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Telecommunications Consultant Resume

Jersey City, NJ


Senior z/OS, OS/390, VTAM/NCP, and TCP/IP systems programmer with twenty two years of experience in installing and customizing operating systems, network systems, and program products. Performs systems and network analysis and tuning. Experienced in troubleshooting and network designing. Proficient in REXX, CLIST, JCL, and S/390 Assembly Language. Worked on configuring Cisco routers and switches, FWSM, and CISCO ASA devices. Provides IP address management.


Hardware: Confidential 2084 - 303 and 2084-304 Parallel Sysplex, Confidential 9672 Sysplex, ES/9000, 3090, 3745, 3746-900, 3720, 3725, 3174, 3274, 3880, 3990, 3480, 4480, 3270, 4224, and 3278. CISCO routers and switches, PC, OSA-2, OSA-Express, OSA-GbE, CIP card, Cisco 6905 multilayer switches, Cisco ASA, VPN 3060, FWSM

Operating Systems: z/OS 1.4, 1.6,1.8,1.10 OS/390 2.10 and 2.8, MVS/ESA, MVS/XA, OS/2, Internetwork Operating System (IOS), Windows XP/2000/NT/98/95, z/VM Linux, Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

Software: Communications Server for OS/390 (VTAM and TCP/IP) 2.10 and for Z/OS v1.4 and 1.6, 1.8, and 1.10. NCP 7.8, Tivoli NetView 1.4, NetView Access, NPM 2.6, Netspy, Supersession, Confidential Session Manager, Confidential, TSO, JES2, ISPF/PDF, SDSF, JES-MASTER, RACF, HCD, ACF2, GTF, ACFTAP, Connect:Direct, Connect:Mailbox, Telnet, FTP, CA-Top Secret, CA-TPX, CA-INTERTEST, CA-7, CA-DISPATCH, FILEAID, FDR, VPS, JES/328X, OSA/SF, VIPA, DVIPA, FOCUS, PANVALET, EXPEDITER, FILEAGE, DATE SIMULATOR, VISION REPORT, PME, SAR, Confidential Utilities, DFSMSdss, DFSMSdfs, DFSMShsm, and VSAM, Confidential Network Traffic Analyzer, Vision IP Monitor, and AES Clever TCP/IP; Hipersockets, Sysplex Distributor, NJE/IP, Avaya Site Administration, Call Management System, Modular Messaging System, NICE Logger, Voice Print International Recording System, Checkpoint Smart Tracker, Checkpoint Smart Defense, CISCO ASDM.

Languages: CLIST, REXX, C, C++, S/370 and S/390 Assembly Language, COBOL, Pascal, IOS and CatOS Command Line Interface (CLI) and JCL.


Telecommunications Consultant

Confidential, Jersey City, NJ


  • Designs and implements enterprise networking to connect Confidential mainframe, distributed servers and remote users.
  • Supported z/VM Linux project by configuring hipersockets, and configuring z/VM VSWITCHes to connect to OSA.
  • Checkpoint administration using Smart Dashboard.
  • PIX, FWSM and ASA firewall administration using ASDM.
  • Configures OSPF, EIGRP, and static routes in the enterprise network.
  • Manages Communications Server for z/OS (VTAM and TCP/IP networking).
  • Troubleshoots mainframe network problems using GTF and ACFTAP utility. Provides TCP/IP support which included FTP, Telnet, MQSeries, and HOD.
  • Configures OSA devices for Confidential mainframe.
  • Configures NJE links for customers.
  • Designs enterprise IP addressing scheme.
  • Configures HMC connectivity to Confidential tech support sites and remote access for systems programmers and operators.
  • Troubleshoots LAN problems using Sniffer and Cascade MAZU products.
  • Documents network configuration using Microsoft VISIO, Word, and Excel.
  • Upgraded NCP to V7.8.
  • Upgraded Tivoli NetView for OS/390 to V1.4.
  • Upgraded NPM to V2.6.
  • Implemented multiple-home IP stack environment in the mainframe.
  • Converted subarea networking to APPN/HPR networking.
  • Migrated SNI customers to Enterprise Extender communications (VPN over Internet).
  • Implemented Sysplex Distributor and DVIPA. Implemented Hipersocket networking.
  • Implemented VTP domain in backup LAN. VPN 3060 administration.
  • Installed and configured FWSM as a security device for backup LAN network
  • Migrated Supersession to Confidential Session Manager.
  • Consolidated and streamlined Supersession systems.
  • Implemented TN3270 server in the mainframe for SNA application access through desktop PCs.
  • Evaluated and implemented VPS for host printing and Confidential /ROPES printing.
  • Evaluated Vision IP and AES Clever TCP/IP for monitoring mainframe TCP/IP network.

Systems Programmer/Consultant

Confidential, Cincinnati, OH


  • Installed VTAM, NCP, NetView, TCP/IP, Connect:Mailbox, and TPX for OS/390 V2.8.
  • Configured VTAM and implemented SNI connectivity.
  • Managed SNA connectivity by modifying logmode, COS, and USS tables.
  • Performed analysis, tuning, and support for SNA and IP networks.
  • Configured OSA and CIP card devices.
  • Provided technical support to remote users connected to VANs through Connect:Mailbox.
  • Coordinated meetings between vendors and remote users.
  • Performed DASD management for volumes assigned to network group.
  • Coded and implemented network automation procedures in NetView using REXX and CLIST for Connect:Direct, Connect:Mailbox, and other network operations processes.
  • Performed troubleshooting of network using NPDA, NLDM, ACFTAP, GTF, and NetSpy.

Sr. Systems Programmer/Consultant

Confidential, Wilmington, MA


  • Migrated MVS/XA to OS/390 2.6 for Confidential compatibility.
  • Configured VTAM using CDRM, CDRSCS, APPL, and LOCAL major nodes.
  • Configured SNA connectivity using logmode, COS, and USS tables.
  • Defined TN3270 LUs for TCP/IP network systems.
  • Managed DASD using FileAid, FDR, DFDSS, DFP, and Confidential Utilities.
  • Coded and implemented production batch JCLs. Performed security administration.
  • Migrated the master catalog system using IDCAMS.
  • Supported remote printing, and session management.

Sr. Systems Programmer



  • Migrated MVS/XA to OS/390 2.6, due to Confidential requirements.
  • Customized ISPF/PDF and TSO logon procedures.
  • Customized TSO TRANSMIT and RECEIVE functions
  • Migrated master catalog system.
  • Managed DASD storage using Confidential Utilities, DFDSS, and DFDFP.
  • Installed and migrated CA-TPX, and CA-Intertest.
  • Configured VTAM. Installed new NCP.
  • Generated and loaded NCP to 3745.
  • Installed and customized NetView NPDA, NLDM, STATMON, and NCCF.
  • Configured 3174s and 3745s.
  • Performed IOGEN using HCD to define channel-attached devices.
  • Installed and migrated to new version of Confidential .

Sr. Systems Programmer



  • Configured VTAM for SNA applications, and provided SNI connectivity to other SNA networks.
  • Installed several NCP versions.
  • Generated and loaded NCPs to 3745.
  • Customized NetView and NPM.
  • Performed analysis and tuning using NetView, NPM, and SLR.
  • Performed troubleshooting using NPDA, NLDM, STATMON, NCCF, GTF, and ACFTAP.
  • Customized NJE and RJE communications in JES2.
  • Performed IOGEN using HCD. Supported remote printing using JES/328X.
  • Performed technical evaluations of remote printers and third-party cluster controllers.
  • Configured 3x74 cluster controllers.
  • Configured 3745 communications controllers using CDF.
  • Implemented a network disaster recovery system.

Sr. Network Systems Programmer

Confidential, Philippines


  • Migrated MVS/XA to MVS/ESA system.
  • Customized job initiators, printer definitions, NJE and RJE communications in JES2.
  • Customized TSO logon procedures.
  • Coded and implemented production batch JCLs.
  • Installed and configured VTAM and NCP. Performed analysis and tuning of network using RMF, SLR, and VTAM commands.
  • Performed trouble shooting using ACFTAP and GTF.
  • Performed Confidential administration.
  • Supported remote printing using JES/328X.
  • Supported file transfers using $INDFILE and 3270 emulation.
  • Coordinated in setting up a disaster recovery system.

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