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System Administrator /dev Ops Engineer Resume

Atlanta, GA


  • 8 years of experience in System Administration, installing, monitoring, troubleshooting IBM WebSphere Application Server, Web Logic, Tomcat, WebSphere MQ Server, WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus, JBoss Application Server, IBM HTTP Server & Apache Web Servers on SUN Solaris, AIX and Red Hat Linux .
  • Expertise in DevOps, Release Engineering, Configuration Management, Cloud Infrastructure, Automation. It includes Amazon Web Services ( AWS ), Open Stack, Maven, Jenkins, Chef, SVN, GitHub, Tomcat, Linux etc.
  • Experience with OpenStack Cloud Services such as Compute, Network, Storage, Dashboard, Image, Identity, Monitoring and Orchestration Service.
  • Experience in working on cloud AWS cloud EC2, S3, RDS, Load Balancer, Auto Scaling with AWS command line interface and AWS python SDK.
  • Strong understanding of AWS cloud computing and migrating application from existing Systems to AWS, Deploying and managing operating scalable, highly available and fault tolerant Systems on AWS .
  • As part of the POC project Migrated OpenStack VMs to AWS and Managed Services like EC2, S3 Bucket, Route53, ELB, EBS.
  • Proficient in installing and Administrating Red Hat, Ubuntu, CentOS, Windows, AIX and Solaris .
  • Experience in Infrastructure Development and Operations involving AWS Cloud platforms, EC2, EBS, S3, VPC, RDS, ELB, Auto scaling, Elastic Cache, Cloud Watch. Strong Experience on AWS platform and its dimensions of scalability including VPC, EC2, ELB, S3 and EBS, ROUTE 53.
  • Ability to run and write Jython, Python and ruby, Jacl scripting.
  • Strong proficiency in supporting Production Cloud environments (AWS, OpenStack) as well as traditional managed hosted environments.
  • Worked on AWS and Open Stack Security Groups which acted as virtual firewalls that controlled the traffic allowed to reach one or more AWS EC2 and Open Stack instances.
  • Deploy and monitor scalable infrastructure on Amazon web services (AWS) and Open Stack &configuration management using chef.
  • Experience on OpenStack for deploying, maintaining and troubleshooting in a Cloud environment.
  • Experienced in writing Chef Recipes to automate our build/deployment process and do an overall process improvement to any manual processes.
  • Experience in using GIT and Rational Clear Case on UNIX and Windows environment
  • Used Jenkins to streamline CI/CD process, automated several Master - Slave configurations using temporary slaves.
  • Extensive knowledge on Source code Management using GIT, SVN and extracting code, updating repositories etc.
  • Experience in System Administration, System Builds, Server builds, Installs, Upgrades, Patches, Migration, Trouble Shooting, Security, Backup, Disaster Recovery, Performance Monitoring and Fine-tuning on Red Hat Linux Systems .
  • Install, configure, modify, test & deploy applications on Apache Webserver, Nginx, HAProxy & Tomcat, JBoss App Servers.
  • Experience in using the network protocols like HTTP, FTP, TFTP, SMTP, TCP/IP, UDP.
  • Experience in installing and configuring Load Balancers like Netscaler and BigIP F5.
  • Experience working on WebSeal creating junctions and updating the configurations for Single Sign on (SSO).
  • Experience in applying Fix Packs and Cumulative Fixes for WebSphere, WebLogic and Jboss.
  • Well- experienced in the migration tasks of WebSphere, Web Logic, Tomcat, JBoss and Apache.
  • Experience in integrating backend databases like Oracle9i/10g/11g, IBM DB2 and SQL Server.
  • Well-versed in key store and certificate management, in generating CSR’s and importing CA certs into different types of keystores using iKeyman, Global Security Toolkit & openssl.
  • Experienced in performance tuning using Wily Introscope, BMC Patrol and Tivoli Performance Viewer.
  • Support of Administrative tasks using file version tools like CVS, SVN, GIT and GITHUB.
  • Monitoring and managing file system usage, hardware and system process failures. Planning and provisioning of hardware, storage allocation and network configurations.
  • Provided day-to-day operational support and system administration to production servers and related infrastructures.
  • An excellent team player and self-starter with good communication skills and proven abilities to finish tasks before target deadlines


Cloud Technologies: Open Stack (Grizzly, Havana, Juno), AWS cloud EC2, VPC, S3, RDS, LoadBalancer, Auto ScalingApplication Servers & Web Servers: IBM WebSphere Application Server 8.0/7.0/6.1/6.0, IBM WebSphere MQ Server 7.x/6.x, IBM WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus 7.x/6.x, Jboss 6.x/5.x/4.x, WebLogic Server 9.2/10.3, IHS 8.0/7.0/6.1/6.0, SUNONE Web Server 7.x/6.x, Apache Web Server 2.x/1.x, Nginx, HAProxy.,WebSeal

Operating Systems: Linux, HP-UX, Solaris, IBM AIX (V4.3.3 and 5L V 5.1) and Windows 2000/XP/NT, VMWARE, RHEL, Ubuntu, Cent OS

Java Technologies: Servlets, Applets, AWT, Swing, Beans, EJB, J2EE, JMS, Networking, JDBC/ODBC, JNDI and RMI

Languages: C,C++, Java 2, Visual Basic, ASP, SQL, PL/SQL and ESQL

Tools: Chef, Nagios, ELK Stack, Site 2 Site VPN Connection,, QPASA, Tivoli, BMC Patrol, XPEDITER, VISIO, WSAD, ITCAM, SSL, MSSL

Scripting Languages: JavaScript, Shell Script, Perl, ANT, Jacl and Jython, Python and ruby

Markup Languages: HTML, XML/XSL and DHTML

Databases: Oracle, DB2, Sybase, SQL Server and MS Access



Confidential, Atlanta, GA

System Administrator /Dev Ops Engineer


  • Maintaining and expanding the AT&T Digital Life Platform as a System admin and level 4 production support engineer.
  • Maintaining Dev, QA2, SIT, production environments and also responsible in supporting the environment using the Open Stack, KVM, RHEL, Ubuntu, and Cent OS.
  • Worked closely with the development and operations team to implement the necessary tools and process to support the automation of builds, deployments, testing and infrastructure (infrastructure as code) using Chef.
  • Working on AWS & OpenStack cloud to provision new instances. S3 Storage Services. AWS EC2 & Cloud watch services. CI/CD pipeline management through Jenkins.
  • Created and designed the AWS Cloud Formation Templates to create and test stacks in different environments according to the application developer's plan & strategies.
  • Created Amazon VPC to create public-facing subnet for web servers with internet access, and backend databases & application servers in a private-facing subnet with no Internet access.
  • Monitored and deployed JAVA and .NET based applications.
  • Extensively worked on continuous integration tool like Ant, Maven and Jenkins, automated various builds and deployments using these tools.
  • Built Chef Development workflow and best practices around configuration management as well as building a strong and diverse internal Chef community.
  • Used package repository with Nexus & Implemented Maven workflow to use public JAR files and packages to this central repository.
  • Responsible for setting up the DEV, SIT, PROD environments which includes installing and configuring JBoss clusters, Data sources, start/stop scripts, log cleanup scripts and monitoring tools.
  • Provisioned Instances, Storages & monitoring Services and CI/CD pipeline through Jenkins.
  • Implementing a Continuous Delivery framework and automated environment using Jenkins, Chef, Maven in Linux environment
  • Configured an AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), and Database Subnet Group for isolation of resources within the Amazon RDS and Aurora DB clusters.
  • Designed AWS CloudFormation templates to create custom sized VPC, Subnets, NAT to ensure successful deployment of Web applications and database templates.
  • Working on migration project of moving current applications in traditional datacenter to AWS by using AWS services.
  • Working with various AWS EC2 and S3 CLI tools.
  • Managed AWS EC2 instances utilizing Auto Scaling, Elastic Load Balancing and Glacier for our QA and UAT environments as well as infrastructure for GIT and Chef Servers.
  • Created Security groups and worked with Access Control Lists(ACLs), snapshots and Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) of the instances for backup and creating clone instances.
  • Installing and configuring JBOSS EAP 6.2 on Linux Enterprise platform and deployment of applications
  • Tuning and Monitoring the overall applications and system health with the statistics Average response time, Number of requests (transactions) and number of live http sessions, web server thread pools, the Web and Enterprise JavaBeans thread pools, database and connections pools, java virtual memory, CPU, I/O and System Paging.
  • Installing and configuring Apache Web Server 2.4 on RHEL 6.7
  • Installing, Configuring and renewing the SSL certs as required for the Apache Web Server, Nginx and HAProxy and verifying them using OpenSSL.
  • Involved in Data Center Migration between Open Stack environment’s in the cloud.
  • Involved in installing, administrating, supporting and maintaining almost 300 VMs in Open Stack Cloud which includes RHEL 7.0/6.7, Ubuntu 16.04, 14.04, Centos 7/6.7.
  • Handling day-to-day User Administration tasks like adding, deleting and modifying user data and documenting all user data in a centralized location.
  • Performance tuning of Linux machines in the environment by kernel parameter tuning, identifying process that hog the system resources and containing them.
  • Created Ruby scripts for Chef to automate AWS and OpenStack service which include web servers, security groups, load balancers, application packages, Nagios plugins, and system administration tasks.
  • Create and manage instances using Nova Compute in OpenStack.
  • Allocating quotas to tenants and users based on build document.
  • Launching instances or virtual machines on cloud to provide Iaas.
  • Creation of VM, Snapshot, Template and use them based on the requirement.
  • Create and manage users, tenants, roles using Keystone Identity service.
  • Create, retrieve and manage Images using Glance Image Service.
  • Managing objects using the Swift Object Storage Service.
  • Create and manage Cinder volumes in OpenStack Cloud.
  • Used Neutron with Linux bridging to create virtual sub-nets for individual tenant projects.
  • Installing tenant to tenant VPN using Open Swan for Multi-tenant communication.
  • Provided Firewall management through Security groups in the OpenStack Cloud for all internet facing servers.
  • Add project users to the AWS account with multifactor authentication enabled and least privilege permissions.
  • Created and automated the jenkins pipeline using pipeline groovy script for the applications.
  • Used Jenkins central instance for automating the pipelines using scripting in groovy..
  • Performing server updates, patching, upgrade and package installations using RPM, Yum and Up2date.
  • Installed and maintaining Nagios Monitoring and alerting services.
  • Involved in editing the existing ANT/MAVEN files in case of errors or changes in the project environments.
  • Installed and configured GIT and GITHUB.
  • Implemented and maintained the branching and build / release strategies utilizing GIT.
  • Hands on configuration management using Chef.
  • Configured and monitored multiple servers using Chef. Defined Chef Server and Workstation to manage and configure nodes.
  • Installed Chef Server Enterprise on premise/workstation/bootstrapped the nodes using knife and automated by testing Chef recipes/cookbooks with test-kitchen/chef spec.
  • Built Jenkins jobs to create AWS infrastructure from SCM repos containing Terraform code.
  • Used Chef and other configuration management tools to deploy consistent infrastructure code across multiple environments.
  • Develop, Maintain, update various script for services (start, stop, restart, recycle and cron jobs) Unix based Korn shell, Bash.
  • Installing and configuring JBOSS EAP 6.2 on Linux Enterprise platform and deployment of applications.
  • Initiated the execution of a new internally secured company wiki site to both document and share the Digital Life production environment policies and procedures with other departments.
  • Assist in executing new Digital Life software release deployments within production and test environment.
  • Provide direct support for a team of Java / JBOSS developers to enhance the Digital Life platform as well as resolve any defects therein.

Environment: Web Server- Apache 2.4, HAProxy, Nginx. Application Server - Jboss 6.2, Nagios, Chef, ANT, Maven, SVN, AWS EC2, S3, RDS, AMI, IAM, VPC, OpenStack Cloud, Jenkins, VM Ware, oracle 11g, Cassandra, MySQL, Rabbit MQ, RHEL 7.0/6.7, Ubuntu 16.04/14.04, CentOS 7/6.7, ELK Stack, OpenVPN.

Confidential, MO

Web Engineer/Administrator


  • Installed, configured and administered WebSphere Application Server ND V 8.0/7.0/6.1, IBM HTTP Server V 8.0/7.0/6.1 & IBM WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus V 7.0/6.1 on various platforms such as AIX, Linux and Windows.
  • Design of Technical Architecture Document (TAD) which involves Security requirements, Authentication requirements, Placement of components into correct network segments, Logical diagram of components, Detailed service diagrams for each environment detailing each component, protocols, ports, Web and Java application server products and versions.
  • Creating SSL Certificate Specifications & Requests for the project, security requirements are transformed into SSL Certificate Specifications for SSL encryption, data encryption, and message signing using digital signatures.
  • Implement, managing and support internet infrastructure components while leveraging current standards and best practices.
  • Performing problem diagnosis; performance tuning; capacity planning and configuration management for MasterCard internet components. Assure system stability and future compatibility by monitoring production execution of all relevant systems.
  • Experienced in Installing and configuring Jboss 6.x/5.x/4.x servers on Linux & Aix environments.
  • Defined Jbdc and Jms connections for the Jboss server.
  • Configured Jboss 6.x server behind a firewall.
  • Involved in migration of WebSphere Application Server from V 6.1 to 7.0 and V 7.0 to 8.0.
  • Involved in applying fix packs for WebSphere Application Server & IBM Http Server using Update Installer.
  • Experience working on WebSeal creating junctions and updating the configurations for Single Sign on (SSO).
  • Installed various feature packs for WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus using the Installation Manager.
  • Involved in migration of WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus from V 7.0 to 7.5.1.
  • Configured JMS Messaging Engines with data store & coordinated with Database team for table creation required by messaging engines.
  • Administered the MQ Series Objects like Queue Managers, Queues, Channels, Process Definition, Clusters, and Name Lists.
  • Created clusters of queue managers to simplify the overall administration process & to achieve workload balancing.
  • Migrated WMQ 5.3 to WMQ 6.0 on AIX and Windows 2000.
  • Configured 2-way SSL between WebSphere Application Server & other Middleware components like Data Power.
  • Deploy the API's into application servers
  • Configured & renewed CA Signer and Personal Certificates.
  • Configured WebSphere resources like JDBC Providers, J2EE Authentication Data & Data Sources.
  • Deployed EAR, WAR and JAR files on WebSphere Application Server V 8.x/7.x/6.x.
  • Utilized wsadmin tool to deploy and administer WebSphere resources.
  • Used Jacl/Jython scripts to automate administrative tasks on WebSphere.
  • Used tools like IBM thread analyzer & heap analyzer to analyze java cores and heap dumps for troubleshooting purposes.
  • Provided 24/7 on call pager support & worked with WebSphere Level 2 Support teams on PMR’s for complicated issue resolution.

Environment: IBM WebSphere App Server 8.0/7.0/6.1, IBM WebSphere MQ 7.0/6.1, IBM WebSphere MQ 7.0/6.1, IBM WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus 7.x/6.x, Jboss 6.x/5.x/4.x, WebSeal 6.1/6.0, IBM HTTP Server 8.x/7.x/6.x, Installation Manager 4.x, Web 2.0 Feature Pack, XML Feature Pack, SCA Feature Pack, CEA Feature Pack, wsadmin, JACL, Jython.

Confidential, Jersey City, NJ

Middleware Administrator


  • Install, configure and administered WebLogic Application Server 9.2/10.3, JBoss 4.x, Tomcat 5.x on SUN Solaris 8.0/9.0/10.0, Linux and Windows environment.
  • Involved in migration of WebLogic Application server 8.1 to WebLogic 10.3.
  • Installed, configured and administered Tomcat 5.x, JBoss 4.0.x, Bea WebLogic Server 10.0 and Tomcat 6.0 on windows.
  • Deployed application formats like WAR, JAR and EAR in WebLogic 10.0, JBoss 4.0.1/4.0.3.
  • Resolved performance issues by taking java thread dumps and analyzing the dump files to resolve the performance issues.
  • Configure and administered JDBC, JMS, JNDI in JBoss 4.0.1, WebLogic Server9.0.
  • Installed and configured Apache Web server and integrated with JBoss, Tomcat and WebLogic server.
  • Configure and administered WebLogic server with Oracle 10g database.
  • Performance tuning of JVM heap size, garbage collections, java stack and Native thread & production performance.
  • Implemented Single sign on using LDAP and SAML.
  • Memory issues, application leak or WebLogic leak or SUN java bug. By tuning and profiling the memory with third party tools.
  • Deployed WARs, EARs using WebLogic Admin Console as well as running scripts.
  • Provided WLST (Jython script) and configuring various WebLogic components/services via Jython script.
  • Monitoring application performance using Wily Intrascope. Setting up Intrascope to alert for various metrics (cpu, heap, threads).
  • Developed UNIX shell scripts and WLST scripts to start/stop admin and manage servers and to deploy different applications like .war or .ear files.
  • Created Korn Shell scripts to automate Cron jobs and system maintenance. Scheduled cron jobs for job automation.
  • Installed, Implemented and maintained SOA architecture.
  • Configured clustering of multiple SOA Application Server instances and http server load balancing.
  • Worked closely with support groups, development and apps team in order to gather requirements.
  • Documented technical requirements and specifications.
  • Used Site minder for single sign on (SSO) and LDAP infrastructure is used to authenticate and authorize users.
  • Experience in configuring WebLogic domain across Data Centers in production environment
  • Preparing backup procedures, scheduling backups through crontab entries.
  • Server Hang, Deadlock, application level lock, database level lock by taking thread dump and analyze to get the root cause for the hang.
  • Configured the web server interfaces, session management, virtual hosts and transports for WebLogic .
  • Monitoring the startup logs for any exceptions or errors. Performing regular health checks for the servers in the Testing and Production environments.

Environment: WebLogic Server 9.2/10.3, JBoss 4.0.x, Tomcat 5.x, WebSphere MQ Series, IPlanet 6, Apache 2.2.2, WLI, Oracle 9i/10g, Glass Fish, UNIX (Solaris 8/9.0/10.0, AIX 5.1, Linux 5 ), Tuxedo, OEL, Python, ALSB 2.5, Sun N1, JBoss, Java, ANT Script, Windows, CORBA, SOA.ACE routers.


Web Sphere System Administrator


  • Installed and configured Web Sphere 6.0, 6.1 on Sun Solaris using deployment manager profiles and custom profile for the node configuration.
  • Created JVM's, virtual hosts, JDBC data source, and Mail provider and troubleshooting.
  • Involving in Date Center Migration creates scripts to migrate configuration file over different cells.
  • Installed IBM Web Sphere Application Server V6.1.1 and configured it on Sun Solaris 8 and 10.
  • Involved in Migration of Sun Solaris 8 to Sun Solaris 10.
  • Configured message flow and deployment of Web Sphere MQ Series.
  • Upgraded Web Sphere Application Servers running with version 6.1.1.
  • Deployed Enterprise Applications on Web Sphere 6.1.1 that involves EAR (Enterprise Archives) and WAR (Web Archives) using Admin console.
  • Involved in migration of Web Sphere 6.0 applications to the Web Sphere 6.1.
  • Supported Web Sphere Application Server clustering, workload management and failover.
  • Used TAM/Tivoli Enterprise tool to monitor web sphere application monitoring data.
  • Wrote Java scripts, HTML, XML and shell scripts in Jython and Korn shells to automate the administrative tasks.
  • Involved in number of installation of Web Sphere instances from development to production.
  • Responsible for 24x7 maintenance of J2EE applications on Web Sphere Application Servers in development, test and production environments

Environment: Web Sphere 6.0, 6.1, Java, JSP, EJB, WSAD, IBM Web Sphere Application Server 6.x, Sun Solaris 8, iplanet.

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