  • The limitations in the existing Educational Testing Services (ETS, such as GRE, GMAT) that use the Bayesian or the Maximum Likelihood Estimation algorithm has been identified and improved through a modified algorithm neo-logically coined as "Fuzzy Bayesian Algorithm".

Curriculum Thesis: Submitted thesis on "Design of Temporal Databases and Spatial Databases"

Curriculum Semester Projects:

  • Software Engineering: "Artificial Intelligence in Medical Expert System for Visually Impaired" using Java. Provides access to visually impaired through voice recognition and provide medical alternatives covering wide spectrum of locally used terms on selective medication.
  • Web Technology: "Family Tree Website" project using JSP in Netbeans. A website created to connect family members online.
  • Networking and Data Communications: Implemented "Session Initiated Protocol" using Java.
  • Distributed Systems: "Live RSS Feed of Cricket Scores" using CORBA. Features included dead-lock detection and avoidance, concurrency control and load balancing.
  • Graphics and Multimedia: "3-Dimensional Symmetric Line Generation - Kolam" using java. Generates a three dimensional model of a given pattern.
  • Object Oriented Analysis and Design: "Library Management System" using C++.
  • Database Management Systems: "Airport Management System" using Oracle 9i and VB.


  • Assisted sophomores on Programming Languages.
  • Served as Campus Ambassador representing the University for a National Level Radio Station.
  • Worked as a Radio Jockey at "Big FM" - National Level radio station

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