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Sr. Unix/linux Systems Engineer Resume

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Chicago, IL


  • An experienced HP - UX & Solaris certified Unix Systems Engineer with Unix & Linux skills in large production environments, maintaining mission critical applications including SAP/Oracle/DB2/Sybase, server Virtualization (VM’s), HP Service Guard, disaster recovery and server migration experience.
  • Experienced in supporting UNIX / LINUX systems, SAN storage administration on the UNIX / LINUX, server virtualization, server automation & maintaining smooth operation of production environment.
  • Strong in installation, configuration, troubleshooting & implementing resolution, data protection & restoration, performance monitoring/tuning, disaster recovery planning, Unix security & server hardening techniques, system upgrades & implementing new technologies.
  • Experience of building RedHat & CentOS servers using kickstart and providing 24/7 support to production trading environment, running mission critical trading & market data applications.
  • Experience with RedHat Satellite 6 server for installing, updating, provisioning physical & virtual Linux environment.
  • Experience of creating VM’s using VMware vSphere 5.5 and installation/configuration of CentOS / RedHat.
  • Hands-on experience on HP-UX 11.31/11.xx, Oracle Solaris 10/9, RedHat 7/6/5, CentOS 7/6, SuSE 11/10/9, HP ServiceGuard, Veritas Cluster Server, Volume Manager & NetBackup, VAS, LVM &, HP Ignite-UX, HP Virtual Machines, Vmware & UNIX security administration etc.
  • Well familiar with ITIL process for the best practices, meet/exceed SLA’s, and improve customer service experience.
  • Highly motivated team player with solid communications, problem solving skills and willingness to learn new technologies.


Operating Systems: HP-UX 11.31/11.x, Oracle Solaris 10/9/8, RedHat 7/6/5/4, CentOS 7/6 & SuSE 11/10/9, IBM AIX 6/5/4.

Network / Security: SUDO, SSH, VAS, LDAP, DNS, NIS, TCP/IP, NFS & Automounter, NTFS, FTP, PTP, NTP, BOOTP, Network Services & Security, Network Monitoring/Performance Tools, Raritan console, APA/NIC bonding, Samba/CIFS, Unix security Administration etc.

Software / Products: HP ServiceGuard, CCMON, VCS, HA NFS, HP APA, HP Logical Volume Manager (LVM), HP Integrity Virtual Machines, HP Vpar, VMware vSphere, Vmotion, VERITAS Volume Manager & NetBackup, HP OpenView (ITO, NNM, GlancePlus, PerfView, Measureware), HP Opsware, HP Insight Manager, HP Ignite-UX, MirrorDisk/UX, HP Dynamic Root Disk (DRD), HP SAP HANA, HP SD-UX, lanadmin, EMC SAN tools (Symcli, PowerPath, ECC, timefinder), SiteScope monitoring, YUM Repositories, RPM s, BMC Patrol, SolarWinds, Apache webservers, HP DataProtector, Disaster Recovery planning & implementation, PostgreSQL & MySQL, familiar with SAP R/3 etc.

Hardware: HP 9000 (N/L/RP/RX class), HP BL860C & C7000 Enclosures, HP Blades, HP rx8640, HP Virtual Connect, HP SuperDome 2 / SD32000, HP Integrity servers, Oracle SUN Hardware, IBM Xseries/pSeries, Dell PowerEdge, HP DL Series, IBM RSA, Dell DRAC, HP ILO, Cyclade Terminal server, Peripherals & network Printers etc.

Programming: Ansible, Perl, Korn/Bourne shell scripting.


Confidential, Chicago, IL

Sr. Unix/Linux Systems Engineer


  • Performing LINUX/UNIX systems administration duties in highly available production trading environment.
  • Installation of RedHat 7/6 & CentOS 7/6 servers using kickstart and providing 24/7 support to production trading environment, running mission critical trading & market data applications.
  • Responsibility of architecture, design and deployment of RedHat 6/7 in highly available trading environment.
  • Upgraded from RedHat 6 to RedHat 7 for several clients.
  • Responsibility of performance monitoring & evaluation and capacity planning.
  • Responsible of Yum Repository configuration & verification for RedHat / CentOS updates & package management for over 3000+ servers.
  • Creating & managing new VM’s through VMware vSphere v5.5and deployed RedHat 7/6 for trading applications.
  • Creating new VM’s using OpenStack on baremetals hosts and customizing for applications through ansible playbook automation tools.
  • Configuring, automation & patching of Red Hat/CentOS servers using ansible playbooks automation tool.
  • Installed /configured and deployed Dell Open Manager Essential for firmware/BIOS updates & systems hardware monitoring & management.
  • Day to Day support, including RedHat/CentOS patching and troubleshooting in a low latency environment, market data troubleshooting, feeds, lost/dropped packets and latency.
  • Installation / configuration of SolarFlare / OpenLoad 10GB network adapters and configured PTP (Precision Time Protocol) on market data servers for high speed trading clients.
  • Monitored Hosts through Nagios, Sensu, Solarwinds and used JIRA for incident & change management.
  • Installed MongoDB & PostgreSQL on RedHat /CentOS and worked DBA’s for configuration.
  • Interacted directly with sophisticated microsecond sensitive trading clients and internal development staff.
  • Working with IP Multicast, Routing and the TCP/IP stack, packet sniffing applications Wireshark, tcpdump.
  • Actively participated in deployment of Red Hat Satellite server 6 in the Linux environment.


Sr. Unix/Linux Systems Engineer


  • Responsibility of providing HP-UX, Oracle Solaris & Linux production support running mission critical applications.
  • The Unix OS platforms HP-UX 11.31, Oracle Solaris 9/10, RedHat 7/6, CentOS 7/6, VMware vSphere v5.5.
  • The responsibility also includes architecture & design, new server builds, OS patching, automation, monitoring and on- call pager duty for production support.
  • Architecture, Designed & Deployed the Ignite backup and recovery for HP-UX environment & created golden image to deploy new HP-UX 11.31 servers.
  • Installed several HP-UX 11.31 on bare metal, VM hosts & VM’s on Itanium I4 hardware and customized for healthcare business applications.
  • Managed & worked problem tickets through resolution and mentored/trained junior off-shore staff.
  • Managed HP Service Guard Cluster for highly available applications and performed failover/failback testing.

Confidential, Abbott Park, I

Sr. Unix Systems Engineer


  • Performed HP-UX / Solaris support duties in highly available production environment, including 24/7 on-call rotation duty on HP-UX 11.31 servers running Oracle databases & SAP mission critical applications.
  • Worked with Oracle DBA’s & SAP Basis Administrators to implement SAP applications on HP-UX servers.
  • Actively built numerous Virtual Machines (VM’s) on HP C7000 blades, configured SAN/NAS storage on new hosts and configured Unix customization for SAP applications and Oracle data bases.
  • Maintained Virtual Machines (VM’s) and Virtual Partitions (VPars) in production environment and troubleshot storage & network issue.
  • Performed HP ServiceGuard cluster maintenance & failover testing and worked with DBA’s and application owners to verify the reliability of failover testing in case of hardware issue.
  • Configured CCMON software for HP ServiceGuard clusters monitoring to check & report inconsistencies on the SG cluster nodes.
  • Maintenance of VM’s & VPars for optimal performance tuning, updated kernel parameters and services as needed.
  • Maintained and monitored Unix security issue, SUDOERS file, troubleshot VAS authentication login issues for user & application s.
  • Performed break/fix maintenance including online disk replacement & configuration on Unix hosts and coordinated with the vendors to schedule such maintenances.
  • Installed & upgraded BMC Patrol Monitoring Tool in Unix environment for performance monitoring and troubleshot Patrol Monitoring issues when needed.
  • Performed Level-2 support for HP SIM alerts for systems faults events, troubleshot NetBackup issues & recovered HP-UX image from Ignite backups when needed.
  • Presented & configured SAN storage on the virtual & physical hosts to configure file systems using LVM and maintenance of Oracle database file systems and for database refreshes.
  • Performed system patches, kernel updates and coordinated with vendor to install latest Firmware updates.
  • Monitored ITSM ticket systems for the issues and worked through the resolution to meet/exceed SLA’s.
  • Familiar with ITIL process to meet and exceed of SLA’s and the best practices to improve customer service experience to the users.
  • Participated & actively involved in Disaster Recovery Planning & Testing for the Unix production environment & updated the DR testing plan & procedures and verified the DR Sync configuration for application & OS file systems.
  • Configured & troubleshot network printers in Unix / Linux environment for mostly SAP applications.
  • Collected, maintained and physically verified the hardware inventories in the data centers.
  • Actively participated in Data Center migration of over 400+ servers to new AbbVie Data Center during separation project and the storage was migrated from HITACHI to EMC SAN.

Confidential, Downers Grove, IL

Unix Systems Engineer/ Architect


  • Performed UNIX / LINUX systems administration & implementation duties in highly available large production environment running critical applications such as SAP / Oracle / DB2 and also provided 24/7 on-call duty.
  • Installed & configured numerous HP-UX 11/11.31, RedHat 4/5/6 & SuSE 9/10, SUN Solaris OS, configured SAN disks and experience of working closely with SAP and Oracle teams for upgrades and new installations.
  • Successfully designed & implemented High Availability cluster (HP Service Guard) for Oracle 10G database & application packages.
  • Successfully planned & upgraded numerous HP-UX systems from version 11.11 to 11.23 & 11.31 in HP ServiceGuard environment and also standalone servers.
  • Successfully project planned & executed Disaster Recovery of SAP/Oracle DB production computer systems Confidential a remote data centers for our clients.
  • Successfully managed migration of numerous RedHat & SuSE servers in our data center for several clients.
  • Created & configured Network & Kickstart installation for RedHat Linux servers and well familiar with NIC/Channel bonding on RedHat servers.
  • Experience with VMware vSphere v4.1 to manage Virtual server environment, installed Apache webserver and familiar with MySQL & Oracle databases.
  • Installed ECC and SymCLI on numerous Unix servers and installed Emulex HBA drivers & HBAnyware tool on several SAN attached RedHat Linux servers.
  • Experienced with Solaris 9/10, created & maintained Solaris Zones and configured network on the Solaris servers in heterogeneous server environment.
  • Installed PostgreSQL & MySQL on RedHat & SuSE Linux and worked with DBA’s for configuration.
  • Implemented UNIX security project for a major clients, to implement login security using NIS netgroup /LDAP and password controls.
  • Experience with server hardening techniques and vulnerability prevention & detection and enterprise level administration and automation.
  • Designed standard UNIX install / build procedures & documentation for new server deployment to be consistent and developed Best Practices and Process Improvement in Unix/Linux environment.
  • Successfully identified performance issues, monitor system performance using BMC patrol & other tools and recommended solutions for the improvement of system performance.
  • Coordinated & worked with various hardware vendors to identify system hardware issues and liaison with business & application teams to plan downtime to repair hardware issues through change management.
  • Install & configured HP Insight Manager & Opsware software in Linux environment for monitoring & automation and also identified repeatable tasks & implemented shell scripts & trained computer operators to conduct these tasks.
  • Installed / configured HP-UX 11.x on numerous PA-RISC & Itanium hardware, SAN disks configuration, used VxVM / LVM to create/maintain Volumes/FS, third party software installations, DNS, NFS, NIS configuration, troubleshot network, hardware/software issues, user management & setting up of Disaster Recovery servers.
  • Administered & troubleshot Veritas NetBackup issues for data protection & restoration, backup management and policies and installed / configured NetBackup Client software on numerous Unix/Linux servers.
  • Installed latest patches & software packages to update HP-UX OS, kernel tuning to enhance the system performance, troubleshooting of day to day system and user problems.
  • Used SMH/SAM & command line to administer HP-UX for software package, patches, user management, Volume/Group, disk group, volume & file system creation and maintenance of SAN attached disks.
  • Designed & implemented shell scripts to automate password administration process through sudoers on numerous HP-UX trusted hosts for the customer to improve service desk technical support.
  • Designed & implemented standard sudoers file across numerous HP-UX / Linux servers and administer day to day Unix security requirements.
  • Managed Remedy & Service Manager trouble tickets & alarms through resolution, troubleshot day to day Unix issues, implemented change controls and helped resolve hardware/software issues in production environment.

Confidential, Columbus, OH

UNIX Implementation Engineer


  • Performed SUN Solaris systems administration & implementation duties in a highly available Unix environment in a large financial. Designed & implemented Unix infrastructure for migration projects, using swing, tech refresh & forklift migration techniques and successfully migrated several applications to new data centers.
  • Installed and built Solaris SunFire systems, which includes OS patching, OBP upgrade/EEPROM parameters, upgraded HBA firmware, NetBackups, Tivoli Monitoring, troubleshot network & routing issues in DMZ & Secure ESF zones and established load balance requirements & firewall rules.
  • Installed Veritas Foundation Suite, created volumes/files systems & mirrors, configured two nodes VCS SunFire database cluster, configured NetBackup client, NTP, DNS, SaveCore & troubleshot SUDOERS issues.
  • Tuned Kernel & Network parameters of SUN Solaris, troubleshot SSH issues and created new user & application accounts, installed Tivoli endpoint for monitoring.
  • Coordinated & worked with DBA’s to install / configure database & financial applications on new boxes.
  • Designed and prepared Unix infrastructure design documentation for financial applications migration such as
  • Wire3.0, CAP/TDW, Kana Connect/Response, Cross-Border payments, ACH etc.
  • Created Visio diagrams for Unix infrastructure of various applications to reflect application dependencies & interfaces, before migration & after migration in new data centers CDC1/CDC2.
  • Coordinated with various Line of Businesses to meet SLA requirements & get the job done to meet schedules, participated in various status meetings and interfaced with vendors to get hardware quotes for new purchases.
  • Successfully completed Strategic Data Center Migration (SDCM) Certification training Confidential JP Morgan.

Confidential, St Louis, MO

UNIX Systems Engineer


  • Performed UNIX systems administration duties, responsible for systems, applications, network & database monitoring in a large data center, 24/7 highly available ISP environment with over 850+ servers.
  • Administered SUN Solaris & HP-UX operating systems, responsible for troubleshooting, patching, backups & disk management using Veritas Volume Manager, NetBackup, VCS & HP MC/ServiceGuard administration.
  • Supported Web, WorldNet News, Email complex, VOIP, DNS, SAS, LDAP and other Internet related applications.
  • Administered HP OpenView (ITO, NNM, PM,IS, Reporter) environment to monitor & manage numerous servers which includes Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Linux & Win2K servers.
  • Troubleshot HP OpenView related issues, generated reports & published on the intranet and customized monitors & templates as per business needs.

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