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System Performance Engineer  Resume

Grand Rapids, Mi


  • An Electrical Engineer with extensive experience in Wireless Telecom industry.
  • Held positions such as Optimization / System Performance Engineer, RF Design Engineer, and Project Manager.
  • Demonstrated strong analytical and interpersonal skills to implement and maintain wireless network at optimal level.


  • Wizard, Agilent E6474, Geoplan, Windcather, Actix, MapInfo, Auto CAD, Visio, Microsoft Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint, and Network Engineering Tools as mentioned above.
  • Language/Software used in College: Programming in C, Assembler (68HC11), FPGA, VHDL, RPG.
  • Mentor Graphics, PSPICE, LEdit, MATLAB, MathCAD


Confidential, Grand Rapids,MI

System Performance Engineer

  • Network Achievements: Network statistics in my market has always great accessibility, integrity and reliability KPIs within Data and VoLTE networks. I have always win Root Metrics results in my market and never lost to other competitive carriers. Nelson Drive has always showed the best drive test results in my area.
  • Special Events Setup: Provided wireless coverage services for customers attending seasonal events like Rothbury Electric Forest Festival, B93 Bash, and Allegan County Fair which were attended by thirty to fifty thousand people. The process involved initial design, selection of COW location and antenna azimuths, and finally to turn up, test and optimize the temporary network. Customers enjoyed the best network experience during the events with proven statistics.
  • Projects: Rehomed Alltel sites and were integrated into Verizon network. Redesigned network for customers affected by sites that were divested to AT&T from the Alltel merger deal. Used and pushed Standard/Hybrid PRL to customers phones which were affected by the coverage loss. Successfully completed 850 MHz A - B band swap with AT&T in Muskegon. Relocated cell sites due to lease changes and temporary work on the structure. Converted Ground base radio to Remote Radio Head. 4G/3G carriers add were implemented to overcome capacity demand and usage.
  • Network Optimization: Optimized network with traffic distribution among different bands (700 MHz, AWS, PCS and 850 MHz) through different RF and traffic parameters such as A2, A5s, cell reselection priority, load balancing, carrier aggregation, and with power adjustment. This helped offloading exhausted carrier that provided better carrier efficiency and higher throughput with great customer experience.
  • Optimized Network with Traffic distribution among adjacent sites through changes of antenna type, downtilt, azimuth swing, and by power change. The physical optimization improved RSRP, RSRQ and Signal to Noise Ratio and balanced traffic on the cell site within clusters.
  • Hand Over Improvements were performed through parameters changes such as CIO, qOffset, A3 and filter coefficient, and with the propagation RF control.
  • Statistical Analysis were used to check traffic demand in areas with PRB utilization, Data Volume and its correlation with user perceived Throughput; and then optimize traffic distribution to increase network efficiency.
  • Optimization of post network asset addition with grid drive testing, post processing drive data with Windcatcher /Actix tools and implementing changes identified by using the processing tools and statistics.
  • Trouble Shooting Process: Network tool analysis to identify network issues like external or internal Interference, a possible PIM, or antenna hardware problems.
  • Neighbor list tool was for neighbor add/delete and Zite tool for optimization. Used ANR to optimize cell neighbors with blacklisting, overcoming signal overshoot with down tilt, power reduction, and cell range change.
  • New Cell Sites Activation: Choose design criteria for the selection of new cell sites based on customer demand, traffic analysis that would provide best network metric such as RSRP, RSRQ, and SINR and efficient usage of the carriers. Worked with cross functional teams for adding new cell sites into the network.
  • Launched macro and Small cell sites on air that provided coverage enhancement to 4G LTE network in the area, offloaded surrounding sites, and fulfilled customer satisfaction.
  • Activation of TMA, RET, 4wayTx, and 4wayRx for network enhancement.
  • Field Testing: Tested Cell sites with drive testing tool such as Datapro, Dmat, Xcal to identify network problems that helped a quick network resolution or a long term optimization. Identified external interference with noise seen in the field, and then funneled down to the source of interference with Spectrum Analyzer.
  • Coordination with RF Engineering, RF Operations, Network Implementation and Switch Operations to keep flow of daily tasks smoothly on regular basis. Worked with Sales and Marketing group on the new network enhancement plans and resolution of customer’s complaints.
  • Post Processing Software Tools: Used Actix, Windcatcher, Xcal, and Dmat tools to analyze drive test data, and to identify and resolve network problems with RF Engineering changes.
  • Network Engineering Tools: Used Unix based OSS, Zite, True Call, Irisview, Ericson / Nortel Performance tool, Alex, Windcatcher, Actix, Real time tools, Neighbor list tool, Siterra, Remedy for trouble tickets, Site Traker, MARs, Secure CRT, Datapro, CACP, Ericsson and Verizon Statistical tools, Geoplan RF Design tool, Xmap, Delorme and other internal Mapping tool like SPLte and external tool like Google Earth with wireless network information.

Confidential,Grand Rapids,MI

RF System Performance Engineer

  • Maintained quality of network to keep customers satisfaction with low blocked calls and dropped calls.
  • Utilized available tools and analyzed statistical data for trouble shooting to resolve issues within iDEN network.
  • Worked closely with RF operations and switch to resolve network issues by identifying source of the problem.
  • Responded to complaints from customers, sales team and trouble tickets from customer care.
  • Collected and analyzed drive test data, troubleshot problems and resolved network issues.
  • Modified cell sites with antenna change, rad center change, down tilts and power adjustments.
  • Optimized network with parameters changes and neighbor list adjustment.
  • Added and removed carriers to the network based on traffic change for best resource utilization.
  • Created work orders to propose new combining schemes and assigned transmit power based on the link budget.
  • NASCAR, Ford Funeral Event, Disaster Recoveries related to weather and major Retunes are Special Projects I have worked.
  • Used propagation modeling and prediction tools for creating search ring of new cell sites.
  • Evaluated different site candidates and selected the most suitable candidate which fulfilled the RF design criteria.
  • Created RF configurations of new and modified sites to configure sector face ids, ISCs.
  • Design process included site walks, rad center and antenna selection, new carrier adds, billing and e911 request, and database maintenance.
  • Attended Modification meetings and provided RF information to ensure projects are completed on time.


Network Support Project Manager

  • Ordered new Digital Telco circuits for over 500 cell sites throughout the U.S.
  • Coordinated with Telecom Provisioning AT&T and Local Exchange Carriers extensively.
  • Provided Lec with correct site information including the e911 address and exact location in building room or shelter to install Telco circuits.
  • Contracted Motorola certified radio technicians and scheduled their coordination with LEC for Telco installation to turn up base stations on new Frame Relay circuit.
  • Evaluated all sites with approved coverage and made selection based on construction cost, installation timeframe, rent rate, site condition, serviceability, local government codes, and longevity.
  • Coordinated and project managed activities of site owners, site providers, property managers, building engineers, local telephone companies, architects, engineers, zoning and permitting specialists, contractors, and Motorola shop technicians.
  • Projects included rapid deploys and fast track emergency site relocations.


Pre-Construction Associate

  • Coordinated with RF Engineering, Site Acquisition, Zoning and Network departments and helped them with obtaining the proper documents for the construction process.
  • Generated project reports to track cost and time line of general contractors to analyze the construction deadlines.
  • Scheduled site walks for construction of new cell sites.

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