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Vsc Spectrum Support  Resume

Broomfield, CO


  • Professional SummaryAccomplished Systems Engineer with several years of experience managing server infrastructures and data - center operations across multiple platforms (Linux, Unix, Windows).
  • Effectively plan, install, configure and optimize the IT infrastructure to consistently achieve high availability and performance.
  • Excellent and instinctive problem solving and decision-making skills with the ability to be proactive in all levels of IT projects.


Operating SystemsSoftware: CISCO DNCSs, ARRIS DACs, Charter Remedy -Ticketing System, VMware vSphere 5, Agile PLM v9.3, Switched Digital Video (SDV), Universal Session Resource Manager (USRM), Video-on-Demand (VOD), Video Ads Insertion, ARRIS CVEX Manager, Test Information Management Systems (TIMS), Test Automation w/Python, Cisco WebEx, SFTP, SMTP, SSH, HTTPS, TCP/IP, DNS, Mystro Back Office (MBO), Remote Desktop, Network tools: (Ping, Traceroute, NS Lookup, Ifconfig, and Netstat)

Hardware: Cisco UCS-B200-M2/M3 Blade Server, Cisco UCS-C200/C2120-M2 Rack Server, Cable Modem 2100, Cisco RFGW-1, GQAM/MQAM modulators, CMTS, Scientific-Atlanta Netcrypt, APEX 1500, APEX 1000, SUN Fire 880/890 Server, SUN Ultra10 workstation, NC1500, QPSKs, DCM9900, Cisco Digital/DVR Set-top Boxes (2000,2100,3100,3200,4250,8000,8300), Cisco Switch Router 4948, Router 7604, and BEQ6000/6200


Confidential, Broomfield, CO

VSC-Spectrum Support


  • Create/Resolve/Escalate Remedy ticket from Spectrum field techs
  • Respond to inbound calls from field techs during a Spectrum installation from customers’ homes
  • Troubleshoot error codes on Spectrum Guides and DVR STBs
  • Performed other technical duties from management
Confidential, Broomfield, CO

VSCS Engineer


  • Responsible for analyzing and resolving hardware or software problems from the Remedy Support Ticketing system
  • Analyzed/Tested/Verified switched and linear channels problems on the ARRIS DACs and CISCO DNCSs
  • Engaged with multiple vendors (Cisco, Harmonic, Ericsson, Rovi, and Technicolor)
  • Resolved VOD sessions errors on the CISCO and ARRIS Edge QAMs
  • Escalated production video issues to the appropriate engineering (VSC-Core, ISP, Networking, or VSC-SST) support groups
  • Experienced in working in a Linux and UNIX systems environment
Confidential, Winter Haven, FL



  • Provide support for hardware, software, procedures and password resets via the telephone and/or the intranet
  • Diagnosed and documented customer's technical and "How To" problems and resolve or assign software errors to the appropriate team
  • Educated customers on how to avoid future related software problems
  • Demonstrated knowledge of software procedures, processes, tools, and systems
  • Resolved business partner's issue as quickly as possible
Confidential, GA

Sr. Systems Engineer Consultant


  • Participated on Bridge Calls and daily WebEx meetings with TWC engineers
  • Changed several QPSK IP, Subnet, and GW on the DNCS in the headend
  • Deleted/Created sessions on primary and secondary netcrypts via DRACO (DNCS)
  • Modified Broadband Edge QAM (BEQ) MGMT and GIGE IPs on the USRM GUI
  • Performed backups on USRM servers before HUB and Network teams started their changes
  • Verified SDV and VOD sessions were created after USRM servers were backed online thru syslog
  • Verified network connectivity by pinging new IP address on the hardware
  • Verified IP changes by using the tail and grep commands in the Event Log
  • Submitted time line status report to TWC mgmt., and engineers on MOP changes during the maintenance window
Confidential, GA

Sr. Test Engineer


  • Responsible for a series of testing methodologies (Acceptance, Functional, Performance, Regression, Integration, and Final Code Verification) on new product software builds from developers in Switched Digital Video headend labs
  • Planned, Coordinated, and Executed software upgrades on Unix and RH Linux servers
  • Installed, Configured, and Managed headend hardware in Switched Digital Video lab
  • Downloaded modulator codes to different types of QAMS (QPSK, MQAM, and GQAM)
  • Downloaded/Verified new firmware code on Set-top boxes
  • Tracked/Confirmed/Verified product software defects thru SYSLOG using grep
  • Created and Documented test cases based on requirements from engineering specs
  • Verified test cases PASS/FAIL criteria thru manual and automated testing
  • Managed and Performed systems integration testing utilizing the webGUI, Channel Change Programs, and Redundancy with 3:1
  • Traveled to MSO headends to upgrade or modify DNCS and USRM servers
  • Proficient in video mobile device testing on smartphones, tablets, and laptops
  • Added/Modified/Deleted hardware components and multicast sessions on DNCS server
  • Configured and Tested video streaming on various STBs
  • Created/Tested/Dispatched Bug-id tickets during product test phase via CDETS Bug Tracking System.
  • Utilized web testing tools on new product software
  • Developed step-by-step I/O Guide for end-users to ensure a seamless transition following software product upgrades
  • Supported the implementation and management of strategic initiatives to support QA testing activities including standards, strategies, and Sprint roadmaps
  • Documented product testing (expected/actual) results in TIMS
  • Proficient in TCP, SMTP, SNMP, SSH, DNS, and SSL protocols.
Confidential, Atlanta GA

Network Support Engineer


  • Downloaded DHCT (Digital Home Communication Terminal) new firmware at customers location
  • Installed Solaris software patches on DNCS servers during maintenance window
  • Troubleshoot and Resolved network problems for remote customers thru phone support in/out of maintenance window
  • Utilized network protocols: (FTP/21, TELNET/23, HTTP/80, SMTP/161,HTTPS/443)
  • Provided status report to management team on assigned network calls from customers
  • Reproduced software problems to determine root cause for field engineers
  • Researched solutions from various resources and applied the procedures in troubleshooting customer’s network issues
  • Provided primary help-desk technical support for installation, integration, and maintenance of the Scientific Atlanta Digital Broadband Delivery System
  • Documented and maintained a detail history of the remote clients calls from start to finish thru Clarify software bugs tracking system.
  • Used network monitoring tools (ping, traceroute, netstat, tcpdump) for network issues
  • Knowledgeable of DHCT set-top box testing and operations for external customers
  • Downloaded modulator codes to different types of QAMS (QPSK, MQAM, and GQAM)
  • Created/Tested/Dispatched Change Requests during product test phase via Clarify
  • Provided network support to the following: Hubs, Switches, Routers, Ethernet, TCP/IP based on LAN/WAN, and VPN

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