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Systems Administrator Resume

San Francisco, CA


Innovation: The cutting edge is the only place to live.

Big picture understanding: "Why" is just as important as "how".

Independent thought: Unbiased, honest, and outside the box.

Open software & open culture: Life is better in the Free world.


Consultant, Confidential, Boston, 2009 - Present
Designed and developed a second-generation open source disease surveillance, reporting, and research application (http://esphealth.org) for a laboratory at a major research university. Using advanced retrospective complex event processing algorithms, cases of disease are detected from often ambiguous electronic medical record data. Daily automated reports to public health agencies replace manual processes, reducing staff hours and very significantly increasing reliability of reporting. Rich screening, treatment, and followup data provide new insight to diabetes researchers. Implemented security and privacy measures as required for HIPAA compliance. Named as co-author in several published academic research papers. Completed full life cycle of project, including successful hand-off to new team of consultants, and providing ongoing architectural guidance.
Technologies: Apache, Django, EpicCare EMR, HL7, Java, jQuery, Nose, Pentaho Kettle, PostgreSQL, Python, SQL, South, Subversion, Redmine, Ubuntu Linux

Consultant, Confidential, Silicon Valley, 2008
Designed & developed a prototype consumer eCommerce web application for a very early stage web startup. System utilized a thrid-party credit card processing service to ensure legal compliance and reduce liability through non-retention of sensitive data.
Technologies: Apache, Django, jQuery, PostgreSQL, Python, Git, Suds (SOAP web services), Ubuntu Linux

Consultant, Confidential, Silicon Valley, 2008
Served as primary point of contact for client technical issues in the sales process for a venture funded software firm. Prepared product demonstrations, often in cooperation with staff at partner companies. Conducted technical sales presentations in conjunction with account executive.
Technologies: Python, SQL, Subversion

Systems Securityteam member, Confidential, New York, 2006 - 2008
Designed and developed a server management and information system controlling 1600 heterogenous mission-critical hosts for a privately held $5B financial information firm. System provides robust access management for servers handling multi-billion dollar daily financial transaction volume. Diverse active and legacy systems are integrated into a unified information portal, offering vastly increased situational awareness to systems administrators. Successfully pushed several open source software tools through a complex corporate approval process, permitting their use in production software company-wide.
Technologies: Apache, Bloomberg Terminal, Django, Java, jQuery, LDAP, MySQL, Oracle, Pentaho Kettle, PostgreSQL, Python, RHEL, SQL, SQLite, Solaris, Subversion, Trac

Consultant, Confidential, Boston, 2006
Redesigned business process and software used by clerical staff at an established online fine art valuation firm. Based on consultation with end-users and application architect defined a data format to supplant a hodgepodge of informal standards. Replaced a multi-step manual process with a single simple operation.
Technologies: CherryPy, MS SQL Server, Python, SQL, Windows Server

Consultant, Confidential, Silicon Valley, 2006
Served as primary technical contact for clients of a venture-funded software services startup. Met with business and technical staff at client companies to gather requirements, analyze the applicability of our products, develop business cases for the use of our software, and develop an implementation plan.
Technologies: Apache, Debian Linux

Consultant, Confidential, Tokyo, 2005 - 2006
Took ownership of unmaintained home-rolled ETL framework, a critical component of the regulatory compliance data pipeline at a $1B commercial bank. Rewrote significant parts of the framework, to provide improved error handling and a richer set of developer libraries. Trained and mentored junior programmers, helping them improve the elegance, stability, and performance of their code.
Technologies: MySQL, Oracle, Python, RHEL, SQL

Consultant,Confidential, San Francisco, 2004 - 2005
Responsible for all internet related services at an annex of the Swiss consulate. Replaced static website with a cloud-hosted content management system, including a bespoke plugin to meet specific client needs. Migrated staff email from antiquated in-house system to a managed cloud-based service. Hired and managed contractors for short-term projects. Wrote extensive documentation for both technical and business users.
Technologies: Apache, Debian Linux, Modrewrite, Perl, Plone, Python

Systems Administrator, Confidential, San Francisco, 2003 - 2004
Administered a diverse collection of unix servers for a boutique web development house. Handled technical supportissues related to hosting, as well as minor programming changes. Migrated hosting of client sites to new providers as firm succumbed to the Dot-com collapse.
Technologies: Apache, Debian Linux, Fedora Linux, FreeBSD, Perl CGI

Network Security Programmer, Confidential, Columbus, 2001-2002
Assisted with network monitoring, log analysis, and security incident response for a large public research university. Developed and maintained custom tools for use by the network security group. Student position.
Technologies: Debian Linux, eEye, Nessus, NMAP, Perl, Python, Regular Expressions, Ruby


Databases - PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB

Languages - Python (10 years experience), Ruby, Go, SQL, Javascript, Java

Tools - Django, Git, Github, Heroku, Pentaho Data Integration, jQuery, Redmine, Trac, Subversion, Eclipse, Vim

Operating Systems - Ubuntu, Debian, Solaris, OpenBSD, FreeBSD

Curious About - Esper, Redis, Voldemort, Node.js, Cassandra, Scala, Boo, Cobra

Open Source - esphealth.org, github.com/jmcvetta/


Undergraduate studies in Political Philosophy

Undergraduate studies in Political Philosophy

Bloomberg LP, Elective courses in Structured Finance

Elective courses in Government

Elective courses in Sculpture

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