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Senior Linux / Windows Engineer Resume

Florham Park, NJ


  • Over 35 years of IT Experience as Systems Engineer in Solaris, AIX and Linux on SUN SPARC Servers E250, E450, V440, V480, V490, V880, E420R, E4500, E6500, E6800, Sun workstations, Intel x - 86 machines, IBM Boxes J, H, 604 & P series, POWER 6/7/8, HP Proliant, UCS in an financial, defense and hospital data centers in a 24/7 environment. Top Secret Security Clearance with DOD.
  • Installation and administration of Solaris Versions 2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10, Aix 3/4/5/6/7, Red Hat 5/6/7
  • Installation of packages, configuring and administrating Active Dir, NIS PLUS, DNS, NFS, SAMBA, Secure Shell
  • Extensive working knowledge in Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM, VxFS) & Clusters for disk management, volume management & increased disk availability
  • Configuration & administration of Solaris Volume Manager
  • Installation and configuration of SAN’s, IBM Sharks, Sun StorEdge, Disk Dynamic Multi path.
  • Configuration of containers & zones in Solaris 10
  • Automation of jobs through crontab & autosys
  • Experienced in performance tuning of Sun SPARC and Linux servers using tools like top, prstat, vmstat mpstat, iostat and capacity planning
  • Developed UNIX shell scripts using bash, korn Scripting, SED and AWK to ease the administration tasks
  • Experience on VMware and PowerVM to manage Red Hat and AIX servers
  • Experience on Apache and knowledge on mysql
  • Designed and installed Apache Web Load Balancers
  • Working experience in testing, development and production environment
  • Formulated and maintained a local and remote business disaster continuation plan.
  • Installation of Windows NT/2000 XP Vista Operating System.
  • Designed and Installed AIX “HACMP” systems: a highly available cluster of multi processors.
  • Installed Cisco Switch and routers. Installed and configured of Cisco access routers and firewalls.


OS: Sun Solaris (5/6/7/8/9/10) SPARC/x86, Ubuntu Linux 11/12, AIX (3/4/5/6/7), Red Hat 5/6/7, Windows NT Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 95/98/XP

Networking: NFS, AutoFS, NIS, DNS, LDAP, DHCP, LAN, WAN

Databases: MySql, Oracle, Sybase, Informix

Hardware: SPARCSTATION (5, 10, 20), ULTRA (2, 5, 20), SUNFIRE (V100, V240, V440, V480, V880 280R), E250, E450, E420R, E4500, E6500, E6800 servers, StorEdge 3960 SAN, IBM J, H, 604 P series, UCS, IBM XIV SAN, SSA, Cisco routers 2000/3000 series and 5000 switches, peripheral devices

Utility Packages: VMware, PowerVM, VERITAS Volume manager (v4.x, 5.x), VXVM, Solaris Volume Manager, VERITAS Cluster Server (v4.x), VCS, VERITAS File system VXFS (v4.x, 5.x) Admintool, Remote Admin, AIX Volume Manager, HACMP, Zones, Net Backup, IBM s Sysback

LAN: Cisco Switches Routers, Load Balancers

Protocol: TCP/IP, FTP, HTTP, ARP, RARP, UDP, and Routing Protocols

Security: SSH, SCP, SUDO, Axent, Cert, Sun, IBM, Big Brother, SCAP

Languages: Shell Programming, KSH BASH

Webservers: Apache


Senior Linux / Windows Engineer

Confidential, Florham Park, NJ


  • Red Hat 5,6,7, VMware Windows 2008, 2012, 10 Systems Engineer Unix/Linux, Baptist Health System/ via Tek Systems, Jacksonville, FL 3/16 - 6/17
  • Red Hat 5,6,7 VMware, HP ilo Manage 100+ servers. PowerVM to manage AIX 6,7.
  • Installed, configured, tested, monitored servers. Preformed all Patching of OS from Rhel Subscription Manager and NIM Server. Configured LDAP for all servers.
  • Troubleshot HW & SW issues/failures. Upgraded Rhel 5/6 and 6/7 DB and App servers.
  • Architect of numerus multi server Applications.
  • OpenSCAP to Harden Rhel 6,7 servers and created Templates.

Unix / Linux Engineer

Confidential, Jacksonville, FL


  • Tier three/four level support for 5000 Aix and Red Hat Servers across 3 environments.
  • Responsible for monitoring, installation, configuration, debugging, administration, troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • Used VMware to manage Red Hat Servers and PowerVM to manage AIX servers.
  • Troubleshoot software and or hardware issues/failures.

Linux SME Expert V

Confidential, Alexandria, VA


  • Enforce password policies are followed and in compliance across Linux servers.
  • Adding DOD SSL certificates for all storage and backup systems (running Suse Enterprise and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
  • Changing the mode and ownership of specific files to meet DoD security requirements.
  • Adding all Linux hosts to the log server (Splunk) so that the systems can be audited for suspicious activities.

Financial Trader / Administrator

Confidential, St. Augustine, FL


  • Futures trading the SP, Dow Nasdaq, Euro Markets
  • Analysis of market conditions based on Economic indicators.
  • Administer Windows 7 base trading platforms.

Systems Engineer Unix

Confidential, Pearl Harbor, HI


  • Tier two level systems support for Solaris and Windows servers.
  • Tier two level support network switches and routers.
  • Support upgrade of Cisco Prime Optical.
  • Installed FLAR on Replacement server for Dande Application.
  • Engineered MYSQL Database & Dande Application.
  • Upgraded Netcool servers and tuned ZFS file system. Engineered SQL Statements that resulted in major time saving for NOC Technicians.

Systems Administrator,

Confidential, Newport CA/ Princeton, NJ


  • Installed and configured and administered Ubuntu Linux Servers.
  • Installed and configure windows base work stations and trading applications.
  • Wrote shell script’s “Bash” for cron job’s and startup programs.
  • Responsible for backup and restore Linux servers and off-site storage.
  • Constant monitoring of system performance and managed file systems.
  • Designed and implemented security procedures and monitoring for firm.
  • Formulated and maintained a remote business disaster continuation plan.
  • Engineered Systems Configurations

Senior Unix Engineer

Confidential, Trenton, NJ


  • Configured and administer 6800 Veritas Clusters using Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM, VxFS) & Clusters.
  • Install, up graded and administered E420R, E4500 V480, V880 servers.
  • Engineered and upgraded Sun StorEdge 3960 SAN with larger switches and more disk arrays.
  • Designed and installed Apache Web Load Balancers.
  • Upgrading Solaris 8/9 to Solaris 10 using live upgrade and manual upgrade.
  • Configured, installed and administered Solaris Containers (Zones).
  • Perform all duties related to Solaris system administration NIS+, DNS. Automount NFS, user account maintenance, backup & recovery.
  • Monitoring system resources, logs, disk usage, scheduling and monitoring backups and restore on Veritas Net Backup 6.5.
  • Installation, configuration and maintenance of Veritas Volume Manager on Sun Solaris environment.
  • File system management using VERITAS Volume Manager4.x on Sun Solaris environment.
  • Documentation of all the setup procedures and system related policies.
  • Trained Jr Administrators on Clustering and SAN technology.

Unix Systems Trading Floor Architect

Confidential, Newark, NJ


  • Designed, installed, configured three AIX “HACMP” systems attached to ESS Shark San’s using AIX Volume Manager. AIX 4/5
  • Designed and installed SUN CLUSTER and VERITAS CLUSTERING SYSTEMS, E3000/E4000
  • Servers and various RAID levels on StorEdge Disk Subsystems. VxVM, VxFS. via GUI and command line.
  • Installed, configured and administered SPARCSTATION (5, 10, 20), ULTRA (2, 5, 20), SUNFIRE (V100, V240, V440, V480, 280R), E250, E450, E3000, E4000 servers.
  • Installed and administered Solaris OS versions from 2.3/4/5/6/7/8 and 9.
  • Responsible for patches for the operating system, building startup shell scripts, managing the automation of CRON jobs and managing file systems
  • Wrote thousands of lines of Unix shell “KSH” to keep Remote Business Disaster site up to date including user account and passwords, files and application data and assisted DBA’s.
  • Installation, configuration and maintenance of DNS servers, Mail servers, NIS/NIS-plus on Sun Solaris and AIX servers.
  • Created thousands of pages on documentation on design’s, installations, and configurations of servers, applications, security and best practices.
  • Designed, wrote and executed the Trading Floor Remote Business Disaster plan that successfully utilized during September 11, 2001 and NYC Power Blackout.
  • Installed Cisco 1000 series routers and firewalls between 20 other trading floors. Installed Cisco 3000, 4000 routers and Cat 5000 switches.

Systems Technical Consultant

Confidential, East Rutherford, NJ


  • Administration of Desktop and SUN servers.
  • Hard disk and storage allocation and management.
  • Sales support IT liaison to support sales at trade shows and special events.
  • Installation of routers for customer base.
  • Writing Shell Scripts for automating and backups for customers servers.

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