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Systems Consultant Resume

Tallahassee, FL


MA Economics
MA IBM Certified Training, 1992


Confidential,Tallahassee, FL April 2009 July 2009
Worked as a systems consultant for CSI at the Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation (AWI) modifying the mainframe on-line system.

  • Coded and tested changes to the existing CICS applications required for the enhancements needed to the FLUID system to support extended benefits. Changes involved modifications to existing COBOL II/CICS programs.
  • Performed analysis of how the FLUID system interfaced with the mainframe, specifically researching and identifying the information/data that was returned from the mainframe to the web-based applications. This knowledge was critical to assist the web/server application programmers.
  • Conducted analysis of the Unemployment Compensation On-line Tax subsystem. Additional analysis of various mainframe CICS transactions that were interfaced from the FLUID system (BIVR, BH80, BH84, etc.).
  • Documented the proposed changes to the system.

Confidential, Tallahassee, FL May 2006 Dec 2008
Worked as a systems consultant for CIBER, Inc. at the Florida Department of Education supporting the mainframe batch and on-line systems.

  • Implemented a project that migrated data from a VSAM file to a DB2 table. Modified applications that referenced the migrated data to be able to retrieve the information from the new storage medium.
  • Coded and supported changes to the existing CICS applications. Major changes were made utilizing the passage of data via both, the COMMAREA and containers, instead of screen processing.
  • Designed, coded and supported enhancements to the existing system to support annual interest rate modifications. The project called for a new VSAM file to house interest rate information. All programs were written in COBOL II.
  • Implemented the use of an I/O module to access interest rate information for both batch and on-lines. Included in the implementation was documentation of the uses of the new I/O module (i.e. parameters passed to module as well as information returned from the call).
  • Modified and executed EASYTRIEVE jobs to create reports and to extract data from the primary source files.

Confidential, Boston/Westborough, MA June 2000 July 2005
Worked as a systems analyst for PFPC Global Services responsible for supporting the Tax System.

  • Designed, coded and supported a new tax system. The system was a batch COBOL system. The project required the replacement of an out-dated tax system that existed. All programs were written in COBOL II.
  • Worked on a team that was to consolidate multiple tax systems into a single system. The new tax system stored data in relational databases (both DB2 and a Sybase database, they mirrored each other). Responsible for designing applications that loaded, inserted and updated information on the DB2 tax tables.
  • Acted as the technical lead for a system redesign. Responsible for all technical aspects of the project including: the definition of the file structures; the development of all the COBOL applications, including calling and called programs; establishing the job stream including all JCL and procedures; testing the system; implementation and support of the system.
  • Provided all system and account level analysis necessary for the project.
  • Documented the new tax system in the form of flow charts at both the job and the program level.
  • Modified and executed EASYTRIEVE jobs to create reports and to extract data from the primary source files.

Confidential,Boston, MA May 1999 June 2000
Worked as a systems analyst for John Hancock Financial Services Group providing support to the Quality Assurance team.

  • Executed jobs in the test environment that mimicked production, jobs run included batch cycles and loading databases and files. Designed and coded batch COBOL programs and JCL streams to complete. All programs were written in COBOL II and interfaced with an outside vendor tax calculation package.
  • Redesigned job streams and scripts, implementing structure that is common in traditional information technology shops. Enhancements included creating procedures that utilized symbolic parameters easing support and maintenance efforts.
  • Provided support for all data needs of the Quality Assurance test team, including data identification and copying data from production into the test environment needed to satisfy specified test cases.


HARDWAREIBM Mainframe, IBM PC, Macintosh
TELON/Mainframe, MS Word

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