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Sr. Hyperion Hfm Consultant/odi Administrator-developer Resume

Burlingotn, VermonT


  • I’m experienced in both Accounting and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) areas. I worked on projects within Forecasting, Analysis, Reconciliation and Reporting, Data Analytics and visualization solutions together with system implementations and building up tools for follow - up and analysis.
  • An accomplished professional with a background as an Oracle Hyperion Consultant with 5 plus years of experience in diverse corporate environments, applying strong business intelligence, technical and communication skills.
  • Hands on exposure to Data Warehouse and OLAP software systems design and implementation. Deep expertise in various Oracle EPMA technologies and areas such as Hyperion Financial Management, Smart View, Excel Add-in, Essbase, Planning, Workspace, Shared Services.
  • IT 6+ years
  • Hyperion Planning 5+ years
  • Hyperion Shared Services 5+ years
  • Hyperion Essbase Administration 5+ years
  • Hyperion Financial Reporting 5+ years
  • Hyperion FDM/HFM 4+ years
  • Hyperion FCM/ARM 3+ years
  • Hyperion SmartView 4+ years
  • Hyperion Report Studio 3+ years
  • Business Rules and Calc Scripts, Hyperion Reports 5 years
  • Linux OS administration and scripting: 5+ years
  • Extensive experience in Oracle database administration


IBM RISC 6000 (R24, 39H, 59H), HP 9000(T520, T500, K420) SPARC2000, 1000E, SUN E6500, E4500, AIX (3.2.5, 4.1.4), HP-UX (9.04, 10.10, 10.20), SOLARIS (2.5, 2.6, 2.7), WINDOWS NT (3.51, 4.0), C, C++, PRO*C, PL/SQL, PeopleCode SQR, Oracle7.x, Oracle8.x, Oracle8i, Oracle 9i, Oracle9iAS, Oracle 10g, Oracle 11i, Developer/2000, Designer/2000 1.3, Oracle Financials (10.7, 11.0.3, 11i) Oracle Tuning Pack, Diagnostic Pack, Oracle Expert, Enterprise Manager, Oracle Forms (3.0, 4.0, 4.5), PL/SQL, PeopleSoft Financials/HRMS, Object-Fax 5.0, Edge 3.7.3, MicroStrategy 7, Informatica 8.6.1, Cognos, PVCS, SunCluster 2.2, HACMP, ErWin 3.5.2, 4.0


Confidential, Burlingotn, Vermont

Sr. Hyperion HFM Consultant/ODI Administrator-Developer


  • HFM implementation work includes installation, configuration, testing, validating and patching the environment according to the design specifications
  • Installed prerequisites for HFM installation: Oracle database client, DCOM configuration, .NET framework and IIS
  • Installed and configured HFM in cluster mode for fail-over capability and load balancing during consolidation
  • Installed dependent components for HFM including Financial Reporting, Essbase, Foundations Services and FDM
  • Performed post configuration tasks including validating the installation and verifying the deployment, performing provisioning of users by creating roles and granting privileges, creating a UDL file
  • Installed and configured HFM Client
  • Created Application profile by defining languages, calendar, frequencies, periods and 10 custom dimensions
  • Upgraded from HFM to
  • Performed HFM migration using both LCM for artifacts only and HFM Migration Utility when HFM data was also required
  • Installed FDMEE on EPM platform
  • Migrated FDM Classic applications to FDMEE
  • Installed and configured FCM on multi-server environment
  • Developed and implemented a fast and accurate Financial Close (FCM) process for stakeholders.
  • Used Hyperion Financial Close Suite to deliver accurate and reliable of financial and non-financial data to all
  • Streamlined core financial planning processes in alignment with best practices, shortened cycle times
  • Used ARM to provide better visibility into the performance of reconciliations and ensuring the integrity of reconciliations
  • Install and configure Financial Data Management (FDM) module.
  • Used Hyperion Smartview for ad-hoc query of Essbase cube and Planning application
  • Used SmartView for executing forms and reports
  • Trained end-users on Smartview functionality
  • Built dashboards providing easy access to the managers and executives to various reports using Hyperion Interactive Reporting Studio
  • Build Financial Budgeting and Forecasting OLAP applications with Essbase.
  • Design and develop Essbase applications with excellent balance of dense and sparse dimensions, develop various OLAP Models & Meta-Outlines across Block Storage (BSO) and Aggregate Storage (ASO).
  • Maintain Essbase, Managing database settings, optimizations, thorough understanding of ASO and BSO cube architecture, attributes, Essbase Cache settings, optimizing calculations and reports.
  • Work through all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SLDC) including the design, development, implementation, and maintenance of financial applications.
  • Perform administrative tasks of Essbase: Managing applications and databases, Essbase architecture, data and dimension loading, Calc Scripts, Business Rules, MaxL, Report Scripting, User security and Performance tuning.
  • Migrate Essbase cubes from BSO to ASO and from development to production.
  • Assist end-users with developing complex reports using Essbase to meet analytical requirements and effective forecasting.
  • Apply Oracle patches
  • Upgrade Hyperion EPM to release
  • Install and configure Financial Management (HFM) in Windows 2008 VM in clustered mode.

FDM Admin/Developer



  • Metadata design, build from existing Enterprise hierarchy for Historical data, integrate SAP entity and account and full custom dimension build including smart dimensions.
  • Design rules for Rollforward differences, Variance accounts, Cash flow reporting, Statistical calculations, various data copy rules.
  • Created FDM applications
  • FDM design, test, migration, import formats, location setup, security, custom scripting
  • Complete setup of all Webforms and system reports (Rollforward, IC Matching, Journals)
  • Manage client reconciliation of all Historical and Actual data using Smartview excel sheets, and ad-hoc analysis.
  • Create all Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Financial Reporting Package templates and reports

ODI Administrator/Developer



  • Installation and configuration of Oracle Data Integrator 11g and 12c
  • Configured ODI modules and ELT tools and supported accessible applications.
  • Documented and maintained ELT specifications and processes.
  • Provided assistance in creating data management standards and procedures.
  • Upgraded from ODI 11.1.3 to release 12.1.3(12c)
  • Created the interfaces needed to extract the Accounts and BOC members from the existing application and map them to the new value in the new application.
  • Extracting metadata with outline extractor
  • Performing ODI transformation, mapping, and integration for Planning App
  • Utilized FDM to map, load, and validation data sources into Planning application

Environment: Oracle 11gR2, OBIEE 11.5.10/12.2 , Hyperion EPM , ODI 11.1.6/12.1.3 , Linux 5.6, Windows 2008 R2

Functional Consultant

Confidential, Charlotte, NC


  • Installed and configured Hyperion EPM components including Foundation Services, Shared Services, Essbase, Planning, WebLogic and SmartView
  • Installed, configured FDM application
  • Created Planning application including dimensions, web forms, calculation scripts, load rules files and Financial Reports
  • Designed and supported the complete architecture, installation and configuration of the entire Hyperion system
  • Responsible for system maintenance, supporting and monitoring, capacity planning, resource management, evaluating and implementing patches, performance tuning as well as security maintenance.
  • Worked closely with business stakeholders to correctly identify their requirements and ensured the design satisfies the requirements.
  • Provided technical architecture recommendation including servers configuration
  • Installed Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)
  • Configured ODI to pull data from PeopleSoft Commitment Control ledgers
  • Performed data loads
  • Created projects and interfaces to load metadata and data into the Hyperion Planning applications using both Planning and Essbase Knowledge Modules (KMs) in Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)
  • Created Financial Reports using Financial Reporting Studio and SmartView
  • Wrote technical and functional l implementation documents
  • Created calculation scripts for data aggregation
  • Wrote Hyperion backup scripts
  • Built complex Business Rules, fine tuned them and attached to web forms
  • Tuned and optimized Essbase outlines and cubes by setting the correct order of dimensions, dense sparse settings and compression method
  • Prepared training material and well-designed documents covering both the functional and technical aspects of the Proof of Concept
  • Installed and configured specialized components such as Financial Close Management, Data Relationship Management and Financial Data Management
  • Created and maintained FDM applications
  • Designed FDM data loading process, including: Import, Export, Validate and Check.
  • Created Repositories, Agent, Contexts, Data Server, and both of Physical & Logical Schema in Topology Manager;
  • Created both of source (PeopleSoft Commitment Control) and target (Hyperion BSO Cube)models folders, models and datastores;
  • Created Project, Project Folder, and Packages;
  • Imported required Knowledge Modules;
  • Created Interfaces, defined optimization context and staging area;
  • Performed source and target datastore mapping and defined property;
  • Defined the Flow’s LKM & IKM option and value;
  • Defined filter and constraints as require;
  • Run execution and working with Operator if there is error occurred.

Environment: Oracle 11gR2, PeopleSoft 8.6/9.10, SunSolaris9/10, Hyperion EPM, Windows 2008, ODI 11.1.6

HFM Functional Analyst

Confidential, Raleigh, NC


  • Planned the architecture for Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management components including Foundation (Shared Services, Workspace, Web logic, Planning, Essbase), Financial Management (HFM), Financial Data Management (FDM) and Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)
  • Installed an entire Hyperion system in a cluster environment.
  • Configured the cluster for Planning, HFM , Financial reports, FDM Financial Data Management , Essbase, Oracle RDBMS and Foundation.
  • Installed and configured Oracle Http Server in a cluster environment to serve as a point of entry to Hyperion EPM
  • Configured SSL on all levels of the Hyperion EPM systems (web server, Foundation, RDBMS, HFM, FR, Essbase and LDAP)
  • Configured Hyperion Shared Services with Corporate LDAP directory in SSL mode.
  • Migrated the entire EPM suite 11.1.2 to including DRM, FDM and clients.
  • Configured SmartView to refresh Planning and HFM data and troubleshoot issues with SMartView drill-through to FDM
  • Optimized Hyperion tuning settings, including IIS, weblogic and JVM settings.
  • Designed the security for Hyperion users and groups.
  • Used LCM Lifecycle Management to migrate Hyperion applications from Test to Production.
  • Created FDM, HFM and Planning applications, registered them in Shared Services and set up provisioning for users to define access rights to those EPM applications.
  • Used EPMA Enterprise Management Architect to create and manage applications.
  • Supported Hyperion Planning, HFM, Essbase, FDM, DRM developers and users with all kind of issues ranging from uneven load-balancing, SmartView timeouts, FR studio connectivity to service restarts.
  • Integrated Hyperion Planning, HFM with Informatica
  • Moved Hyperion classic applications to EPMA and resolved issues involved with the migration.
  • Wrote best practice documents on how to design and install Hyperion in a distributed and cluster environment. Wrote documents about backup processes and startup sequence.
  • Assisted client in upgrading HFM/FDM from 9.2 to
  • Migrated security, metadata, data grids/forms, Smart View connections as well as data and reports. updating FDM mappings, scripts, adding accounts, new users, updating rules, deploying application after metadata changes
  • Advised client on how to improve closing process and maintain development and production environments and backup of application.
  • Used LCM to migrate metadata from production to development environment to ensure they remained in synch.

Environment: Hyperion EPM, OBIEE, Oracle version 9i/11gR1, Informatica 8.6.1/9.1.0 , MicroStrategy 8, SunSolaris 10, Windows 2008

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