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Systems Engineering Resume

Washington, DC


Master of Science in Engineering Management and Systems Engineering
Relevant courses completed:

  • Systems Engineering I, Program and Project Management, Management of Information and Systems security, Engineering Economy, Data Base Management, Organizational Behavior of Engineering Managers, Marketing of Technology, Management of Technical Organizations.

Bachelor of Technology, Electrical Engineering


Relevant Engineering Management and Systems Engineering projects Washington, DC
August 2008
Data Base Management Systems:
A project was designed for small businesses and organizations that gives you control of everything that you want to keep in a simple and very clear format. It is based on basic database systems and relies on user for updating, inserting and generating data. It is designed in MS ACCESS with all the required tables and fields for a user so that it is easier to enter, modify, delete and retrieve data. The database uses different tables which work together to generate monthly account report, weekly order report by restaurant and weekly order report by area.

Risk Assessment in Home Computer Systems:
A project report on various Threats and Vulnerabilities involved and Impact of these threats on home computers. Information security consists of protecting three main areas Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability. The recommended controls for reducing risk involved in home computers.

Engineering Economics:
A project report involving systematic evaluation of the economic merits, proposed solutions to engineering problem. The financial analysis on Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) coal power plant which turns coal into gas was done considering the factors such as initial investment, break even analysis and sensitivity analysis using MS Excel.

Marketing of Technology:
A project report on marketing of a new technology which involves understanding the marketing segmentation, marketing objectives, marketing strategy and marketing mix.

Undergraduate Project: Bangalore, India
Free space optical communication:

  • Worked in a group of four.
  • Laser communications systems are wireless connections through the atmosphere.
  • They have the benefit of eliminating the need for broadcast right and buried cable.
  • The transmitter uses a laser source and the receiver uses a photo-detector.
  • The two computers transmit and receive data through serial ports using RS 232 protocol.
  • Both transmission and reception are controlled by the same software.

Software Engineer Intern Bangalore, India
May 2008

  • Associated as a trainee in software languages such as c and c ++ in Vault consulting union.


Operating Systems: Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista and Linux.
Computer programming languages: C, C ++, Assembly programming for 8085 & 8086 and VHDL.
Software tools: MS office, MS Access.
Languages: English (Fluent), Hindi, Kannada (Native).
Hobby/Interest: Cricket and Football.

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