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Systems Analyst Resume

Santa Clara, CA


  • Over 8 years of strong functional experience in Configuration, Implementation, up gradation, Support and Testing experience in SAP R/3 versions 4.0 to ECC 6.0 Financials (GL, AP, AR, Treasuryand AA), FM, Controlling (CCA, COPA, PCA, COPC and ML) and Integration of FICO with SD, MM, IM, PS and PP.
  • Thorough knowledge on System Development life cycle (SDLC), Industry experience and strong domain knowledge in Finance, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing Industries.
  • Hands on Experience on Logistic Invoice Verification, Budgeting, Workflow of FI-MM, exposure in Business Consolidations (BCS), Validations, Substitutions, currency conversions, Period end closing activities, Reporting, cross-company code transactions, Revenue Recognition, Audit Trails and Project Systems.
  • Hands on Configuration experience in New GL of ECC 6.0.
  • Interacted with Business Users for requirements Gathering and Analysis
  • Working Experience on all the closing cockpits and can understand BW architecture.
  • Working knowledge on LSMW, eCATT tools and ABAP workbenches and can understand ABAP queries.
  • Working Knowledge of Compliance with Section 404 of the 2002 Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX).
  • Experience in Vertex/Sabrix.

Technical Skills

ERP: SAP R/3 FI/CO, 3.0F, 4.6, 4.7, ECC 6.0, BW 3.1
Operating systems: UNIX, Sun Solaris, Window 95/98/XP, Server 2000/2003
RDBMS: Oracle /, MS-SQL Server 2000 / 2005, MS Access 2000.
Tools & Utilities: Developer 2000, ASP, V B Script, MS Project Management
SAP R/3 Tools: SAP-FICO, SAP-SD, SAP-MM, SAP-PP, ABAP/4, Report Painter and Report
Software Languages: SQL, PL/SQL JAVA.


MCA (Master of Computer Applications)


SAP FICO Internal Infosys
Discrete manufacturing Industry Internal Infosys

Professional Experience:

Client: Confidential, Santa Clara, CA Feb’07 to till Date
SAP Business/Systems Analyst
Environment: ECC 6.0

Confidential, is the leading company for Processors and Motherboard’s manufacturing and Chip designing. Intel’s CICS (components of inventory and Costing system) is maintained on homegrown product called ICE (Intel Cost Empire), main scope of the project is converting into SAP system from external source systems.

Roles & Responsibilities:

Revenue Recognition with Contract Accounting

  • Introduced the concept of Contract Accounting for Revenue Recognition.
  • Created New GL account so that the flow designed is from deferred revenue clearing account to deferred revenue and from there to Amortized Revenue.
  • Created Customized Utilities to create Contracts based on the Cumulative billings from the previous days.
  • Worked on BW extraction report for Deferred and Amortized Revenue.
  • Done the COPA Configurations for the new Revenue and cost elements.
  • Created Customized reports by taking all the tables say VBAK, VBRP etc.,
  • Created Economic life utility and Contract start date and end date utilities based ot he Client requirements.
  • Configured Item Category and its settings for periodic and Periodic Billing along with SD team.
  • Customized Revenue Recognition types on Item Category level (OVEP) by specifying Revenue Recognition type as A (Time based RR to carry out recognition over a period of time) and D (Time based and Billed related (length of service after invoice is created) with Accrual period start recognizing revenue.
  • Configured GL accounts for Revenue (P& L account) and Deferred Revenue (B/S item) in Account determination for SD in VKOA.
  • Created GL account for unbilled receivables (if Revenue recognition is done before Invoicing) and configured in OVUR
  • Tested the Business scenario of Revenue Recognition through VF44 in both the cases like before invoicing and after invoicing (to verify whether the GL entries are posting correctly or not)
  • Monitored RR from FI point of view by checking Balances in FS10N and FBL3N
  • Worked along with SD team to Monitor RR in VF45 (delivers transaction view of SD and FI), VF47 (provides more technical view) and VF48 (compared the FI and SD values created by billing process as well as by the revenue recognition run)
  • Created end-user training document on Revenue Recognition and provided end user training.
  • New GL
  • Involved New GL migration cockpit for executing the migration
  • Creates migration plan for each fiscal year variant and execute steps mentioned in the cockpit.
  • Performed scenario validation in unit testing phase and test validation at the end of second integration test cycle.
  • Updated FI documents as part of SAP New GL migration. This rule is applied only when there is no profit center in FI document.
  • Involved in sign off on migration validation at the end of cycle 3 and production cutover and after migration activities.
  • Involved Remote service session to validate the scenario and analyze the system
  • Configured NEW G/L, and Leading and Non-leading ledgers using New G/L.
  • Involved in GL Period-End and Year-End closing. Closing and Opening Posting Periods enter Accruals GR/IR Clearing Accounts, Financial Statement versions, Balances carry forward.
  • Configured Recurring Entry Process for various Accounts like Vendors and G/L accounts.
  • Activated Document Splitting (for determining missing account assignment) and integrated Planning in New GL.
  • Configured FAGL3KEH for deriving profit centers in New GL that replaces 3KEH and 3KEI in classic GL.
  • Worked on System configuration of New GL by activating the new GL, Defining segments and Defining Customer specific fields.
  • Configured Revenue and Deferred Revenue accounts for Revenue Recognition.
  • Configured Tax codes, Tax keys and relevant GL accounts for the purpose of Taxation in FTXP.
  • Maintained accounting for various types of Special G/L accounts for Advance Payment to Vendors and Customers and for Bill of Exchange etc.,
  • Configured necessary GL accounts and settings for Lockbox processing’s.
  • Trained end users for various functions like Posting, Clearing, Payment Program Run, Credit Memo etc.
  • Procure to pay
  • Configured Automated Payment Program, Bank Accounting. Configured house banks, check lots.
  • Configured vendor groups, vendor master records, tolerance limits for over and under payments, payment terms, and payment methods.
  • Configured all the Withholding Tax procedure (for reporting in w/1099 & 1042) and assigned to Vendor Master.
  • Configured Alternative Payee in Vendor Master.
  • Configured payment methods FBZP to run the automatic Payment Run to facilitate the user in using more the one Housing Bank with different amount Limits.
  • Worked on Logistic Invoice Verification (LIV) and Workflows.
  • Configured Split age of Invoices (OBB9) for assigning more than one payment terms.
  • Created functional specifications for a custom report to send the payment advice to the vendor by Email.

Account Receivable:-

  • Hand Experience in Customer groups, customer master data, billing, payment terms and interest calculation, dunning, Correspondence, AR information system, credit management, discounts, payment differences, integration with SD and Inter Company Billing.
  • Lock Box, Formatting of BAI2 format files for the lock box processing, Credit control area, customer credit limits, accounting clerks and mass customer creation by use of LSMW and CATT
  • Create Credit limit for costumers, country/company code specific payment methods, Manual incoming/outgoing payments, Automatic payment programs for outgoing payments, Credit memos, Partial payments, Installment payments, Residual payments, claims and disputed payments.
  • Defined reason codes, configured accounting clerks according to customer regions to make the accounting clerk watch process easy.
  • Created custom Reports on AR by giving functional specifications to the ABAP team for development.
  • Configured for Inter-company setup including the Inter-company billing.
  • FI with SD, MM, PP and PS:
  • Created Material Master Data and Transactional Data Using with Ecatt.
  • Experience Inter Company billing and goods movement.
  • Experience in BOM, REM Backflush.
  • Created New FSV to make WBS as required entry, Defined Account Determination for the Project types, Created Screen Layout rules for Capital investments and Configured Asset class with above settings
  • Assigned the GL accounts and activated the account assignment objects etc.,
  • Configured account assignment category for MM by Valuation Class. Used various processing keys such as GBB and BSX for account determination.
  • Configured Account Assignments for MM (OBYC) and SD (VKOA) for integration purposes.


  • Conducted Training Sessions for end-users and demonstrated the changes between the old Legacy system and the functionalities of SAP. Provided training Material on SAP workflow of GL, AR, AP and PCA to customers.
  • Performed unit testing, process testing (FI-MM and FI-SD), integration testing and created user training manuals for providing end-user training.
  • Worked on Cross Company Code transactions and Audit Trails.
  • Configured Two-Eye principle for Vendor, Customer, Co. Code, Cost element, Cost Center Etc.
  • Uploaded the Details and Open items of Vendors and Customers by using LSMW.
  • Working with Close Activities, Clarified client requirements, business needs and project objectives, via feedback sessions and client meetings, in collaboration with all stakeholders.
  • Prepared and updated Business Process Requirements (BPR) and Software System Requirements (SSR)
  • Performed GAP analysis of business rules, business and system process flows and requirements. Core in all aspects Unit Cost, Reserves, Division Product Margin, Inventory, Property Insurance, PRC Die Package, GTT TRAC & FG Transfer Price , X-Site WIP, OCOS, etc and evaluated benefits of the new system
  • Involved production Interfaces and batches - during the month and close week): identify system process dependencies (interfaces, autosys jobs, SAP processes, etc) that have downstream or upstream dependencies for business processes.
  • Close on dependencies for System_UA testing
  • Worked on Close/Inventory, Close/Division, Close/Consolidations, close/Reserve, Close/ International Tax, and Allocations/Profit center Allocations reports
  • Documented the Cost conversion and Cost mapping requirements from source system Khalix to ICE
  • Documented Business Process requirements for Close and Allocation application using SAP BI/IP Worked extensively on creating Mockups for user screens and SAP BI reports
  • Prepared DLR’s for all the forecasting reports (Cost Calculating reports, Inventory Reports, Reserves Reports, etc)
  • Developed Use Cases with UML for new products functionality
  • Conducted hand off sessions with System Analysts and Developers
  • Validated technical designs created by IT developers against functional specifications.
  • Coordinated work plans between project manager and client using MS Project; helped project manager in maintaining the Gantt
  • Conducted JAD sessions with the team and customers and gathered/maintained required documentation
  • Created and maintained Traceability matrix to align high level requirements with use cases and Test Cases
  • Worked with QA team to design test plan
  • Created, Reviewed and Executed test cases for User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Client: Confidential,Mach 2004 Jan 2007
SAP Business/Systems Analyst
Environment: ECC 5.0

It’s a Global implementation of full life cycle of SAP for the different types of Products they manufacture. My responsibilities involved in configuration of SAP FICO (in the areas of PCA, CCA, PC, PA and FI) and integration of FICO with SD, MM and PS.


  • Effectively, provided 24X7 on-call functional support for financial and controlling applications.
  • Involved in all phases of the Systems Development Life Cycle and worked on sub functions GL, AR, AP, AA, COPC, COPA, CCA, PCA, PS modules.
  • In Profit center accounting (CO-PCA) maintained the basic settings, created master data for profit centers, Profit center groups, dummy profit centers, profit center hierarchy, assessments, distributions etc. Assigned Profit center to the respective cost centers, material master records, sales orders, and fixed assets and so on. Transfer the revenue elements, balance sheet items to Profit center accounting in profit center hierarchy. Created and displayed profit center reports from the management perspective.
  • Created the end user training material and provided the KT on ML.


  • Extensively worked on Product Costing, configured the Standard cost estimates (CK11N) for finished products, Costing run for Materials at Plant level (CK40N) with the price update (CK24) parameters for updating the price in Material Master Records.
  • Configured the Material Master for Procurement, special procurement and production versions etc.,
  • Worked extensively on Product cost Planning and Cost Object Controlling for Manufacturing Process.
  • Configured the Variance Keys, Valuation Variance for WIP and Scrap and Target cost versions for updating the values in Profitability analysis.
  • Configured Costing Variant for controlling parameters and Valuation Variant for defining Parameters for Valuation for Cost estimates using the standard ones.
  • Responsible for configuration of product cost planning and cost object controlling
  • Extensively worked on COPC period ending activities such as WIP calculations, Variance calculations and settlements of process orders etc.,
  • Configured Result Analysis Keys, Lind ID’s, Assignments and Updates for WIP calculations.
  • Trained and assisted users to clean up material master, BOM and routing master data, in order to reduce the number costing run messages and improve the accuracy of product standard costs.
  • Responsible for Product costing application including Production orders for actual cost calculation.
  • Responsible for training material for Product Costing.
  • Worked on BOM explosions and Routings from controlling aspect for calculating Standard Labor cost in Production order from Routing.
  • Design and implementation of comprehensive reporting solution in profit center accounting (EC-PCA) and profitability analysis (CO-PA) in KE30 depending on the client requirements.
  • Defined PA Transfer Structure for Settlement and Assigned PA Transfer Structure to Settlement Profile
  • Involved in CO-PA implementation and creation of reports by using Report Painter.
  • In Profitability Analysis, configured costing based CO-PA, created characteristics and value fields, used various derivation techniques and rules, configured CO-PA planning including planning levels, plan package and planning methods.
  • Activated the flag for Incoming sales order in (KEKF) and Verified whether FI and CO-PA data are in sink or not in (KEAT).
  • Assigned SD conditions to Value fields in (KE4I) and Value fields to Cost elements and to different variance categories in PA transfer structure (KEI1).
  • In Profit center accounting (CO-PCA) maintained the basic settings, created master data for profit centers, Profit center groups, dummy profit centers, profit center hierarchy, assessments, distributions etc. Assigned Profit center to the respective cost centers, material master records, sales orders, and fixed assets and so on. Transfer the revenue elements, balance sheet items to Profit center accounting in profit center hierarchy. Created and displayed profit center reports from the management perspective.
  • Customized cost center and profit center reports for different business units using report painter and ABAP/4.


  • Supported end-users on site after go-live date to assist them with any arising questions, or problems with SAP configuration and/or end-users errors.
  • Configured Planning Profile, Planning layouts, planning versions and are written reports using Report Writer and Report Painter.
  • Worked on Adjustment Entries, Financial Reconciliation and Reconciliation of OIM (Open item Management) both manual and automatic for GL, AR and AP.
  • Worked along with the ABAP team for functional Clarifications.
  • Configuring Posting Period Variant and Opening and closing posting periods (OB52)
  • Configured document types and number ranges in OBA7 for different types Account types and explained to the client about the importance and how to maintain the Posting keys (OB41).
  • Configured various Interest categories for interest calculations on overdrawn balances in Bank account & Vendor Outstanding.
  • Reconfigured the Tax keys, calculation for Tax on Purchase and Sales (FTXP) for modifying the Advance Tax Return report to show tax amount as well as refund amount in the report for taxation purpose.
  • Working Knowledge on all major PS functionality including Projects, Subprojects, WBS Elements, Networks and Network Activities, Budgets and Simulations.
  • Created Validations for validating if any documents are posted against old Tax codes.
  • Worked on Logistic Invoice Verification (LIV) and FI-MM and FI-SD workflows. IO (Internal Orders)
  • Configured order types, defined allocation structure and settlement profile for internal orders.
  • Hands on configuration experience in Internal Orders.

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