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Linux Systems Administrator Iii Resume



  • More than 4 years experience as a UNIX system Infrastructure administrator with a strong background in Red Hat Linux.
  • Good technical, trouble shooting and maintenance skills.
  • Ability to meet deadlines, strong communication (verbal, written) and interpersonal skills;
  • Ability to effectively prioritize and execute tasks independently.
  • Capable to work well independently with little no guidance; work toward attainment of the team goal while being a positive and supportive of team member.


  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL 5 & 6)
  • VMWare
  • DNS
  • NetBackup
  • Nagios
  • BigBrother
  • Network Information Service
  • Performance monitoring
  • Capacity planning
  • Network File System
  • Logical Volume Manager
  • Server Documentation
  • UNIX host security
  • NIS
  • Great interpersonal Relationship
  • Computer Hardware
  • Logical Volume Manger
  • TCP/IP Troubleshooting



Linux Systems Administrator III


  • Provides support to the developers and DBA’s and respond to patron ticketing system. Responsible for installation, configuration and overall maintenance of Red Hat Linux hosts.
  • Installed and configured Red Hat 5 & 6 OS on Blade servers
  • Managed Virtual Machines through the vCenter server
  • Create new virtual machines
  • Increase hard disk space on virtual machines
  • Increase memory on virtual machines
  • Managed disk space using logical volume manager on Red Hat 5 & 6
  • Performed patch administration on RHEL 5 & 6 servers
  • Performed kernel updates on Red Hat 5 & 6 servers
  • Installed and configured third party COTS products on RHEL 5 & 6 hosts
  • Managed a multiplatform environment consisting of Red Hat and Solaris servers
  • Administered user accounts on RHEL 5 & 6 servers using NIS
  • Use vi and vim editor to edit configuration files
  • Performed UNIX host Security on RHEL 5 & 6 servers
  • Boot RHEL 6 host to single user mode to fix filesystems issue
  • Register RHEL 5 & 6 hosts to Red Hat network using subscription manager
  • Troubleshoot and fixed, TCP/IP issues
  • Reconfigure network settings on RHEL 5 and 6 hosts
  • Troubleshoot and resolved filesystems issues
  • Administered NFS shares on RHEL 5 & 6 servers
  • Secure copy tar file from development environment to the operation servers
  • Create soft and hard links on RHEL 5 & 6 hosts
  • Rollback Red Hat OS patches on RHEL 5 & 6 hosts
  • Resolved dependency issues while installing rpm package on RHEL 5 & 6
  • Monitored Systems Performance through Nagios
  • Extensively documented server procedures
  • Performed user account administration.
  • Applied kernel patches on RHEL 5 & 6 servers
  • Scheduled cron jobs
  • Created user accounts
  • Assigned users to group
  • Created group account for the developers
  • Turned off all vulnerable services
  • Worked with the security department to resolve high vulnerability

Linux Systems Administrator


  • Installation, configuration and maintenance of Linux, windows servers and supported applications. Perform system backups and recovery. 
  • Disk configuration & File Systems Management, Created and Managed File Systems with LVM. User management, Creating and managing user account, groups and access levels 
  • Monitoring System Performance of Virtual memory, Managing Swap Space, Disk utilization and CPU utilization, introduced new servers to the network. Maintaining and troubleshooting network connectivity 
  • Password configurations and process monitoring and managing system processes and scheduling processes with the CRON utility. Checking alert logs, trace files and file System maintenance 
  • Controlling the System Logging services, and examining system Log Files of all system events

Computer Assistant


  • Provide support to desktop support technicians issuing equipment to fulfill user requirements. Responsibility also include, directing, planning, coordinating and conducting systems test in IEG. I also coordinate report and track product defects and conveys findings to manager.
  • Monitor the peregrine system service center client tickets system to assign and update tickets in the incident queue. Issue computer equipment for the loaner laptop program to users and desk support technicians to meet obligations.
  • Verify the accuracy of forms submitted by desktop support technicians for input into the Asset Center database. Cerate reports as required utilizing Microsoft Excel and Access, Maintain all equipment removed or received by desktop support technician's primary point of contact with in the Integrated Equipment Group on issues pertaining to the issuance of Blackberry’s for IRS personnel’s.
  • Verify that all computers returned are completely free from data utilize Remedy and KISAM ticketing systems to log, track and document incidents to ensure customer problems are resolved to customer satisfaction. Provide phone support in addition to providing hands on support to end users and customers.
  • I have an extensive Knowledge of the customary approaches, techniques, and requirements appropriate to an assigned computer applications area or computer specialty area in an organization; I also have the ability to plan the sequence of actions necessary to accomplish the assignment where this entailed coordination with others outside the organizational unit and development of project controls.
  • Planned and delivered customer support services, including installations, configuration, troubleshooting, customer assistance, and training.
  • Provided a variety of complex IT support functions which are tailored to operational priorities and span across the policy and planning, systems analysis, security, applications software, operating systems, network services, data management, Internet, systems administration, and customer support specialty areas.
  • Provided support to directors, executives, senior management and staff a variety of complex IT support functions, which are tailored to operational priorities and span across the policy and planning, systems analysis, security, applications software, operating systems, network services, data management, Internet, systems administration, and customer support specialty areas.

    Deployed New Hire employee laptops installing all needed software and mapping to printers.

  • Prioritized daily tasks and resolved trouble tickets managing workload to include negotiating response times and due dates with customers maintaining databases of problems and their resolution.
  • Re-imaging of failed encrypted hard drives with Altiris or manually with image CD, recovering data in the event of hardware or software failure.
Confidential,Washington DC

Helpdesk Agent


  • I have provided 1st Tier help desk support to all Bank staff and their representatives. Log all incoming problems and requests and actions taken to resolve them as appropriate using Remedy ticketing system. Correctly refer unresolved problems to higher level support work groups, update the problem record with problem or request resolution, or escalation.
  • Provide follow-up status to Bank end-users in accordance with specified support policies and procedures. Ensure closed problems are adequately documented.
  • Increase personal knowledge of Bank business and technical environment with the goal of increasing first-call resolution rates. Improve knowledge of, and ability to operate, all Bank support tools and technologies. Provides direct assistance to end users on IT systems that support, provide support on many Microsoft products, commercial software and Proprietary World Bank program.
  • Diagnose and repair all hardware/software issues or problems on desktops, laptops, printers and peripheral equipment. The Systems I have supported involve a wide variety of different platforms, operating systems, applications and desktop configurations.
  • Identify and break down problems using structured resolution approaches; and have worked with network specialists, application developers and security specialists to prevent recurring problems.

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