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Pbx Systems Engineer Resume

Eatontown, NJ


Confidential CM & VM Engineer. Programming, installation, testing and service on servers, platforms, circuits, and fiber. Excellent communication skills, interacts directly with clients, vendors and staff. Provide results in challenging high pressure environments.


Confidential, Eatontown, NJ

PBX Systems Engineer


  • World’s largest Confidential Business Partner. Serving thousands of international Fortune 500 / major corporations.
  • High Severity critical system (S1 & S2 - down and seriously service affected) Confidential VM / IP Office /CM Systems Engineer in Maintenance department.
  • Critical system issues worked with immediate customer contact with CEO’s, regional, IT, telecom management, and site admins. This included 15 minute updates, continuous customer contact, conf calls with Confidential, National Sales Managers, Service Delivery Managers, Providers, NOCs, other Business Partners,subcontractors, onsite technicians until driven to complete resolution.
  • VM, PBX, AES troubleshooting via onsite, remote command line access.
  • Programming, restoration, reloads replacement of VM and PBX systems for entire Confidential customer base every day.
  • Linux, Windows, server programming.
  • Trained and assisted technician staff daily.
  • Parts ordering and tracking.
  • S3, S4 system programming/ Installation / Admin for Aura Messaging,Modular Messaging, IP Office, CM, Intuity, Audix, Octel, CMS and other systems.
  • 8800, 8730, 8700 CM, Media Gateway provisioning. Server Platform, CM 6, AAM 6 version and dot upgrades.
  • ACSS in Aura Messaging, Modular Messaging, IP Office CME.
  • Confidential AES certification.
  • CompTia Networking.
  • Multiple Confidential center of Excellence courses for SIP, VOIP, Wireshark, and CM.
  • Telagent, Nectar-C1Vision, Alert.

Lead Telecom Engineer

Confidential, Jersey City, NJ


  • Individual contributor and leader in charge of Confidential ’s Voice systems and Telecom staff. This included planning, design, maintenance, repair, admin, upgrades, provisioning and installation in Jersey City NJ and 16 worldwide remote offices for vendor contracts, upgrades and circuits.
  • Managed employees by conducting voice staff meetings, training, delegating and supervising daily work.
  • Systems include Definity S8720 PBX with 3 cabinets w 13 carriers including 3000 ext, 5000 ports, Confidential Call Management System V14, 3 server Modular Messaging 3.0, E-CAS billing, Voice Print agent Call Recording, and Nuance Phonetic Operator IVR system.
  • Advanced Vector, skill programming on 5 ACD agent groups, w 40 agents, and soft phones tied to Saleslogix database.
  • Held and attended Project Management progress meetings, represented Network Engineering in daily management level Change Management, Change Order, Immediate Response Unit and Disaster Recovery meetings.
  • Prepared CMMI System user service guides, Disaster Recovery docs / procedures and drills for all systems.
  • Worked closely with Data Center Ops, Customer Service, Help desk and many other depts. in an MS project and Computer Associates Unicenter internal ticketing project driven environment. This included project planning, budgets, and scopes of work, progress meetings and deadlines.
  • Worked with Data Center Ops Technicians 24/7 for maintenance issues and alarm resolution.
  • Proficient in Office 2007, SIP, VOIP, Session Manager, Visio, MS Project, CA Unicenter Service Desk R11.

Confidential, Wall, NJ

VM Systems Engineer


  • Highly regarded Confidential Gold Business Partner contracted by most Confidential Business Partners & other PBX Venders for Virtual platforms, Aura Messaging, Modular Messaging, Unified Communications, Message Networking, Aria Octel, Audix systems and service nationwide.
  • Performed server staging, programming, site integration, maintaining, training and troubleshooting on Aura Msg Modular Msg, UC, MN, Octel & Aria VM systems & servers. In house and on customer site.
  • Confidential Windows & Linux server software builds, imaging, mirroring.
  • PBX, Network, E-Mail and application integration on site.
  • Customer Service and support. SIP, VOIP, Definity S8700 series integrations
  • Onsite systems engineer/consultant for 9 months at Confidential, upgrading & maintaining 6 systems.

Confidential, Edison, NJ

Project Manager/Lead Telecom Technician


  • Confidential Business Partner, Panasonic and Samsung telecom dealer.
  • Project Management, Installation scheduling, technician management, Site Surveys, installation, Troubelshooting and service in NY/NJ/Philly area.
  • IP office implementations, Windows & Network server builds.
  • Hundreds of multiple site CM & IP Office installations for customers including Cornelia spas NYC, medical chains, pharmaceutical companies, software firms, churches, Wall Street brokerage houses, retail, government sites.
  • Maintained Borough of Roselle’s tied together 5-site city-wide Definity, Intuity VM & Magix systems. Including town hall, police, municipal courts, 911 services, fire, paramedics, emergency management, and parks department.
  • Telco circuit ordering and turn-up with T1s and PRIs. Fiber, SIP, VOIP, Definity systems, Intuity, CMS, Audix, and Multiple Site ACD Call centers, IP office, Adtran.
  • Single and Multimode Fiber Optic installation, termination, OTDR / decibel loss testing

Confidential, Piscataway, NJ

Telecom Technician


  • Confidential Platinum Business Partner. Samsung, Tadaran dealer.
  • PBX, VM, Fiber Optic Installation, Troubleshooting, Testing, Training, Admin in NYC, NJ and national corporate sites. Remote and onsite.
  • Performed corporate, government multisite PBX & VM installation, integration, training, admin and service.
  • Circuit ordering and turn-up with T1s, PRIs Fiber Optic installation & certification.
  • Voice mails including Keyvoice, Cadence, Telekol/Nokia, Partner Mail, Merlin mail, Coral MSG center, Active voice, Audix, ABS Talks and others, Cisco, Adtran.
  • Single and Multimode Fiber Optic installation, termination, OTDR / decibel loss testing.
  • Hundreds of fiber jobs including city-wide fiber ring installation and certification for Confidential, NJ.

Confidential, Edison, NJ

Telecom /Fiber Optic Technician


  • PBX, VM, Fiber Installation, Troubleshooting, Testing and Admin the NYC, NJ area.
  • Confidential Business Partner. Samsung, Cortelco, Keyvoice dealer.
  • Network wiring, Definity, Audix, Samsung, Nortel, Partner, Legend, older Confidential, Keyvoice Verbatim and Debut voice mail.
  • Single and Multimode Fiber Optic installation, termination, OTDR / decibel loss testing.

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