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Systems Analyst Resume



Systems Analyst / Software Engineer with 8 years experience designing program specifications to meet diverse client needs. Expertise includes COBOL, Visual Basic 6.0, VBA - Excel, JCL, and technical writing. Extensive background in JCL and MVS/ESA operating systems.


  • Analysis and Problem-Solving Expertise
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • Enjoys the Challenges of a Fast-Paced Work Environment
  • Strong Work Ethic


Confidential, Iowa

Systems Analyst


  • Identify client’s technical requirements and design and document program specifications according to clients’ needs
  • Oversee development of new software and maintain existing software
  • Support analysis for several systems on server and mainframe
  • Assure the quality of outgoing information

Software Engineer



  • Identified client’s technical requirements
  • Designed and documented program specifications to meet clients’ needs
  • Oversaw development of new software as well as maintains existing software
  • Supported analysis for several systems on server and mainframe and assured the quality of outgoing information
  • Developed and maintained applications in several mainframe systems which were generally written in COBOL
  • Wrote VBA - Excel applications
  • Wrote and maintained VB code for PC/Mainframe GUI interface plus client-specific applications
  • Wrote IT/Client Services training manuals including manuals for Roscoe, Xptr, and Cobol standards
  • Trained new software engineers in in-house utilities and tools; contributed to software walk-through sessions
  • Lead Computer Operator/JCL Specialist (1979 - 1997)
  • Served in combined technical/leadership position with responsibility for operating large central processing units and assisting in workload management
  • Trained employees in JCL including clerical staff and new operators
  • Responded to internal and remote users with questions and operating problems, resulting in reduced user errors and improved turn-around time
  • Scheduled execution of production work, prioritizing batch jobs and ensuring system resources were available
  • Resolved system hardware and telecommunications problems to maintain peak system performance levels
  • Supervised work team of up to 15 employees in absence of shift supervisor including extended absences, ensuring a smooth workflow while meeting production targets

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