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Hardware Engineer Resume

Irvine, CA


Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OSX, VMWare ESXi

Programming Languages: Bash, TCL, Python, C

Network Protocols: TCP/IP, iSCSI, Fibre Channel, FCoE

Instrumentation: Oscilloscope, Frequency Generator, Power Meter, Spectrum Analyzer, Protocol Analyzers


Confidential, Irvine, CA

Hardware Engineer


  • Developed network traffic scripts and setup RHEL/CentOS systems for testing.
  • Performed EMI/EMC testing of host bus adapters in various server systems.
  • Performed humidity testing of Fibre Channel adapters.
  • Supported various Engineering teams on test system setups.

Senior Hardware Design Verification Test Engineer



  • Created test plans and determined test methodologies for ASIC, board, and component verification.
  • Developed, maintained, and debugged test automation scripts for network performance tests and error diagnostics.
  • Measured power consumption, power supply ripple, inrush current, impedance, thermal mapping, and the electrical characteristics of various clocks and signals.
  • Supported ASIC, Board, Driver, and Firmware Development teams during initial bring - up process of new ASICs.
  • Mentored summer interns through various board-level projects and component qualification tests.

System Integration Test Engineer



  • Tested the bootcode, firmware, drivers of 8/16/32G Fibre Channel and 10/25/40/50/100 G Converged Network Adapters (NIC/iSCSI/FCoE) in Windows and Linux.
  • Performed Fabric Interoperability testing across various server, switch, and storage platforms.
  • Configured SAN topologies with multiple network protocols and operating systems for performance and integrity tests.
  • Performed system and network administration of servers, switches, and storages.
  • Captured Network and PCIe traces with protocol analyzers for debugging issues.

Confidential, Irvine, California

Test Engineering Intern


  • Tested WLAN and Bluetooth devices to verify manufacturing and customer requirements.
  • Calibrated test instruments by measuring power and path loss between units to ensure accurate and consistent performance measurements of WLAN and Bluetooth devices.
  • Reviewed board layout and schematic to debug and isolate defective components of faulty hardware.

Confidential, Costa Mesa, California

Software Engineering Intern


  • Performed software testing of Confidential set top boxes.
  • Captured debug trace logs using a Confidential interface that identified driver related issues.
  • Generated defect reports using IBM ClearQuest and supported software development teams for troubleshooting.

Confidential, Long Beach, California

Technical Assistant (Marketing Intern)


  • Promoted and presented marketing strategies for consumer-grade products through a qualitative evaluation process.
  • Assessed production-level units and presented market comparisons to product management and marketing teams.
  • Supported marketing team in surveying potential customers through various social experiments.

Quality Assurance Intern



  • Conducted user-acceptance testing of printers, scanners, and multimedia devices under various operating systems.
  • Supported QA Engineers with WHQL Driver testing of various pre-production products.
  • Generated test reports that summarized the compliance of test guidelines and specifications.

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