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Network Engineer Resume

New Jersy, NJ

Objective I am a motivated and passionate individual seeking a full time job in the field of networking and wireless communication to understand the concepts as well as business aspects related to the field of networking and wireless communications.

Masters of Science in Telecommunications

Technical Skills
Wireless communications- Wi-Fi, LTE, WiMAX, 2G, 3G & 4G technology, Propagation models,Fading. Operate spectrum analyzer, network analyzer, signal generators, signal analyzers, R&S CMU and SMU, ZKcell testing equipments, EDX wireless SignalPro.

Computer Networking - Troubleshooting Layer 1 to 3 devices, Vlan, Ethernet, VPN, Frame Relay, MPLS, IP sec, NAT/PAT, IPv4, IPv6, IP routing Protocols - RIP, OSPF & BGP, Transport(TCP,UDP) & Application Layer protocols

Business Skills
My master’s course work is a blend of technical and business courses which is best suited for person like me who has shown interest in both aspects. Business and policy courses have helped me realize the business aspect of networking. My position as a student manager with CAETE studios tested my ability to lead a group of individuals.

Confidential,Comparison of Propagation models - Comparison of Hybrid propagation model August 2011 – May 2012
Proposed by EDX wireless against current industry standard 3D ray tracing mode

Confidential,BGP VRF – Filtering customers traffic based on the concept of BGP VRF and MPLS VPN May 2011

Confidential,WEP Key decryption using python – Decrypt WEP key using dictionary attack in python May 2012

Computer Proficiency
Basic computer operations, MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
Cisco IOS, Wireshark, Putty, jperf, Python, Cello, Procomm, RBS Element manager, Channel Builder

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