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Information Systems Engineer Resume

Sarasota, FL


  • What follows is Ten years of a career spanning over Thirty Years dealing with “Hands On” real world Information Systems () experience working mainly with medium to multi - national corporations.
  • My experience includes companies having a net worth ranging from millions to billions of dollars.
  • As a key player in every position held I kept sites/users running efficiently in mission critical 24/7/365 environments.
  • I am positioned for current and next generation technologies such as Cloud Computing, DevOps, Virtual Computing, Distributed Applications, Internet of Things (IoT), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) and much more.
  • I excel in Root Cause Analysis (RCA), Data Architecture, Object Oriented Design/Programming/Analysis, API programming and Analytics.
  • My experience includes the interaction of Cloud based technologies such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Virtual Computing.
  • I have well rounded experience with integration of Data/Databases, Networks, Systems, Services and Devices allowing utilization in dynamic, distributed, intelligent, independent architectural environments in single and multi-site configurations.


Languages: Transact SQL, Python, MS Visual FoxPro, Visual Basic, .Net, XML, Power Shell, BASHVBA, PASCAL, C/C++, Assembly, numerous other scripting/procedural languages.

Technologies: AWS, Azure, Cloud Computing, Network Area Storage (NAS), Internet of Things (IoT)7 layer OSI model, Terminal Services, Remote Desktop, Email Servers, FTP Servers, Web ServersFile Servers, Virtual Machines (VM), API programming, Root Cause Analysis (RCA).

Data Sources: MS SQL Server 2005/2008/2012/2016 , Oracle 9i, MySQL 5.x, flat filesCSV, EDI, XML, Pivot Tables, ODBC, MS VFP Tables and Databases (all versions).

Hardware: NAS, Desktop PC, Servers, Virtual Server Platforms, Smart Phones, WiFi, Access PointsBluetooth, Firewalls, Routers, Managed Switches, Bridges, Embedded Devices.

Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 2003/2008/2012 Server, Android, Windows XP/7/8/10Linux based servers, Embedded Operating Systems (eOS), Raspberry PI.

Networks: 3Com, Netgear, LinkSys routers, Cisco, hubs, firewalls, Wireless Networks, WiFiAccess Points (AP), Bridges, Intelligent Switches, VLAN, QoS, Multiple Gateways, Fiber.

Internet: Cloud Computing, Distributed Applications, Internet of Things (IoT), TCP/UDP IP Networks.


Confidential, Sarasota, FL

Information Systems Engineer


  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) such as SES, Lambda, API, IoT, RDS, S3, ECS.
  • Azure Compute, Storage, Data Management, Messaging, Management Services.
  • Infrastructure Transition legacy servers to redundant Virtual Machine environment.
  • Microsoft .Net existing code base Edits, bug fixes, code reviews and code audits.
  • Root Cause Analysis of diversified hardware/software environments.
  • System Admin for Web/Email/File/Data Servers and interfacing Clouds.
  • Implement security measures for encrypted data transfer and systems.
  • Implement Network Area Storage (NAS) and redundant backup systems.
  • Maintain MS SQL Server, MySQL Databases and stored procedures and clustering.

Confidential, Tampa, FL

Infrastructure Transition Engineer


  • Infrastructure Upgrade/Transition of legacy multi-platform systems.
  • Implement Efficient/Reliable/Secure financial end to end transfer systems.
  • Create comprehensive solution on new Server/Network infrastructure.
  • Discovery/Documenting of existing multiple vendor legacy solutions.
  • Work in multi-site enterprise Windows/Linux/VM server environments.
  • Work in secure environments and protocols (SSL/TLS) with financial data.
  • Solely responsible for entire collection and documenting of systems/operations.

Confidential, Clearwater, FL

Software/Database Engineer


  • Complex SQL Server 2005/2008/2012 Data/Stored Procedures/Functions.
  • Modify User front ends (UI/UX), back end Databases (end to end interaction).
  • Solely responsible for all Data/Code modifications to existing projects.
  • Work with corporate teams at multiple national locations supporting thousands of end users.
  • Microsoft .Net existing code base Edits, bug fixes, code reviews and code audits.
  • T-SQL, Stored Procedures, Functions, variety of data connectors including ODBC.
  • Integral role in doubling company profits to 500 million in 2012/2013 fiscal years.
  • Implemented business rules for multiple Banks and Federal Agency interaction.
  • Worked in Citrix Client/Server and Remote Desktop (RDT), SaaS environment.
  • Utilized MS Visual Studio 2005/2010/2012 , SSIS, SSRS, MS Office extensively.
  • Documented new technologies and methodologies for IT/IS Department upgrade/expansion.

Confidential, Largo, FL

Software/Database Engineer


  • Transform existing static applications into data driven intelligent applications.
  • Create new markets by adding unlimited user language support loading seamlessly on the fly.
  • Create user selected mufti-lingual interface for apps in less time than specified plus bug fixes.
  • Interface with MS SQL Server 2005/2008 for large seamless data store back ends.
  • Create MS SQL Server Tables, Views to interact with existing data, data technologies.
  • Used advanced OOP programming concepts (i.e.: Spawning) far beyond existing code base.
  • Personally designed, created and tested all aspects of Data changes and GUI enhancements.
  • Solely responsible for managing entire project during project design/implementation cycle.
  • Create complete project documentation for Internal Support/Customer use.


Information Systems Engineer/Consultant


  • Worked for multiple companies on a Consultant/Contractor basis.
  • Maintain existing and create new Databases, Tables and Procedures.
  • Data Architect and Database programming in Two Tier/Three Tier environments.
  • Install and maintain servers including Web, File, Application and Email.
  • Maintain and implemented Terminal Server, VNC and RDT access services.
  • Plan new and maintain existing LAN, WAN and WiFi networks.
  • Install and maintain PCs, Servers, Networks and systems security.
  • Install and maintain Routers, Firewalls and Switches including VLAN.
  • Consulted with Corporations and Contractors for best IT practices.

Confidential, Dunedin, FL

Information Systems Engineer


  • Install, configure and maintain Terminal Servers/Services and RDT.
  • Integrate client devices into 100 user Terminal Server installations.
  • Install, maintain encrypted bidirectional SSL/TLS network tunnels.
  • Assemble and maintain Windows 2003/2008 servers at numerous sites.
  • Maintain multiple FTP/FTPES sites (Plain/Encrypted file transfer).
  • Install and maintain network devices, Terminal Server and RDT.
  • Test, monitor and analyze Network Services with diagnostic software.
  • Seamless Integration of large MS SQL Server, VFP and other data sources.

Confidential, Tampa, FL

Infrastructure Transition Project Manager


  • Senior Infrastructure Transition Project Manager - Tier 3.
  • Worked in cooperation with bank Treasury and Security services with outsides customers.
  • Managed 16 to 20 simultaneous infrastructure transition projects world wide.
  • Used secure PKI, TLS/SSL, FTPS, HTTPS encryption technologies for data transfers.
  • 100% Responsible for customer project monitoring, progress and completion.
  • Implement Public/Private encryption keys for secure protocols for each customer.
  • Work with multiple file types (EDI, XML, CSV, etc.) and data Platforms.
  • Responsible for safe exchange of sensitive financial information between customers and bank.

Confidential, Huntsville, AL

Software Scientist


  • Interface with secure MS SQL Server and Oracle 9i databases.
  • Worked in secure environments with law enforcement data, reporting services.
  • GUI front ends for real time inter-agency incident reporting and transfer.
  • Maintain Enterprise wide applications and multiple back end Data stores.
  • Interface with Local, State & Federal Law Enforcement data systems.
  • Implemented EDI and XML for inter-agency data exchanges and reporting including FBI transfers.
  • Maintain LEADS and EDI applications for numerous Law Enforcement agencies nation wide.
  • Used Analytic skills to encode gathered data into EDI data streams for data transfers.

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