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Sr. Telecom Specialist Resume

Milford, PA


A challenging position with a growing company where my dedication and attention to detail will create the
opportunity for growth. Valid Drivers license. Ability to travel.


Network Cable Specialist ~ BICSI Training Program/Level III Telecommunication Technician Certified


  • Installation of Cable Support Systems.
  • Diagnose/trouble shoot UTP and coaxial cable.
  • Connect Cat 5/6 cable, cross-connects, blocks and patch panels. Color coding
  • Assemble and install 8-pin modular connectors, coaxial connectors
  • Pulling Cable-Copper, Coaxial and Fiber.
  • Diagnose/troubleshoot UTP, RG-6 and coaxial cable.
  • Buildout, MDF/IDF communication rooms.
  • Install Work Area Outlets and Fire-stopping
  • Termination AV, RJ45, Coax connectors
  • Fluke Testing: tone test set, volt-ohm meter. Experience in configuring 1600, 1700 Cisco routers
  • Racking Routers, Servers and Switches


Sr. Telecom/Network Tech, Data/Voice Specialist Confidential,Milford, PA (Contract) 1/10 to Present

  • Manage job site, administrative, bid on jobs, budgets, schedules, site surveys. Install Cisco VOIP phones & routers as a network field tech. Delegate work to cable/telecom techs. Install all phone systems, AV, CCTV and POS systems. Configure Cisco routers via tech support, RAM upgrade, support/installs of hardware, software, Allworth, Cisco VOIP phone systems. Able to multitask different projects, order all materials as needed to start and complete the jobs. Build MDF\\\'S, IDF\\\'S, Cat 5-6, RG-6 and Fiber terminations, install cabinets, racks, preconfigured routers, servers etc..
  • Building of communication rooms/closets with equipment racks and cable management pathway systems.
  • Physical installation of cabinets, cages, cables, shelving, cable management, routers CSU/DSU’s, servers, PDU’s, modems, switches. Terminate and troubleshoot twisted pair, coax, RJ45, fiber, BNC connections.

Data Center Tech, Confidential,New York, NY (Contract) 2/10 to 11/10

  • Experianced data center technician, installing racks, routers, servers, cable, fiber, patch panels, cross connects, terminated patch panels and jacks, maintaining existing cable infrastructure. Working with racks, cabinets raised floor etc.. MDF\\\'s, IDF\\\'s, cable infrastructure, terminate Cat 5-6, RG-6, fiber cables and test various types of Circuits i.e; T-1 and T-3. Overseeing installation of various network hardware and software, relocate servers, phone systems. Demolition/decommission in a \"live\" Data center. Maintenance of Data Center cabinet dressing.

Wireless/ IT Tech. Confidential,2/09 to 8/09

  • System Intergration Testing,for 911 call centers, incoming & outgoing calls, via cell phone locate calls from cell sites, VOIP, DTS cabling, racking, proposal, project status, documentation, procurement, payment to vendors, etc..

Data Center Tech/Telephone Maintainer, Confidential,NY 11/07 to 07/08

  • Install, Maintain, service and repair various types of fire alarms, Installation, Removal and Moves of IP telephony desk sets. Install cable voice/Data Cat 5-6, fiber and communication systems equipment. Installation or maintenance of various types of telecommunication equipment. Include validating bi-annual equipment inventory and documenting the network, the fire alarm system, reset and test. Oversaw and monitored the switch and kept daily log of all phone records in the PBX Switch Command Center.

Foreman Telecom Tech, Confidential,NY 11001 3/07 to 2/09

  • Install VOIP phone systems, Mitel, Avaya, Nortel. Installed, troubleshoot, program thru tech support CCTV. Review work orders and blue prints. Order and pick up materials. Punch down telco cross connects and 24/48 port data patch panels, Dress cables, Terminate jacks/connectors at work stations. Conduct on site walk-thru with customer. (Did cabling at SUNY Downstate Medical Center – Brooklyn, NY)
  • Measure, label, cut, splice and install wires and cables, ie; 25 pair, cat6, cat5, cat3, fiber optic, RG6, RG59, siamese, etc. Measure, bend, cut and install EMT conduit, over masonry surfaces. Measure, cut and install Kindorf metal framing, wiremold raceway and boxes. Assemble install and level ladder rack. Mount plywood backboard and telco 110 blocks. Certify cables using Fluke DTX-1800 digital cable analyzer.

Sr Telecom/IT Tech, Confidential,9/05 to 2/07

  • Install and test voice and data,Pots,T1\\\'s, Adit 600intergrated channel bank and MitelVOIP systems, configure Cisco 1700 Routers.
  • Work with vendors doing cut overs, turn ups, trunking, programming, and looping the lines with various systems such as Avaya Lucent, Meridian, Panasonic, NEC, Toshiba,and Nortel systems. Test cable using the fluke DTX-1200.
  • Review work orders to move, change, install, repair, or remove data communications equipment such as cables, wires, POS, CCTV, phone systems, computer terminals, stereo systems, VCR’s, televisions, people counters, and wireless RF units. Read technical manuals to learn correct settings for equipment.
  • Measure, cut, splice and install wires and cables. Inspects and tests wiring to locate and repair problem.

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