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Network Engineer Resume

Rochester, NY


Obtain a full time position in the field of Networks and Security, where I can use my knowledge and skillset in support to the growth of the organization, at the same time hone my skills and learn new ones for a futuristic career.


  • 1+ years of work experience with Network technologies and 2+ years of customer support
  • Knowledge of Telecommunication Technologies
  • Ability to work as a part of team
  • Strong aptitude for problem solving and learning
  • Willing to relocate and travel 50%. Available starting July 2012

Major: Telecommunication Technology
Degree: Master of Science

Programming: C, PERL, SQL, UNIX shell, VHDL, Assembly, HTML, MatLab
Networking: Telnet, SSH, Altiris, VMware, MPLS, SONET/SDH, ATM, OSPF, RIP, BGP, EIGRP, NTP, VoIP, SIP & H.323, TCP/IP, UDP, FTP, SMTP, SNMP, DNS, DHCP/BootP, VLANs , VLSM, VTP, VPN, PPP, HDLC, NAT, ACL, 802.11x standards, Firewall, Cisco CLI, Enterasys CLI

Applications: Active Directory, MS Word/ Excel/ Access/ PowerPoint/ Visio/ Project, Wireshark, OPNET

Platforms: Windows 03/XP/SP2/Vista/7, Mac OS X, Cisco IOS, Enterasys IOS, Windows Server 03/08, Linux, UNIX, VMware ESX/ESXi


Network Engineer Intern, Confidential,Rochester, NY (Nov’10- Aug’11)

  • Responsible for performing network and telecom operations and planning, distributed systems operations, data center operations, and providing desktop support whenever required. Worked in a virtualized and physical server data center environment.
  • Responsible for installing, cabling, upgrading, and documenting data communication, voice communication, and network devices, e-mail and other components of the technology infrastructure.
  • Responsible for solving and following up of assigned network related tickets and escalating them, if required.
  • Responsible for configuring network switches and routers, adding them to the network, monitoring them through NetSight web console, VLAN tagging, upgrading firmware, and troubleshooting issues.
  • Responsible for creating accounts in Active Directory, setting up of group policies and granting permissions to the shared drive folders when requests are made.
  • Responsible for assigning and patching the network ports and putting them on right VLAN, whenever devices such as computers, printers, access points, security equipment etc. are added to the network.
  • Assisted in troubleshooting security related issues, populated access control lists.
  • Monitored performance, utilization, SNMP Traps, alerts of wired and wireless network through Solar Winds, Zenoss, NetSight and, Meru EzRF Network Manager and performed troubleshooting and reported findings to team as needed.
  • Assisted in huge deployment of Access Points across campus. Responsible for setting up of AP s, updating the firmware, getting them on to Meru Webconsole, assigning ports and putting them in the right VLANs and documenting the location and mapping them on the wireless Meru EzRF network manager to monitor them.
  • Analyzed different network monitoring tools available in the market and made recommendations to the Manager based on the desired keeping in mind the future expansions.
  • Installed, performed troubleshooting and preventive maintenance and repairs on desktop hardware (PC and Mac), laptops, peripherals and printers.
  • Work included the use of Active Directory, VMware, PuTTY, Altiris, Solar winds, NetSight, EzRF, Meru web console, Barracuda firewall, Fortigate, Telnet, Wireshark, Zenoss.

Computer Lab Supervisor, Confidential,Rochester, NY
(Aug’10- Nov’11)

  • Responsible for maintaining the lab, training lab assistants & inventory management.
  • Providing technical customer support in troubleshooting of network related issues, printers and computers.

Computer Lab Assistant, Part-time, Confidential,, Rochester, NY
(May’09 – Aug’10)

  • Responsible for troubleshooting system related issues, network related issues and log equipment damage in UNIX, Windows, and Mac operating environments. Promoted as Computer lab supervisor.

Academic Projects:

Designed a WAN network (Confidential,February 2010)
Designed a network and configured routers and switches in a WAN, and routed using various networking protocols. Checked how routing tables are populated in failure conditions and working of different protocols, in a lab environment.

Calculated radiation of antennas and analyzed (Confidential,February 2009)
Performed NIER Analysisfor a proposed communication facility comprised of multiple wireless telecommunications systems which included 145’ tower and cellular, PCS, and microwave backhaul transceivers. Measured power density in different directions and calculated power density in different failure cases and checked the compliance with FCC guidelines for human exposure to RF electromagnetic fields.

Design of a network for a country wide Coaching Institute (Confidential,May 2009)
Designed a network using a baseline scenario among institutes at 8 places and compared different scenarios by making little changes to the network properties using OPNET.

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