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System Engineer Resume

New Jersey, NJ

Professional Summary

Mainframedeveloper with 6 years of results-oriented, progressive experience in application development and support to batch processes hosted on an IBM mainframe, with a core focus in COBOL, DB2, JCL and VSAM,CICS on various domains like Credit card, Banking and Telecom.
Professionally adaptable to get on board quickly with new technologies and new assignments, able to work independently or in a group/team setting to meet deadlines while handling multiple assignments.
Well versed in trouble-shooting problems in a wide variety of abnormal terminations in a batch environment. Have carried out the following roles during my career

  • Executed the role of team lead
    Involved in the analysis, design and coding and Testing
  • Involved in system and integration testing
  • Part of the review panel in conducting reviews
  • Involved in Implementation activities
  • Preparing the Unit Test plans and sharing the results with the Customers
  • Guiding the team members in technical issues and in understanding the business requirements
  • Worked on Service Requests, from preparing the scope document to till Implementation
  • Weekly/Monthly Status reporting
  • Absolute process adherence
  • SLA adherence

Have strong expertise inCOBOL, JCL, DB2 and VSAM, CICS.
Have strong knowledge on tools like Endeavor, File Aid, NDM, CA7.
Team player with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
Have onsite experience for 7 months for AT&T, USA and having valid B1 visa.


Consultant at Confidential, Hyderabad

  • Skills Profile


  • Operating System: MVS 390
  • Environment: Windows XP, Windows 2000
  • Database: DB2 and VSAM File Management
  • Languages: Cobol,JCL,DB2,VSAM and CICS
  • Tools: File Manager, Endeavor, Changeman, NDM,FTP,SDSF, HPSC and CA7 scheduler tool


  • Management and Leadership Skills: Handled the team of 6 associates


Have been awarded PAT ON THE BACK twice in 2006 and 2008.
Have proposed and implemented 2 perfective maintenance proposals.

Professional Experience

Cardpac LPAR Migration
Confidentialis largest European bank handling banking applications like CARDPAC which is an account on boarding application and this application is being migrated to SANTANDER PACS system. Primary activities are analyzing the entire application for jobs, programs, procs, files and cop books, online programs and preparing the excels with the same information.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Performed analysis on Cardpac LPAR migration.
  • Analyzed the cradpac trams and originations application as part of migration to PACS system from cardpac.
  • Prepared excels with details on jobs/Procs/OPC names and cardpac file names and cobol versions and utilities used.
  • Coordinated the Team meetings.
  • Mentored the junior team members.
  • Coordinated and attended weekly status calls with onsite team.

Environment:MVS, COBOL, VSAM and JCL

Banking Operations – EWS Deposit Check
System Engineer

As a System Engineer worked in monitoring the batch cycle and abend resolution, analysis and development of the EWS (Early Warning Services) Deposit check application which is for detecting fraud losses in advance by generating advance notification reports to the participant banks like SunTrust, Bank of America…etc. This is one of fraud applications and batch system. This application is support, maintenance in nature. Job Monitoring.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Abend Analysis and Abend Resolution
  • Analyzing the requirements and preparing the design for new/existing changes.
  • Coding and Unit testing
  • Work/Change requests
  • Client Assistance (performing the client requests)
  • Scheduling the changes in production
  • Preparation of Test Result Summary Reports
  • Adhoc requests processing
  • Attending the weekly status calls & team meetings

Environment:MVS, COBOL, VSAM,CICS and JCL

System Engineer

Confidential is the American Express business unit that manages the Company’s relationships with card-issuing business partners around the world. GNS was formed in 1997 in Phoenix afterAmerican Express invited banks and other institutions to issue charge and credit cards on the American Express global merchant network. The goal of GNS is to build upon American Express’ key assets to become the global network of choice for third-party institutions interested in establishing a high-quality payment card business. Network Information Centre is the business warehouse where the information is kept which is crucial for making right decisions and more business. This project is development in nature and deals with loading the data into data warehouse tables by developing the tables in mainframe and exporting the data into those tables through UNIX scripts which are nothing but DB2 stored procedures.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Analyzing the requirements
  • Coding and Development
  • Unit Testing
  • Preparation of Test Result Summary Reports
  • Attending the daily status calls
  • Attending the team meetings

Environment:MVS, COBOL, DB2 and JCL

Customer Care & Billing – BCAP
Technical AssociateConfidential
It is a Maintenance and Enhancement project which had three major releases every year. For every major release there would be one or more enhancement works. Involved in Coding, unit test plan preparation,Unit testing, System testing support and finally implementing the code to production.
Mentored and helped the team for enhancement work, for fixing the system test support issues.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Preparation of UTP.
  • Coding in accordance to change specification and Unit Testing.
  • Review of code, unit test cases and unit test results
  • System testing support which involves fixing of bugs for enhancements made to the project.
  • Pre and post production Implementation support.
  • Working on client queries, and adhoc requests.

Environment:MVS, COBOL, PL1, JCL and VSAM

BSTO(Billing Solutions Testing operations(Mid West))
Technical Associate
Confidential is one of the fortune 50 companies and second largest telecom services provider in addition to data and voice services provider. It has spanned in 13 states and recently entered into Entertainment services like internet services. Billing Solutions Testing Operations is Support and Testing project in nature in which different applications are undergone and merged for generation of bill and finally the data bases would be updated with customer information. Cycle Execution and monitoring and customer requests are mainly involved in this.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Abend resolution and Defect Analysis.
  • Setting up JCLs according to the requirements.
  • Cycle execution and monitoring.
  • Preparing Test result summary report and Test Status Reports.
  • Monitoring the database onlines up job on daily basis.
  • Perform ad-hoc requests.
  • Attending the daily status calls and Weekly Status calls,client meetings.
  • Defect tracking.
  • Training and mentoring the new resources
  • Taking Knowledge sharing sessions
  • Arranging team meetings Work progress meetings
  • Attending cross training applications.

Environment: MVS,JCL, IMS DB,ESP and NDM


  • DB2 Family Fundamentals Certification Exam 700


  • Confidential, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, India,Confidential,B.Tech (Mechanical).
  • PGDCA fromConfidential.

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