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Enterprise Architect Infrastructure Resume

Oak Brook, IL


Highly experience with an uncommon mix of skills in project management, strategy and technology; three core disciplines to which I've brought a typically analytical but practical approach. Over 20 years of experience in Enterprise IT Infrastructure projects design, engineering and implementation phases. Extensive end to end knowledge of pharmaceutical business life cycle including but not limited to manufacturing, order entry and contract pricing as well as banking technologies mainly eCommerce, eBusiness Personal Internet Banking, Consumer landing, Auto, Mortgage Systems, Retail Services, Fraud systems, HR & Finance automation, on communication area deployed Mobile Telephone Activation systems. Extensive experience for Data Center design, build and migration planning and execution for large banks, communication companies and pharmaceutical Top 100 organization; in - depth knowledge for datacenter raised floor, power distribution aligning datacenter build spec planning with intensive green initiatives, Systems placement and network design review and improve system and network related design and implementation. Have in-depth expert level caliber on UNIX/LINUX Systems & Storage Administrator (SOLARIS, HP-UX, Red Hat Linux, Suse Linux, DIGITAL UNIX, AIX, SCO, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 & 10 and AT&T UNIX) on Enterprise Sun, DEC & HP servers and storage subsystems as well as Sun & HP blade technologies. Have a detailed design, implementation and support knowledge of SAP ERP full suite including HRT implementation; also, designed several Windows Server 2003 & Mac OS. Has significant exposure in supporting Networking Equipment (Cisco, Extreme, Foundry Net BigIron Switching Routers, Qlogic and Brocade Fabric Switches, IronPort Anti Spam, Mail Flow Monitor, Hubs, Routers, Bridges, etc.). Also, have in-depth knowledge in TCP/IP, UDP, MQ Series Messaging Software, Tivoli Monitoring, Uni Center and Disaster Recovery, Internet applications, Server & Storage Consolidation and migration solution from different platforms such as HDS, EMC.


SOFTWARE: HP-UX 10.20-11.31 , Solaris 2.5.1-10, DEC OS 4.0D, Ultrix, AT&T UNIX, SCO UNIX, SCO XENIX, Predictive dialer, Workforce Management, Speed to Inquiry, Student management systems such as banner, Pro SAM, Oracle RAC Cluster on Solaris platform, SOA Suite, Web Logic, SAP 4.6c and SAP ECC 6.0 manufacturing, order entry, HRT, Contract Pricing, SRM, EP, SCM, BW, CRM, IDM/GRC modules, SAP Bolt-on’s Integration-Hub, CCI, Hyperion, Enterprise Data warehouse, Autosys on HP-UX and EEM module on Red Hat load balancers, Back office Automation (BoA), cApps Vality Replacement, TREX, Paymetrics, Esker for Output generator & Apo/BI; Windows NT/XP 2003, VMS, Open VMS, Novell Netware, Red Hat Linux AS, & ES version. 3.0, Yellow Dog Linux Ver. 4.0, Mac OS 9 & X, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 & 10, Sun Cluster 2.1, 2.2 & 3.0 with Oracle HA Agent, Veritas Storage Foundation 4.2 for Oracle RAC 9i & 10g, HP Service Guard, Logical Volume Manager V2, Veritas Storage Foundation 4.1for Oracle RAC 10g, Sun/Veritas Enterprise Volume Manager 2.5, 2.6, 3.0.4,3.1.1, 3.5, 4.1 & 5, VERITAS Volume Replicator, VERITAS File system Management Ver. 3.5, 4.0, 4.1 & 5 VERITAS Cluster 2.0,3.5, 4.x & 5 Sun RAID Manager (RM6), VERITAS Netback up, EMC SRDF, Autosys, Sun Workshop, Legato Networker Ver. 5.1, HP Rapid Deployment Pack, HP SIM, PXE boot, HP PIM, IBM ADSM backup software, Tivoli TME 10 Framework Ver. 3.6, CA Unicenter, OmniGUARD/ESM & Oracle7.3.4, 8.0.6 & 9i, Informix, EMC Control Center Symmetrix Manager version 4.2, Symmetrix Power Path, Symmetrix Disk Reallocation, Symmetrix Optimizer, Workload Analyzer, Wily Tech, IBM Websphere, IBM MQ Series, Qlogic SANsurfer s/w VTier Disaster Recovery Concept, SAP R/3, MFG/Pro, Sun smcMC, HP SIM, MQ Series Ver 5.0, Hitachi Hi-Track, Hitachi LUN Manager software, Vista Plus Print Server, LP Plus Print Software, Tivoli Management Frame Work 3.7 & Tivoli Infrastructure Framework 4.1, Team Quest, Verisign's Fraud Detection System FDS, Multi-Level Authentication, Team Site 6.5, IBM WebSphere5 & 6, Bladelogic, WebTrend, Auto Deploy, Contol-M, Aperture Vista for Datacenter Planning & Management, Key Performance Integrator (KPI), Aperture Vista, Global Work Load manager for HP-UX 11.31 using giCap on large scale servers

HARDWARE: Superdome 2 SR1, HP RX8640, RX7640, RX6600, rx3600, rx2660 with vPar, nPar, & Integrity Virtual Machine technologies, Sun Fire 25K, 15K, SF12K, Sun Enterprise 10,000 star fire system with 64 CPU’s, M5000, M3000, Sun Fire 2900, 1280, 880, 890 490 6800 , 4800 & 2900 series, T2000 server running Solaris 10, LOM & ALOM configuration, DIGI Console Network, Cisco Term Servers, UE 6500, Enterprise 3000/4000 4500 , 480, 490, 220, 240 & 250 server, Sun Sparc Stations, Sun Sparc Stations, SUN Sparc2-20, Ultra1, Ultra2, Ultra 10, Sun Ray, HP Blade technology using BLp 20p G3, BLp 40, DL585, DL385 servers, Sun Storage Arrays A5200, A5000, A3500, A1000, D1000, T3 connected to the systems using Fiber Channel Arbitrated Loop (FC-AL) with GigaBit Interface Controllers (GBICs), EMC Symmetrix (8730 3930/5930 ), (8430 3830/5830 ), (3630/5630) Enterprise Storage Systems, Hitachi USPV Storage, Hitachi 9970 & 9533 storage subsystem, HP XP2000 & EVA Storage 3000 & 5000, HP P2000 Storage Works Modular Smart Array, HP 9000 K370 200MHz-PA8200 Server, K570 200MHz-PA 8200,D370/D390 240MHz PA-8200 with HP Auto RAID, Apple Xserver & Xserve RAID, Foundry Networks BigIron switching router for load balancing on Solaris using VIP, IronPort A60 Messaging gateway Appliance, IronPort C60 Messaging Gateway appliance eliminates spam, enforce corporate policy, secures the network perimeter. Cisco 2900 XL series and 3500 Series Switches, Infrastructure Dec Alpha machines 1000, 4000, 4500, Vax 6000 Series, Storage Tek Silo’s

Networking: TCP/IP, NFS, SNMP, IPMP, UUCP, CA-XCOM for Sun Solaris Ver 3.0, JNI, Bluecoat, emulex fiber Cards for Storage Sun Quad Gig Swift NIC’s, MPLS, BPLS, Boarder network, Sun Solaris SunLink (SNA) V.9, Jet Admin for UNIX, Remote System Monitoring - Agent, VPN Configuration, Sendmail, Ethernet, Brocade 3800 Silk Worm switches, SAN Switch FabricQlogic switches, Links Switches/Hubs/Routers FC-AL, GBICs, ATM’s, Token Ring, Decnet, Pathworks, Cisco, Digi & HP Console Equipments switch Netscape, Pathworks, LAN Workplace, Dec-net, Sendmail, Syntax TotalNet& Advance Server 5.4.1, Apache Web Server, Samba, PcNF


Confidential, Oak Brook, IL

Enterprise Architect Infrastructure


  • Responsible for translating application requirements and business process models (BPM) into component and interface specifications. Ensures that the Technology Partners and development teams adhere to the principles established by the Enterprise Architects.
  • Focuses on the standards and technologies for enabling systems performance qualities, such as availability, scalability, and recoverability.
  • Participates in the drafting of Service Level Agreements (SLA) by working closely with business units and IT management.
  • Establishes a process to monitor existing systems for performance problems by performing detailed design and implementation planning for BMC Patrol and Oracle SOA/Weblogic suite.
  • Establishes and enforces the Security Model, technologies and standards for system architects and designers.
  • Tracks warnings of new types of security threats and assures that the systems in place guard against these threats.
  • Reviews and selects the Design Methodology and Modeling Language. Methodologies may be based on the Zachman, Rational Unified Process (RUP). The modeling language should in corporate the Business Process Model (BPML).

Confidential, Abbott Park, IL

Infrastructure Architect


  • Leading SAP ERP Architecture design, implementation and support activities for all key SAP modules on RX8640’s, Superdome 2, C7000 Integrity blade systems 8x0c, this project involves around 1.3 million saps sizing on HP systems and HDS USPV Tier 1 storage subsystem, The SAP implementation includes but not limited to the following instance ECC, SCM, SRM, EP, BW, PI and Bolton of Vertex on ABAP & JAVA stacks along with TREX, BI, EDW, TPSS, cApps Vality Replacement, Autosys, (BoA) Back office Automation, Esker output management, Paymetrics.
  • Leading Sun to HP migration of all SAP modules 128+ this include capacity planning, design HP Virtual environments on HP rx8640 servers, this include production migration along with building HA solution within the campus and DR solution in Franklin County datacenter, this migration involve extensive cross team planning and due to a Apex goal ensure to meet project time lines.
  • Leading the Open Systems Team (Unix, Windows, Storage) to define LRP for Global Data Centers strategy this includes define standards designing for Enterprise Data Centers in North America and Regional Data centers in Asia Pac and Europe. This LRP have multi-fold projects mainly focused on guiding principals for next 10 years planning for Abbott Data centers, the main focus areas are virtualization, strategic failover and fail back from one location to another, and green initiative along with cost savings and cost avoidance options.
  • Part of the team of SAP Blue Print project along with vendors to lay out the next hardware & application upgrade from legacy SAP 4.6c to ECC 6.0, mainly focus on reduce planned down time to 70% and provide high availability and virtualization align with critical business need which virtual requires 100% uptime for SAP Landscape.
  • Re-design activities mainly for SAP and interfaced products such as SAP routers, WBI, EDI, Autosys, MQ Series, to ensure elimination of the application/server dependency
  • Extensively working with vendors, purchasing to steam line hardware/software purchasing and delivery this includes recommendation of support contract of infrastructure hardware & software support contract across the Abbott GIS
  • Involved in several RFC’s and TCO related to standardization such as storage, file & cluster technologies to align with Abbott one process strategy
  • Part of a tactical team to design and plan Storage migration from legacy HDC 9980 and HP XP12K to Hitachi USPV Teir-1 storage
  • Yearly DR (Disaster Recovery) planning and execution to ensure in-house infrastructure optimization
  • Working closely with Network team to ensure HA EAPS ring on extreme switches and state-of-the-art OC12 design activity for Business continuity across two data centers (Franklin County OH, Abbott Park. IL)

Confidential, Prospect Heights, IL

Sr. Architect / Team Lead


  • Technical Lead of Confidential new state-of-the-art green datacenter end-to-end build planning, documentations such as run books inventory and execution phases; extensive involvement in Design, Planning & Implementation JID (Joint Infrastructure Design) & JAD (Joint Architecture Design) of Datacenter move from Prospect Heights to Volo, IL,
  • Leading the Systems engineer team to provide BAU support and mentoring them for current and future projects working with them on on-call support to ensure 99.9% target global production systems availability goal
  • Aperture Vista for Datacenter Planning & Management
  • Involved in ITAM (Asset Management) planning & execution phase for Confidential North America
  • Providing input for systems design and recommend new strategies to business units
  • Design and Implementations of high availability environment using current technologies such as VCS and Global Cluster
  • Installation & Configuration of Veritas Storage Foundation 4.0 for Oracle RAC 9i along with upgrade planning from older versions to Veritas 5.0 MP1
  • Key Performance Integrator (KPI) Implementation & support metrics review with UK team
  • Managing Sysadmin’s and assign projects and day to day work
  • Performance review for team members using TPM to provide career path align with their goals
  • OS/Hardware and application installation along with all production support also coordinate and making sure project complete in timely manner to meet the business initiatives
  • Provide 3rd level support for all production environment which include hardware, systems software upgrade, patch management, jumpstart
  • Tech Refresh project for Confidential N.A. using Sun T2000 servers with Solaris 10 deployment, total 200+ servers already configured and handed over to Business Unit
  • Working closely with Storage group to design and implement SAN using EMC Symmetrix, DMX, SRDF & BCV solution
  • Building and managing cluster systems a large amount of cluster
  • HP BLp 20 blade technologies & DL class rapid deployment and Red Hat installation and trouble shooting
  • Building and Support Confidential & Household technologies merger
  • Building and Support Confidential Personal Banking global project (P2G)
  • Closely working with Application and Web teams and provide solutions and draft Business Cases which contain ROI and TCO details along with system build document and design infrastructure design and present to higher management and get approval on CapEx (Capital Expenses) and order to vendor and make sure to complete all projects in timely manner
  • Provide NetBackup support and implementation review policies to ensure these align with banking laws and production data need
  • DR (Disaster Recovery) planning and execution

Confidential, Orangeburg, NY

Sr. Member of Technical Staff


  • OS/Hardware level daily basis support as well as project planning and run book procedures
  • Building the cluster as per customer requirements using VCS or Sun Cluster
  • SF15K domains creation, Installation & configuration
  • Installation & Configuration of domains and SSP’s for E10K
  • Installation and Configuration of Tivoli End Points
  • Installation & Configuration of ADSM clients for the backup
  • Capacity and Infrastructure planning for Fraud Plus and Customer Care environment.
  • Testing the Application and Performance on SF12K system for migration on SF15K
  • Installation and Configuration of VERITAS Volume Replicator for Disaster Recovery between E10K’s
  • Leading the Migration Project of Sun A5x00 Storage to EMC Symmetrix 8000 Enterprise Storage Systems in E10K environment.
  • Administration of all 3 datacenters to Installation/Implementation of IBM Tivoli suite
  • Installation & Configuration of HP Open View Network monitoring, eHealth & Nerve Center
  • Installation and Configuration of EMC PowerPath to enhances storage performance
  • Installation and Configuration of Hitachi 9970 & 9533 storage and related s/w
  • Implementation of HP EVA 3000 and 5000 storage with Fraud and Guarded Link servers.
  • Due to the GTE & Bell Atlantic merger Capacity planning for the new systems
  • Installation & configuration of Sun Remote Services required s/w, which responsible of remote monitoring Of all our UNIX boxes and alert the Operation hotline if any problem occurs.
  • Maintaining SPARC storage Array D1000, A1000, A5000 & A5200 arrays with hubs
  • Installation & Upgrade of Veritas File System and Sun Volume Manager
  • Iron Port A60 Messaging gateway Appliance, Iron Port C60 Messaging Gateway appliance eliminates spam (using BRIGHTMAIL), enforce corporate policy, secures the network perimeter, email access control.

Confidential, Northbrook, IL

Sr. UNIX Administrator


  • In process of building a clustered pairs using two E10K and Sun cluster 2.2, this involve installation and configuration of H/W, SSP’s, Solaris 8, Veritas Volume Manager, Cluster Private Network using 100 MB/sec and Public Network using FDDI, ATM and 100 MB/sec Ethernet with HA Oracle agent.
  • Installation & Configuration of domains and SSP’s
  • SSP Failover testing & domain hardware/OS testing.
  • Using Automated Cartridge System Library Software (ACSLS) for backup on STK Silos.
  • Arranging and Implementation of BRP (Business Resumption Plan) on SUN and HP platforms with the help of Sun guard Inc.
  • Installation & configuration of SRS (formerly known as RSM) required s/w EcoTools & Patrol who responsible of remote monitoring of all our UNIX boxes and alert the AIC hotline if any problem occurs.
  • Maintaining SPARC storage Array D1000, A1000, A5000 & A5200 arrays with hubs in 56” and 72” Cabinet
  • Installation & Configuration of Veritas File System 3.2.6 and Sun Volume Manager 2.5
  • Backup Scheduling with Legato Networker Ver 5.1 using CA Unicenter
  • Monitoring the systems with the help of CA Unicenter & Sun Remote Services (SRS)


Project Manager


  • Planning and providing a major system support for HP K Series and D Series Systems running HP-UX 10.20 using for different groups of companies.
  • Designing / planning and ordering new hardware as and when needed by group of companies.
  • Installation Configuration and system support of HP-UX & Sun Solaris
  • Installation & Configuration of Omni Guard/ESM Ver. 4.4
  • Configuring the Auto RAID 12H with K370 Server
  • Monitoring the system performance using Glance Plus
  • Installation and Configuration of HP MirrorDisk/UX
  • Installation and Configuration of HP Online JFS
  • Test & Implement Disaster Recovery Plan

Confidential, New York

Sr. UNIX System Administrator


  • Working in Chase as a Consultant as a part of Group Technologies Infrastructure & Design.
  • Providing major system support for Sun E10K System running with 4 domain configuration Solaris 2.6, and 2.51 (3 domains are running 2.6 and one on 2.5.1)
  • Maintaining Veritas NetBackup Rel. 3.1.1 with the Storagetek TimberWolf Automated Tape Library system Model 9714
  • Installation & Configuration of MQ Series V 5.0 for Solaris
  • Providing the System Support for Enterprise 4500, 6500 and Sparc 2 running Solaris 2.5.1 & 2.6 with Sybase 11.9.2 with the Box Hills SCSI Storage Subsystem 5000 & 5300
  • Samba Installation & Configuration on Solaris
  • Writing JIL scripts and day to day support of AUTOSYS Ver 3.4 SYBASE bundled pack
  • Installation & Configuration of VERITAS File system Management Ver 3.2.5
  • Installation & Configuration VERITAS Volume Manager Ver. 2.5
  • Installation & Configuration of Teleran Software with Oracle 8.0
  • Monitoring the system performance using EcoTools Ver. 2.1
  • Responsibilities involved maintaining Sparc 20’s Ultra 1 & 2 workstations and Ultra 5 & 10 and Enterprise 6000 & 4000 server using for QA & Y2K testing.
  • Design the Run Book of Autosys & Veritas NetBackup for operation dept.

Confidential, New York

Sr. UNIX System Administrator


  • Providing major system support for Sun Solaris 2.6, and Windows NT PC environments to different departments in Confidential stock traders
  • Maintaining NFS/NIS, NIS+, and DNS maps.
  • Migration in Y2K complaint from ML’s SUN OS4.0 to Solaris 2.6
  • Responsibilities involved maintaining Sparc 20’s Ultra 1 & 2 workstations and Ultra 5 & 10 and Enterprise 6000 server.
  • Creation of portable packages to Solaris 2.6 production machines with cron jobs, back out plan and failover plan involved, customized shell scripts, environmental files and documentation are also created as a part of packaging.
  • Support to floor traders is also provided to make sure that the availability of price/symbol application

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