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Senior Security Analyst / Security Control Assessor Resume

Rosslyn, VA


Seeking position within an organization where I can utilize my skills in the field of information technology and/or Confidential government position.


  • Extremely Quick Learner
  • Word Environment Adaptation
  • Customer Support
  • Prioritization
  • Innovative
  • Time Management and Effort
  • Attention to Detail
  • Planning
  • Flexible
  • Team Oriented
  • Interpersonal, Oral and Written Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • ITIL
  • Multitasking
  • Diplomatic
  • Organization
  • Self - motivated
  • Interpersonal


  • Wireless Networking
  • GemX
  • ACD Systems
  • KVM
  • Remote Support
  • Helpdesk/Technical Support
  • Cellebrite Confidential
  • IT Security
  • Fastlane/Taclanes
  • Windows OS
  • Secure CRT
  • Remedy
  • Mobile Computing
  • Recovery Techniques
  • PS3 & Scattercastles
  • Confidential
  • Confidential Call Manager/Voips
  • AppDetect
  • HP Fortify Source Code Analyzer
  • Penetration Testing
  • CSAM
  • Configuration, deployment and administration of network appliances, operating systems and databases
  • Troubleshooting Techniques
  • Data Encryption and Encapsulation
  • WebInspect
  • Intrusion Detection & Incident Response
  • Hashing/Mobile Device Forensics
  • Vulnerability Assessment


Confidential, Rosslyn, VA

Senior Security Analyst / Security Control Assessor


  • Lead large/complex security assessments of customer systems, services and programs
  • Support and interact with customers at the high levels and provide oversight to less experienced staff
  • Analyze customer processes and configurations to verify that previously identified flaws have been corrected and document results.
  • Develop approaches for industry-specific threat analyses, application-specific penetration tests and the generation of vulnerability reports.
  • Develop detailed remediation reports and recommendations for compliance and security improvements across industries based on changing threats.
  • Develop and update Confidential consistent approach to information security programs and adherence with best practices.
  • Assess Federal information systems’ compliance with Confidential

Confidential, Crystal City, VA

Systems Analyst - Information Assurance


  • Gather and organize technical information about an organization's mission goals and needs, and make recommendations to improve existing security Confidential .
  • Develop NIST/ Confidential & Confidential documentation for systems and networks undergoing certification and validate the quality of deliverables produced by the team
  • Assess risks, identify mitigation requirements and develop accreditation recommendations
  • Document an IA SSP, participate in reviews and product tests, respond to Government inquiries necessary to obtain and maintain its Confidential in accordance with the Confidential process
  • Track Confidential & Confidential requirements for assigned systems within the agency and validate that tasks are on schedule and ensure the delivery of quality documentation
  • Review and edit draft security artifacts as assigned to ensure compliance with Confidential & Confidential and Confidential
  • Assist in the creation of Confidential & Confidential packages with the responsibility for gathering information from system owners, applying data to the appropriate templates and attending meetings in support of the effort
  • Determine enterprise information assurance and security standards
  • Develop and implement information assurance/security standards and procedures
  • Coordinate, develop and evaluate security programs for an organization
  • Recommend information assurance/security solutions to support customers’ requirements
  • Assist in the identification of specifications, requirements and SOWs for IT hardware/software and services in multi-year Confidential IT contracts
  • Identify, report and resolve security violations
  • Oversee the POA&M process and determine whether sufficient artifacts have been presented to support the approval or denial of POA&Ms
  • Coordinating with ISSOs and providing guidance and oversight in identifying and documenting deficiencies and prioritizing them based on missions, risk, and funding
  • Establish and satisfy information assurance and security requirements based upon the analysis of user, policy, regulatory and resource demands
  • Perform vulnerability/risk analysis of computer systems and applications during all phases of the system development life cycle

Confidential, SW, DC

Cyber Security Analyst


  • Address agency-wide IT security issues and challenging new threats on Confidential daily basis.
  • Reporting for the development and execution of remediation plans
  • Maintain management response plan for agency-wide, long term processes and procedures
  • Provide support to customer driven RFM accreditation efforts for new and existing systems
  • Performs Computer Security Incident Response activities for the organization
  • Ensure the integrity and protection of networks; systems; and applications by technical enforcement of organizational security policies; through monitoring of vulnerability scanning devices
  • Perform periodic and on-demand system audits and vulnerability assessments; including user accounts; application access; file system and external Web integrity scans to determine compliance
  • Respond to incidents by investigating computer related crimes. Discover the problem and mitigate the damages
  • Responsible for developing & maintaining long-term and short-term security procedures
  • Develop Confidential SOP’s
  • Evaluate, develop and implement strategies to mitigate risks and apply adequate network, physical and administrative security
  • Configuration of the backend of enterprise level software ( Confidential ) during testing phase prior to implementation of new applications and/or upgrades into production
  • Provide basic and advanced Confidential training
  • Oversee and provide direction/assistance in daily duties and responsibilities of ISSOs and Certification Agents
  • Ensure stakeholders adhere to Federal Info. Assurance policies & procedures to acquire and maintain Confidential system’s Confidential under the Confidential Act following NIST 800-53 and 800-37 guidelines and policies
  • Troubleshoot configuration flaws within Confidential
  • Conduct daily briefings discussing mission goals and updates
  • Perform Confidential logical, file system and physical extractions of mobile devices
  • Outline business strategies and tactics necessary to accomplish mission objectives
  • Evaluate, develop and implement strategies to mitigate risks and demonstrate adequate security.
  • Developing or enhancing existing full suites of custom cyber security toolsets.
  • Developing tools to integrate open source applications with widely used commercial security tools

Confidential, Adelphi, Maryland

Confidential Auditor/Cyber Security Analyst


  • Performs monthly and ad hoc vulnerability scans of unclassified and classified network subscriber enclaves.
  • Configuration of the backend of enterprise level software ( Confidential during testing phase prior to implementation of new applications and/or upgrades into production
  • Provide basic and advanced Confidential training to Confidential
  • Assist subscribers with vulnerability remediation as necessary.
  • Conduct trending and analysis of monthly results to identify high risk vulnerabilities impacting the network and ensure proper security Confidential from Confidential vulnerability management standpoint
  • Independently perform complex security analysis of classified and unclassified applications, systems and enclaves for compliance with Confidential security requirements
  • Use Confidential variety of security techniques, technologies, and tools to evaluate security Confidential in highly complex computer systems and networks
  • Perform vulnerability and risk analysis, and participate in Confidential variety of computer security penetration studies
  • Analyze and define security requirements for computer and networking systems
  • Provide enterprise-wide technical analysis and direction for problem definition, analysis and remediation for complex systems and enclaves
  • Recommend solutions to meet security requirements
  • Deploy, troubleshoot and maintain network-based vulnerability scanners at subscriber sites to ensure appropriate coverage of scanning services.
  • Prepare reports for subscribers to assess technical configurations and compliance.
  • Support systems in transition from the DIACAP to Confidential framework
  • Identify risk to information assets and data systems
  • Conduct assessments and audits to ensure Confidential compliance following Confidential approach to information security
  • Generate capture as necessary of the network(s) security Confidential and provide to Confidential management for situational awareness.
  • Develop & document policies and procedures for the use of vulnerability assessment tools and methodologies
  • Test and evaluate new technologies, specifically related to network vulnerability scanning.
  • Provide workable recommendations and advice to client executive management on system improvements, optimization and maintenance

Confidential, Chantilly, Virginia

Network Engineer Associate


  • Baselining of hardware configuration and hardening in alignment with security control compliance
  • Network Security Confidential
  • Maintain VoIPs using Confidential Call Manager
  • Provide monthly crytpo key loads.
  • Controlling access permissions and privileges
  • Maintaining switches and routers to approved software and hardware revisions
  • Configuring and troubleshooting in Confidential multi-vendor environment

Confidential, Reston, Virginia

Access Control Manager


  • Ensure that personnel entering secure areas are registered & have been issued the appropriate badge
  • Escort uncleared personnel & monitor their movements while in secure areas
  • Use Remedy to manage uncleared contractors in and out of the facility
  • Search clearances using PS3 or ScatterCastles and determine if they have the proper clearance level to enter the building

Confidential, Ft. Meade, Maryland

Access Control Manager


  • Monitor and escort contractors in government Confidential facilities and compounds
  • Ensure that doors and alarms are secured at the end of each shift

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