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Sr. Aix Systems Administrator Resume



  • Possess over 20 years of IT experience with expert - level skills on different flavors of UNIX system administration, Management, Database Administration and developing commercial applications.


Computers: Sun Enterprise Systems, HP Systems, IBM pSeries Systems.Operating Systems: Solaris (8,10), Linux (3,4,5), HP-UX(11.23,11.31), AIX(5.3,6.1,7.1), OS/400.

Programming: Shell, Perl, HTML, C/C++, PL/SQL, CGI, Java (Weblogic), UniBasic, Visual Basic, RPG, MS Project, Visual FoxPro.

Databases: Informix, Ingres, Oracle 8, Unidata, MySQL, Access 97, Visual FoxPro (4,5,6,8).

Network/Internet/Backup: DNS, NFS, FTP, Firewall, TCP/IP, Routers, Raid Manager, OpenView, Veritas Volume Manager. Sun Storage, EMC, IBM Qlogic/FAN, Solstice DiskSuite, SUDO, SSH2, Nagios, Splunk, HP SIM.

Web Server: J2EE, Java, Jsp, Weblogic v4.5.1(5.0.1), Weblogic v4.5.1(5.0.1), HTML, CGI (PERL, C), Apache, Tomcat, Sendmail, XML, FTP.


Confidential, MA

Sr. AIX Systems Administrator


  • Working as Sr. Unix administrator and 24/7 support of IBM virtualized pSeries servers p570/p590/p595 and IBM Power 710 express with version 7.1/6.1/5.3.
  • Create and manage LPAR environment on Virtual I/O servers. Install, maintain and upgrade OS (client/server) using NIM, HMC, HACMP etc.
  • Secured and hardened many AIX 7.1/6.1 production and development systems according to guideline from http://cisecurity.org, to make these systems PCI compliant.
  • Wrote many useful shell scripts (KSH) to get systems information and to create user accounts, increasing clustered file systems size, ftp/sftp/sudo accounts, installing printers, cloning, creating html to make web based status of hardened systems etc.Configure systems as networker clients for networker servers to set incremental/full backup using Networker Management Console 7.1.
  • Manage EMC disk management to assign LUN for VIO and its client. Monitor disk space through my own scripts. Also do troubleshooting, disaster recovery, documentation and perform tuning.
  • Patched many AIX systems to upgrade to next technical level.
  • Also involve in administration of HP-UX 11i and Red-Hat Linux.
Confidential, MA

Sr. UNIX Systems Administrator


  • Responsible for administering, securing and hardening Sun Solaris, HP-UX (11.23,11.31), AIX (5.3, 6.1), Linux systems (Suse/Redhat) and EMC Clariion CX4-120 and 480.
  • Administration based on Veritas Volume Management, Disk Suite, Jumpstart, Hardware/Software installation, Shell Scripting, Patch installation, Security Management, Performance, Capacity Planning, Networking, Troubleshooting, Backing up, Transfer of files, Tracking file systems thru my own scripts etc.
  • Installed A5200 arrays, new HP-UX systems, SAN and configured LUN for 100 HP-UX systems, 60 AIX and 30 Solaris systems. Upgraded AIX from 5.3 to 6.1 through alternate disk. Virtualized AIX with micro partitioning and dynamic LPAR.
  • Hardened the new AIX, HP-UX & Linux systems because of the newly installed defense based software systems. Removed vulnerabilities according to instruction of Govt. to make this sensitive software packages and operating systems secure.
  • Used NAGIOS, HP SIM and SPLUNK to manage server health - whether physical or virtual and to deploy servers quickly, optimize power consumption, and optimize infrastructure confidently with capacity planning.
Confidential, NY City

Solaris / Linux administrator


  • Worked to make Solaris and Linux based systems PCI compliant. Designed, wrote and implemented many scripts in Shell (ksh, bash), MySQL and Perl according to the rules of Payment Card Industry Data Security (PCI DSS). Saved huge fines for this company to finish work in time.
  • Implemented Critical Watch software to find vulnerabilities in all the systems and databases to produce risk assessment. Made database for all the vulnerabilities, Linux and Solaris packages and their dependencies, Servers dependencies, port scanning and all those packages, which supposed to be removed in Solaris (8/9/10) and Linux (3/4/5).
  • Disabled many services and old applications, which could be harmful.
  • Removed an average of thousand packages in fifty Solaris and around five hundred packages from 70 Linux systems.
  • Planned, documented and assisted developers and performed remediation to achieve PCI compliance. Ensured compliance is achieved according to industry guidelines.
  • Worked on windows (2000, 2003) to setup active directory and removed security vulnerabilities.
Confidential, NY City

Solution Engineer/Architect


  • Primary responsibility is to create Infrastructure Technical Solution to provide TSPAN and other relevant information that is required to add services to the Compute Utility Environment (CUE).
  • Adding to the CUE involves the installation, racking, stacking, connecting and configuration of Solaris and AIX Applications, Server and Hardware. Applications based on EZPass transactions, Healthcare services and Navy cash.
  • Toolsets are deployed for Infrastructure (Management/Monitoring) for each environment Dev, QA, Production and Disaster Recovery on the bases of Infrastructure Solution certified requirement received from Project Manager. To make the final solution, participated in a lot of internal and customer conference calls, demonstrations and presentations.
  • Solution configuration is based on Solaris (T5220, M5000), AIX (p570, p590), Virtualization, Vmware, SAN, NAS, DMZ, Capacity Planning, Network, 3 tier application architect, Business requirements etc.
Confidential, Jersey city, NJ

AIX/HP-UX/Solaris Systems Administrator


  • Responsible for all aspects of administration of 50 systems consists of HP-UX (11i/11.23 (Itanium), Superdome), Solaris (8,10) and AIX (5.3) to support clients for 100 countries.
  • Unix system administration based on implementing MC Service Guard, HP OpenView, Servers Setup, Ignite, logical volume Management, users account & SSH, backup, writing shell scripts, security setup, Supporting DBA (Sybase, Oracle) & application developer, checking performance, Monitoring, SAN allocation, Installation of Packages/Patches, Jumpstart, Kernel Tuning, TSM, Sun One Web Server, AIX, Veritas cluster and net backup, EMC storage and EMC fabric connectivity for fiber etc.
  • Worked on Solaris 10 Zoning/containers, virtualization, created 11 containers with their own IP addresses. Upgraded Firmware with RAID configuring and resetting arrays
  • Also managed, installed and configured local area network.
  • Used Critical Watch to find vulnerabilities in all the systems and solved them to satisfy auditors.
Confidential, NJ

Unix System Administrator


  • Responsible for managing System Support Department, administration for Linux Red Hat (3&4), Suse Linux, AIX (5.3), Solaris (9&10) and developing web sites using Front Page, Shell, Perl, Expect, Sed, Awk, MySQL, EMC.
  • Used Nagios to administer and monitor SNMP, Syslog, Windows event logs, Oracle Database tables, University Web sites, IMAP, Novell NLM, 550 hosts which includes routers, switches, 70 Unix servers.
  • Manage configuration of Apache for 70 regular websites servers and 2000 students web sites and installation of DNS, LDAP, SSL, SSH, NFS, NTP, NIS, TCP/IP, DHCP & Static, IBM Qlogic/Fin, SAN, VxFS, MRTG, Nagios agents NRPE & NSCA, Intrusion Detection, handling log files, Load balancing, TSM, IBM Blades, Software Installation, SSH2, PHP, file systems spaces, Logical Volumes, Oracle based University Banner and Blackboard systems, Domino/Notes, Listserv, Vmware 3/4, Kernel tuning etc.
  • Setup new and huge student banner system. I was architect for the whole system. Based on the requirement for this software I installed new IBM blades, EMC, banner software, emailing, uploading to mainframe etc.
Confidential, Albany NY

Project Manager


  • Designed, changed, added and maintained application programs and data files using MySQL, Perl, Shell, Linux Red Hat Enterprise 3 and Visual FoxPro for Kids Medicaid Payment and for tracking the medical services provided by registered doctors of New York State.
  • All the applications were designed for New York State Early Intervention Programs for the Kids of 3 years of age or less. I was responsible for smooth running of this complex project for all the 62 counties of New York State.
  • Translated Medicaid transactions from MMIS and HCFA1500 output format into 837 (Institutional and Professional) and 835 (Remittance advice) according to the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.) and FDA regulations to send to CSC (Computer Science Corporation), Insurance companies, New York State Fiscal System and to fulfill payments of claims from 90 thousands Doctors. To develop above software I used Oracle 8, C/C++, Shell (C, B), MS Project, Expect, Java and Perl.
  • Got approval from CSC (Computer Science Corporation) that Medicaid transactions generated by my programs are HIPAA compliant and are according to the needs of NYS Department of Health Kids Medicaid EIP (Early Intervention Program), I-CHAP (INFANT child health assessment program), PHCP (physically handicapped children case management program).
  • CSC who evaluated and passed my programs has contract with New York State to make HIPAA companion and implementation guides and to check that all the medical transactions are HIPAA compliant. Responsible for all aspects of AIX, Enterprise Systems, Backup/Recovery of every level of file systems, User/Administration Security, Capacity Planning, Performance Tuning, Load Balancing, clustering with Linux using PSSP, NIM (Network Installation Manager) and Solaris Admintool.
  • Also designed the system for verification and validation of sensitive Medicaid data before sending to Insurance companies, CSC and Fiscal System of New York State.
  • Hired and trained users and software development team to deal with distributed Unix environment. Documented all Software and Hardware and project plans using MS project, Visio, Erwin.
Confidential, New York

Project Leader Internet Development


  • Responsible for all aspects of administration of various Sun Solaris (7,8,9) Servers in the environment of different kinds of almost sixty Sun Enterprise models. Administration based on BEA WebLogic Server, WebSphere performance management and tuning, Performance Tuning, Java, EJB, Servlets, J2EE, JSP, HTML LAN, NFS, NIS, DNS, TCP/IP, INFORMIX database, Sendmail, Veritas Volume Manager, Load Balancing, Apache, HTTP Scripting, Tomcat, LDAP, EMC SAN, Contents.
  • Wrote and implemented backup scripts which incorporated Veritas Net backup, Cpio, Tar, and Dump.
  • Setup Link and networking with different media companies (muze.com, akamai.com, btol.com, valley-media.com) for streaming video, music and to download description of movies and music using FTP, Bourne Shell, C Shell, Clustering with BMC, Expect and Cron jobs. Also responsible to upload/download files to Main Frame, Banks (for credit cards checking) and sending hundred of emails daily to the members.
  • Developed applications for front-end and back-end using Sun Solaris tools, QA tools, PERL, UNIX Shell, INFORMIX/SQL, ESQL/C, C++, HTML for CGI based web sites www.columbiahousecanada.com, www.maisoncolumbia.com, www.musica-latina.com, www.totale.com.
  • Managed Sun Solaris security, Web Server and Network by security scan, penetration test, encrypting data, user/group level files authorization, challenge/response user login, check point Firewall, net backup.
  • Managed 17 programmers and used Perl & Foxpro to write application system to change date fields & variables in almost one million lines of C codes and Informix database tables to solve delayed y2k problem.
Confidential, New York

MIS Director


  • Worked in an architectural role to establish MIS department from scratch with state of the art computers and network system under HP-UX (9,10) and Windows NT environment for multi-million dollars Fabrics Retailer Company, which has many showrooms and warehouses located in major cities of the USA, Canada, Europe.
  • Installed and administrated LAN/WAN and two HP-UX (HP9000) based servers for all the showrooms used for retailing purpose and warehouses around the globe using LVM, SAM, NFS, OpenView NNM, Disk Mirroring, Raid-5, Frame Relay, Routers, CSU/DSU, T3 lines, EMC management for symmetirx.
  • Established client/server environment, which involved complete applications architecture and development (Accounting, Sales, Inventory for warehouses), Data Warehouse under UniData and hundreds of PCs.
  • Planned high-level redundant security policies for intrusion detection and prevention, users account, incident response, backup/restore/disaster recovery, domain security, subnetting etc.
  • Created complex interface that converted, manipulated and migrated image files comprised of Inventory data from legacy systems to post Oracle 7.3 on HP-UX utilizing UNIX shell, UniBasic, UniData, C.
  • Hired and trained the users and programmers to deal with the new UNIX environment.
  • Designed and developed from scratch www.clarencehouse.com based on Windows NT, PERL and HTML
Confidential, NJ

Senior System Analyst/Unix Administrator


  • Architected and developed applications for a huge and complex Remote Order Entry System for sales force. Order entry Programs and transactions files were setup under FoxPro for the laptops of 300 sales people.
  • Novell Network based Programs receive and route the transactions from sales people to Main Frame.
  • This system for which I am proud of saved almost one million-dollar of application development cost. It was one of the 3 important methods to get orders, which contributed 20% of the revenue for this billion-dollar retailer company.
  • Responsibilities included all aspects of administration of UNIX servers (HP 9000 (HP-UX), AIX (RS/6000).
  • Designed, developed and managed Real-Time Warehouse Management and Inventory Control System using Shell, C, RPG, CL on AS/400 to sort the boxes of hair care products on the Rapistan conveyor belt machine.
  • Maintained Statistics for POS data to make all kinds of business graphs and reports on AIX (RS/6000) system for which inventory data received through EDI using Informix, Visual Basic, ODBC, C and Shell.
  • Wrote, developed and maintained another huge Inventory System from scratch for permanent merchandising items to display in Macys, Nordstorm, CVS, K-Mart, Pathmark, Wal-Mart etc. using HP-UX, Ingres and Visual FoxPro. Data warehouse is setup under Windows 2000 SQL server in the last year of job.

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