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Sr. Storage Consultant Resume

Colorado Springs, CO


  • Technical specialist with 8 years of experience in configuration, administration, troubleshooting, monitoring, reporting and supporting the SAN infrastructure using SAN Management solutions.
  • Have strong knowledge on NetApp Cluster mode architecture and understanding on kernel and user space processes with physical and virtual networking concepts at cluster level in identification on port roles and interface groups.
  • Implemented and designed NetApp Cmod using FAS3250, FAS6250, FAS6080and FAS6280with windows and UNIX environments.
  • Expertise with NetApp Filers FAS2040, FAS2240, FAS3140, FAS3020, FAS3040, FAS3210, FAS3240, FAS3270, FAS6080, FAS6210, FAS6280 and V - Series Filer's with ONTAP Versions 7.0, 8.0, 8.1 and 8.2 on NetApp cluster mode .
  • Implemented FAS8000 series CMOD demo systems in the environment to understand the performance, stability and efficiency.
  • Experience in looping and stacking of Shelves on NetApp Filer's .
  • Hands on with high end EMC storage arrays like EMC Symmetric V-MAX 10K, 20K 40K, DMX-2/3/4, midrange storage arrays like VNX 5500/5700, CX4, CX3, CX series, VPLEX.
  • Hands on experience with IBM SVC, IBM 820/830 flash arrays.
  • Experience in creatingVservers which supports protocols such as CIFS/NFS/iSCSI/FC. Also assigned LIF configuration with network details in NetApp cluster mode.
  • Documented NetApp cluster mode CIFS/SMB server configuration work flow and also export policies for the volumes which determines the access to the nfs shares.
  • Hands on experience in performing transition from 7 mode volumes to clustered data ONTAP volumes by using cluster data ONTAP snapmirror commands. Set up protocols, services and configurations on the cluster after transition is complete.
  • Experience in Aggregate, Volume, Qtree and LUN management, with strong RAID group concepts and experience in Troubleshooting Storage and Server Related Issues .
  • Experienced in configuring FASTpolicies in V-MAX with Enginuity 5874 and FAST VP in V-MAX with Enginuity 5875.
  • Worked as netbackup administrator handling VeritasNetbackup 7.01 Administration both on UNIX and Windows servers.
  • Hands on experience NetBackupin installing and configuring the Master server, media server and client also implemented NetBackup policies, STU administration and configuration.
  • Managed master server and media servers which take backups of more than 1000 clients which includes file system data base, filer and exchange backups and also provided L2 support on Netbackup issues.
  • Experience with different data management and monitoring tools such as Operations manager, provisioning manager, protection manager and Oncommand Core/Host, Solution Enabler SYMCLI, NAVICLI, Unisphere for VMAX, Unisphere for VPLEX, Celera Manager, Navisphere Manager, ECC,SMC, NetApp CLI, Ontap Manager, OnCommand system manager, Cisco CLI, Device Manager, Fabric Manager, Brocade CLI and webTools
  • Experience in NetApp Snap Drive, Snap Manager for SQL, Snap Manager for Oracle, Snap manager for Exchange, Snap Manager for Virtual Infrastructure and also with SAN application solutions including TimeFinderClones/Snap/BCV, SRDF A/S, Open Replicator, Open Migrator, Replication Manager, SAN Copy, SnapView (Snapshots/Clones), MirrorView, RecoverPoint and veritasNetbackup.
  • Experience in working on VMware Software Suite and ESX Server's
  • Experience with SAN Connectivity of Cisco MDS 9513/09/06, 9216,McDATA ED140M, ED64M, ED 32M and Brocade 5300, 48000/3200
  • Excellent Communication, inter-personal and leadership qualities with proven ability to work effectively in a team environment and adapt to a new environment quickly.
  • 24x7 on Call Support for Troubleshooting.


Hardware: Symmetrix VMAX-20k,40k, DMX-3/4, DMX 2000, Clariion CX4-960/480, CX3-80/40, CX 700/500, Celerra NS480/960, VNX5100/5300, VNX 5500, 7500, VPLEX.NetAppFAS 6080/6040, FAS 3270/3170/3070, FAS 3240/3140, FAS 2040/2020, FAS 270

Management Software: EMC Connectrix Manager, DCFM,SymCLI, DATA, Unisphere, EMC Control Center, Navisphere Manager, Navicli, Storage, On command system manager, flierview, cisco device manager, Brocade web tools.


Confidential, Colorado Springs, CO

Sr. Storage Consultant


  • Supported Agilent storage of over 10 PB of data.
  • Daily base monitoring and administration on multiple storage products including NetApp 7 mode, NetApp CMod, IBM 820/830 flash arrays, EMC VMAX 10k, DMX2/3/4, VNX file and block storage system.
  • Involved in data migration from FAS3070 to FAS 3170 cluster mode using WAN accelerators like Sliver peak to transfer the data to different sites.
  • Planned and implemented tech refresh activity to perform head swap and shelf migration which includes FAS 6070, FAS 6080, FAS 3170, FAS 3050.
  • Followed best practices such as using RAID-DP on all aggregates and RAID 4 on root volume aggregates, re boot all the nodes when upgrading the software, used rolling upgrades when updating the cluster Data ONTAP software.
  • Played active role in configuring and installing NetApp filers/clusters. Installed 2 node and 4 node clusters using cluster setup.
  • Created NAS data LIF,migrated, Re-home and failover a data LIF through command line interface.
  • Using System Manager created Vserver for iSCSI, enabled aggregate as resource for Vserver, configured multipath and installed windows hosts utilities. Created iSCSI-attached LUNs using System Manager.
  • Created physical data storage using command line and assigned to individual nodes.
  • Created cluster virtual server (Vserver), created flexible volumes, and mounted volumes in Vserver’s name space.
  • Took leading role in managing storage efficiency by resizing the near store volumes, setting up qtrees and user quotas, working with flex clone volumes and enable options like de-duplication and compression.
  • Initialized load sharing (LS) and data protection (DP) snapmirror replications, compared DP mirror replications, add volumes and files to replicated name space, schedule periodic replication using System manager.
  • Worked on multiple EMC products, created thin provisioned tdevs from thin pools and added to storage group and associated FAST polices on storage groups. Created portgroup by adding ports following rule on 17 and also created initiator group and added host wwns.
  • Provisioned storage on VMAX by creating Masking view and added initiator groups, ports group and storage groups
  • Created SRDF sessions to replicate data from production site to DR site with minimum RPO by creating dynamic RDF devices, consistency group and finally doing full establish on R1 and R2 devices.
  • Provisioned storage from VNX by creating storage group and adding registered initiator and LUNs created on storage pools
  • Created SAN copy cold sessions to migrate data from Clariion to VNX using SAN copy wizard on unisphere for VNX . Performed SAN allocations on IBM flash array s using command line and GUI.
  • Analyzed characteristics and storage performances at block and file level using data fabric manager. Performed capacity planning at volume level, aggregate level on production storage by performing the volume migration using snap mirror technology and also by maintaining backup policy with retention of 30 days for snap mirror backups and 45 days for snap vault backups.
  • As part of Sapphire split activity, performed file share migration on more than 70 filers. And upgraded data ONTAP from 7.3 to 8.1.4p1 on all engineering and enterprise filers.
  • Configured Zoning on cisco 9000 series switches, by creating alias, creating zones, adding zones to active zoneset and finally activating the active zoneset using Cisco CLI and Fabric manager. Troubleshooted switches for faulty gbics on Cisco device manager and replaced faulty gbics.
  • Worked on day to day storage operations involving various hardware, software issues on both single node and cluster node filers. Troubleshoot various issues on snapvault/snapmanager backups and assist user in resolving cifs/nfs issues.
  • Automated and simplify the backup, recovery, and database cloning with NetApp SnapManager for Microsoft SQL server. Also, managed the database backups using NetApp snap manager for Microsoft Exchange.
  • Worked on sm9 service request tools to manage and handle tickets opened by users and also part of on call rotation policy handling p0 and p1 cases.
Confidential, Foster City, CA

NetApp Storage Administrator


  • Maintenance and support for NetApp filers including FAS2040, FAS3120, FAS3140, and FAS3170, FAS 6070, 6280.
  • Maintenance and Troubleshooting of FILERS (NAS) hardware level and administration level problems
  • Created Aggregates, Volumes, Luns and Qtrees, Quotas, Snap Vault and snapshots and Snap Mirroring and restored files from Snapshots.
  • Configured NFS / CIFS on NetApp NAS Filer servers.
  • Involved in Migration of NFS and CIFS data from Celerra to NetApp filers.
  • Created aggregates, volumes, qtrees and shared nfs and cifs shares from NetApp filers.
  • Involved in installation of Netappfiler in the environment.
  • Coordinated with the system administrators and network administrators to troubleshoot NAS related issues
  • Active role in migration of the NAS file systems from standalone NAS server to NetApp arrays.
  • Has performed upgrades on data ONTAP from 7.0 to 8.1 on FAS2040.
  • Monitored alerts on aggregates, volumes,flexvols, flexclones, creating snapshots, deleting old snapshots.
  • Involved in configuring snapshots schedules on the NetApp volumes in the environment.
  • Created hourly, nightly, weekly and monthly snapshots to maintain online backup to recover from accidental deletions, corruptions or modifications of the data.
  • Implemented RAID-DP protection to prevent data loss in the event of second drive failure without excessive redundancy costs.
  • Gathered information using performance advisor from VMware storage systems.
Confidential, VA



  • Configured and managed EMC VNX, VMAX and VPLEX
  • Implemented Unified storage with VNX created Homogeneous/Heterogeneous Pools, Created RAID protection, assigned Thin LUNs and Traditional LUNs to Pools
  • Configured FAST Cache and FAST VP in VNX Environment.Configured Snap view Snapshots, Snap view Clones and MirrorView S/A in VNX Series.
  • Configured Initiator groups, Port groups, Storage groups and Masking views to allocate storage in a VMAX environment.
  • Created Open Replicator Sessions using SMC to perform migration from Clariion CX 3-80 to VMAX.
  • Involved in configuring various VNX business continuity solutions.
  • Performed configuration changes with ECC / SYMCLI.
  • Implemented FAST VP by creating Storage Groups and FAST VP policies.
  • Involved in performing the tasks like increasing the size of aggregates, volumes, LUN resize and increasing the quota limits.
  • Configured local snapshots using SnapVault and SnapManager and geographic replication using SnapMirror.
  • Designed Run book for the migration and SRDF from DMX 3 / Symmetrix 1000/3000 to DMX 4 /VMAX.
  • Configured quotas and quota limit as requested by the user.
  • Add disk as needed to existing storage systems and configuring to filers.
  • Exposure on configuring iSCSI LUNS, assigning to Solaris/Linux hosts and administration.
  • Maintained reports on disk utilization, availability and growth patterns.
  • Designed Run books for Storage allocation and administrations of EMC and NetApp arrays.
  • Involved in Host remediation team to run grab utility and generated heat reports to remediate server issues which involves upgrading PowerPath, HBA drivers and firmware.
  • Gathering the information on Old DMX 3 which is going to be migrated to DMX4
  • Created new devices on DMX 4 and allocated to corresponding hosts for migration.
  • Presented and expanded storage on heterogeneous hosts
  • Involved in choosing best practices for storage systems like implementing data protection type of logical volumes.
  • Performed configuration on VPLEXusing VPLEXManagement console.
  • Configured segments and virtual volumes in the VPLEX environment for replication purposes
  • Assisted EMC in installation of 2 engine VPLEX in the datacenter
  • Configure and manage Cisco 9500 series switches and created zones and Zone sets, VSAN by using Fabric Manager and troubleshooting.
  • Installed PowerPath software, configured and administrated on UNIX & Windows Servers.
  • Configuration of Host Based connectivity (Fabric and Direct Attach) for Windows and UNIX Hosts.
  • Configuring ISL's between Fiber Switches and adding these switches to relevant fabrics
  • Perform backup/Recovery and review them to ensure that is successfully stored.
  • HBA drivers and firmware installation and upgrade on UNIX & Windows Servers.
  • Successfully installed and maintained VMware ESXi server and created VIRTUAL MACHINES
  • Monitor report and present key infrastructure performance metrics for technologies in scope to IT leadership.
  • Followed the change management in the environment to perform any changes and document the environment.
  • Implementation, administration and maintenance of high end storage arrays like NetApp FAS6280/6240,FAS 3270/3170/3070, FAS3240/3140,FAS2040/2020,FAS270,EMCCelerra NS120/480/960 and Clariion CX 120/480 and 960.,
  • Created and Configured RAID Groups, Storage Groups, Binding Luns, Naming, Resizing.
  • Provisioned and Decommissioned storage from NetApp FAS and EMC Celerra..
  • Installed new NetApp and EMC and implemented best practices.
  • Perform various methods of data migration from NetApp to EMC and EMC to NetApp and providing the customer with practical methods in transferring large amounts of data to remote locations.
  • Upgraded ONTAP from 7.3 to 8.0 on 200 NetApp systems during various weekeend GZ.
  • Supported Qtrees, creation and exports through NFS
  • Creating and administering aggregates, volumes, qtrees, FlexVols, FlexClones, Snapshots, Space Guarantee etc
  • Create, configure, and manage CIFS & NFS shares, quotas, groups, and permissions.
  • Configuring SnapMirror, SnapReserve, allocating &deallocating shares to UNIX and Windows Clients from NetApp storage systems.
  • Configured and Administered Open System SnapVault and SnapRestore for backup and restore operation in Netapp NAS Environment.
  • Administer NAS Environment using DataFabric Operations Manager.
  • Configured the replications using snapmirror on NetApp and Celerra on EMC Celerra and VNX.
  • Collected and analyzed performance data using perf advisor from VMWare supported storage systems.

Environment: EMC Control Center, SYMCLI, Symmetric Management Console, TimeFinder, SRDF, Unisphere manager, Isilon, PPME, PowerPath v5.1, BCV, MirrorView, SnapView, SAN Copy, Zoning, Replication Manager, Cisco and brocade fabric switches, Microsoft Windows, Solaris v8, 9, 10, AIX v4.3, 5.3 servers.,CLARiiON (CX3-40, CX 700, CX-600), Symmetrix (DMX-3000, DMX-2000 Symmetrix 8830, 8730), NaviCLI, Navisphere Manager, SymCLI, and ECC, AIX, Solaris, Windows, Hitachi USP & USPV, TimeFinder, SRDF, Power Path, Navisphere 6X, snap view, mirror view.

Confidential, Dallas, TX

Storage Engineer


  • Involved in Installation and Configuration of NAS device EMC Celerra NS501G, NS700.
  • Configured Celerra Replicator on Celerra Systems for Local and Remote replication.
  • Created Aggregates, Volumes (Traditional, FlexVol and FlexClone), Qtrees and Quotas in NetApp FAS 3040 and FAS 3020 using Filerview.
  • Troubleshoot NFS, SAN and CIFS issues on NetApp filers and fine tune the filers for optimal performance.
  • Monitor, replace, and reconfigure disk drives, FC HBAs (Host Bus Adapters), Compact Flash Card, tape drive/libraries.
  • Experience in implementing Netapp NAS technology, including configuring shares, CIFS and NFS Administration.
  • Configuring the RLM and e0M ports for remote administration.
  • Configuring, Administering Snapshots copies and restoring lost files.
  • Configuring the Volumes as IBM and NetApp recommended for Clear Case environment and fixing the performance issues.
  • Enabling, Configuring, the Quotas and Modifying quota limit as requested by the user.
  • Manage and resolve problems identified by OS Admins or monitoring software
  • Increasing the Volume storage space as per the requirement.
  • Add disk as needed to existing storage systems and configuring.
  • Allocate shares/storage to new servers as needed.
  • Exposure on configuring iSCSI LUNS, assigning to Solaris/Linux hosts and administration.
  • Exposure on Snapmirror and SnapVault usage for Data Protection.
  • Implemented VPLEX for storage migration from the CLARiiONand DMX to VNX and VMAX along with the zoning on Cisco Switch.
  • Day-to-day provisioning of the storage from the VNX and VMAX to the VPLEX for the migrations and as well from CX-700 and DMX-3/4 depending on the migrations.
  • Extensively used Open Replicator to migrate storage from CLARiiON and DMX to VNX/VMAX and completely decommissioned the source storage arrays. For Open replicator, created cold pull sessions to migrate devices by scripting the whole process for efficiency.
  • Worked with setting up the connectivity between the source and target frames for the Open Replicator connectivity and tested various hot/cold pull sessions.
  • Provisioned storage space from VMAX using Virtual/Auto provisioning to multi host environments using SymCLI/SMC.
  • Configured Zonesets on Cisco switches .Trouble shooted various problems encountered in the migration with PowerPath, HBA drivers on multiple OS flavors.
  • Collected grabs and worked with E-Lab to generate remediation reports for the servers for the migration.
  • Also used PPME for host based migrations.
  • Implemented, administered and managed the SAN Environment consisting of VMAX, VNX 5700, CLARiiON CX 4-80, FAS 3000/6000, Cisco MDS 9509/9216 directors using SMC, SYMCLI, Unisphere, OnCommand System Manager, Fabric/Device Manager and EMC PowerPath
  • Successfully upgraded EMC ECC 5.2 to ECC 6.1 and documented the procedure for client.
  • Successfully configured and documented the EMC Replication Manger with EMC RecoverPointto create application consistent bookmarks. Also used replication manager for local clones and BCV backups.
  • Configured RecoverPoint for data protection and disaster recovery with mutiple recovery points to restore applications instantly to specific point in time.
  • Administration of NetApp filers which includes creating quotas and sharing them to CIFS and NFS clients.

Environment: NAS EMC Celerra NS510G/NS700, NetApp, Device management such as fiber channel, disk drives, CLARiiON, DMX 4/3, VMAX, Cisco switches, VMAX, VNX 5700, CLARiiON CX 4-80, FAS 3000/6000, Cisco MDS 9509/9216 directors using SMC, SYMCLI, Unisphere, OnCommand System Manager, Fabric/Device Manager and EMC PowerPath, Recovery point, NetApp filters, EMC documentation.

Confidential, San Diego,CA

Sr. Storage Ops Specialist


  • Managed the SAN Environment consisting of VMAX, CLARiiON CX 4-80, 3-80, Brocade 5300 directors using SYMCLI, SMC and Unisphere.
  • Designing an additional space and carving up the space on the array.
  • Expanded LUNs and allocated Storage to Windows and VMware ESX.
  • Created Datastores from vSphere
  • Administered and managed the SAN Environment consisting of VMAX, DMX 4, 3, 3000/1000, CLARiiON CX 4-80, 3-80, Cisco MDS 9513/9509 directors using SYMCLI, Navisphere Manager, Fabric/Device Manager and EMC Control Center.
  • Responsible for storage Migrations from DMX 3 and Symmetrix 1000/3000 to DMX 4 and VMAX using Open Replicator (Cold Pull) and SRDF and successfully migrated the data and decommissioned the old arrays. Also used Open Migrator (Host based replication software) to migrate the data online for some of the critical servers which require less downtime.
  • Responsibilities included weekly storage capacity reporting, regular meeting with the system administrators and DBA's in scheduling the down time for migration and also monitored the performance of the storage ports on the Remote side during migration process.
  • Implemented DR solutions after the migration using SRDF and successful tested them for business divisions.
  • Worked with remediation of the servers which migrated from old arrays to the new arrays.
  • Responsible for storage allocation using ECC, SymCLI, Navisphere, Unisphere and SMC for the storage environment.
  • Configured and Maintained the San environment using Brocade switch and created zones and added to zone sets.
  • Successfully installed Symmetrix Management Console (SMC), Symmetrix Performance Analyzer (SPA) and configured VMAX for the thin provisioning.
  • Also implemented FAST V2 by creating Storage Groups and FAST V2 policies for different Storagetypes.
  • Tested this in the lab environment which at later stage rolled into production.
  • Worked with VNX in the lab.

Environment: SAN environment VMAX, DMX ¾, CLARiiON CX 4-80/3-80, Brocade switches, Cisco switches MDS 9513/9509, fabric and device manager, VMware ESX, EMC control center, ECC, SRDF, Symmetrix management console (SMC), Symmetrix Performance analyzer (SPA), FAST V2.


SAN administrator


  • Administration of storage environment consisting of VMAX, DMX/Symmetrix, CLARiiON, Hitachi USPV, Cisco and McDATA Enterprise directors.
  • Planned and Participated in a SAN migration from McDATA fabric with ED64M2 to Cisco fabric with MDS 9513 which connected Solaris/windows and VMware hosts, DMX 3,4 and CX 3-80,3-20, CX700.
  • Planned, Tested and implemented RecoverPoint for selected high performance Tier 1 applications. Involved in the pilot testing of RecoverPoint and certifying it for production use.
  • Upgraded Firmware on CISCO MDS 9513 to the latest version, installed SSM modules and updated them with SANTAP software to support RecoverPoint replication for DR.
  • Utilized TimeFinderBCV/Clone/EMC Snap, CLARiiONSnapView snapshot/Clone/Mirror view for multiple point-in-time copies of Filesystems/databases for test/backup purposes.
  • Utilized TimeFinder BCV/Clone/EMC Snap, CLARiiONSnapView snapshot/Clone for multiple point-in-time copies of Filesystems/databases for test/backup purposes.
  • Installed and configured EMC Replication Manager for regular backup of the production hosts and restore procedures were tested.
  • Configured tier 2 infrastructure CLARiiON CX3-80 completely including creation of raid groups, carving LUNs for better performance and provisioning storage for the servers.
  • Decommissioned an old CX 700 after migrating the servers to a new CX 3-80 using SAN Copy and host based migrations (Open Migrator and Veritas Volume Manager) by system administrators. Scripted a SAN Copy process to refresh database daily using incremental SAN COPY, K-Shell and NaviCLI
  • Successfully upgraded ECC from 5.2 to 6.0 and monitored SAN environment using ECC.
  • Configured host systems by installing the Emulex drivers for the HBA's, PowerPath/PPME and ECC agents and made them part of the existing SAN environment.
  • Took part in planning and setting up a new SAN network for the VMAX and Cisco Fabric.
  • Performed LUN migration in CX 700 to improve performance and effectively utilized space by decommissioning the unused LUNs and thereby increasing the available capacity.
  • Designed Run book for the storage provisioning from VMAX, DMX, Symmetrix, CLARiiON Arrays and also for the Cisco SAN using the best practices.
  • Day to day jobs included provisioning storage including extension of the given storage through Meta LUNs using SYMCLI and Navisphere, troubleshooting storage related issues and working with any performance related issues.

Environment: VMAX, DMX 3/4, CLARiiON, Hitachi, McDATA Enterprise Directors, CX 3-80,3-20, CX700, Cisco MDS 9513, EMC Replication manager, Open migrator, Veritas, Navishpere, SYMCLI.


Storage Administrator


  • Configured, Managed and Monitored top tier and middle tier storage that comprised of SymmetrixDMX 3, 2000/1000, CLARiiON CX3-20/600/700, McDATA ED140M/ ED64M2 using ECC, Cisco CLI, Fabric/Device manager and Connectrix manager.
  • Implemented DR setup between the DMX 3 using SRDF and in the process formed RA groups, device groups, added devices to device groups, created pairs of source & target devices and tested for applications.
  • Configured and tested for disaster recovery and maintained DR setup between DMX 3 for selected Tier 1 applications.
  • Created and activated Clones for the standard devices to have point in time copy of production data and allocated the clones to backup host.
  • Configured Event Monitor, created templates and applied them to monitor and notify the events occurring at regular intervals in the CLARiiON through email/SNMP.
  • Improved the efficiency of capacity utilization in CLARiiON/Symmetrix by decommissioning unused LUNs/devices and increased the allocated storage by creating Meta LUNs/devices.
  • Installed Veritas volume manager and implemented host based migration using VERITAS disk mirroring, created disk group, added disks to disk group, created multiple volumes on disks and mounted file systems on volumes.
  • Configured and managed Cisco/McDATA switches, created zones with new members and added zones to active Zonesets using Fabric/Device manager &Connectrix manager.
  • Day to Day activities included mapping, masking in Symmetrix/DMX using SymCLI, zoning using Fabric/device manager and allocating storage to AIX, Solaris, HP-UX & Windows hosts.

Environment: DMX 3/2000/1000, CLARiiON CX3-20/600/700, McDATA ED140M/ ED64M2 using ECC, Cisco CLI, Fabric/Device manager and Connectrix manager, Cisco/McData switches, VERITAS, AIX, HP-UX, Windows environment.


System Administrator


  • Primarily responsible for configuration and administration of Sun Solaris servers by installing, creating and managing Solaris file systems, partitioning & mounting file systems, performing user administration, controlling system process, performing package administration & patch installations and file system backup's & restores.
  • Created RAID Groups, Bind LUNs; created Storage Groups, Register Hosts for assigning Host to Storage Group and added LUNs.
  • Configured and Maintained the San environment using Brocade 4700 and created zones and added to zone sets.
  • Installed, configured, monitored and managed Power Path environment for automated path management and load-balancing and updated the persistent bindings.
  • Extensively used Veritas volume manager to deport and import volume groups (disk groups) whenever there was any data migration, performed administration of file systems and troubleshot file access and disk problems using volume manager.
  • Planned, designed and configured SAN for backup infrastructure with Veritas NetBackup solutions.
  • Implemented and managed backup procedures and reviewed daily backup logs to verify the completion of the backup jobs and also performed the scheduling of backups for all valuable network resources in the environment.
  • Backup environment includes Solaris, Windows, Oracle database, SQL server and other legacy backup systems.

Environment: Sun Solaris, Windows, Oracle, SQL Server, RIAD technologies, Veritas NetBackup.

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