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Network Engineer Resume

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New York City, NY


  • 15+ Years of Solution oriented and resourceful professional with diverse experience and technical expertise in the areas of systems administration, customer support and technical troubleshooting.
  • Expert knowledge and teamwork experience across networking technology to provide first class IT solutions.
  • Proven ability to deliver all goals and benchmarks on time and to the highest standards of quality


Hardware: Ericsson Smart Edge 1200 Router/Switch, Net - Screen ISG 1000 Firewalls, Net Opt Management System for Smart Edge, NSM Express for ISG Firewalls, Cisco Routers and Catalyst Switches. ROUTERS 3600, 7200 and 7500 SWITCHES 5500's 6500's with Native & IOS Catalyst software, Juniper Routers (M320, M10i, M120), Net Screen Firewalls (NS-50, NS5GT, NS25GT, NS-208, ISG-2000, ISG-550), Cisco Routers (3800, 2600, 2800), Cisco Switches (500, 2900 series) & Extreme Switches (Summit48i, Alpine 3804, Black diamond 8800).

Software: VLANS, PROTOCOLS OSPF, BGP, EIGRP, HSRP and other related technologies. LANS/WANS, DS3's ATM, Frame Relay over ATM, MPLS, ISDN, T-1, T-3, CSU/DSU's. Troubleshooting tools such as Spectrum, HP Open View, Cisco Works, ping, ssh, telnet, ftp, smoke ping Blackberry services, TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP.VPN, RAS, Net-Screen Security Manager, Solar-Winds, Info-Vista Insight, Cisco AAA and ACS.

Operating Systems: Officer 2007 suite, OS Windows 2003 & 2008, SQL, Exchange, File, Terminal Server, Backup and Application Servers. Servers SQL, Exchange, File, Terminal Server, Backup and Linksys and Net gear.


Confidential, New York city, NY

Network Engineer

  • Performing routine maintenance & preventive maintenance of the IP network
  • Perform network testing and performance monitoring to verify network capability, reliability, availability and performance
  • Perform Software and Hardware upgrades for Routers, Firewalls and Network Management Systems software
  • Performance enhancements with installation and integration of new network nodes and technologies
  • Configuration of IP nodes and troubleshooting of technical issues for optimization
  • Updating configuration change documentation upon any change in the network
  • Coordinating with local and global support in-case of emergencies and planned authorized service interruptions


Information Communication Technology MANAGER

  • Responsible for identifying, addressing, and resolving chronic client problems efficiently
  • Used a remedy trouble ticket system for tracking all troubles reported on the WAN
  • Ensuring successful Operation & Maintenance of MPBN, IP-MPLS Core & IGWD network
  • Maintaining Cisco Operation & Maintenance of MPBN, IP-MPLS Core & IGWD network
  • Performed initial problem determination, evaluation and resolution using various software-based troubleshooting tools.
  • Responding and troubleshooting end users technical concerns and installing and configuring system hardware/software in an enterprise environment and supporting application functionality and access
  • Provided assistance with optimization of systems, protocols and change management support
  • Planned, coordinated, implemented and supported the LAN/WAN hardware, software and internet/intranet/extranet integration and linkage
  • Performed tuning to monitor the performance and characteristics of firewall and VPN gateways, networks, remote access and authentication services to make necessary adjustments so as to improve their efficiency and effectiveness


Information Communication Technology Specialist

  • Technology support for systems administration, trend analysis, and implementation
  • Troubleshoot network outages with carriers and set-up requisite procedures to prevent future recurrences with availability of .999 goal reached
  • Implemented HP-Open view for network management
  • Developed procedures to accurately measure and track network quality to achieve service goals
  • Perform network monitoring, repair coordination, and network performance analysis
  • Diagnosed and solved frame relay / T1 lines, CSU/DSU and routers connectivity problems
  • Installed connectivity software using VPN, Telnet and dial-up connections
  • Provided security and network performance audits periodically using Sniffer Distributed Suite
  • Assisted in LAN Design & support, Office & Data Center configuration for WAN and LAN interface network, Extreme Switches


IT Manager / Systems Administrator / Network Administrator

  • Operation and maintenance of Watan Telecom ISP Network
  • Planning and Designing of Watan Telecom ISP Network
  • Configuration & Troubleshooting of Border Gateway Routers
  • Integration of new ISP links with different Internet Service Providers
  • Bandwidth Management using Bluecoat Packet Shaper 7500
  • Using IP SLAs, Route-Maps and ACLs and optimized BGP configurations to ensure smooth failover of Internet traffic from one ISP to another during ISP/link failover
  • Active Directory Services/Objects: Group Policies, Users, Other Resources Printers, Files and Folders
  • Support documentation fiscal year plans with budget plans research product information and suggest hardware and new technology to improve network infrastructure


Network Engineer

  • Operation and maintenance of Mobile Packet Backbone Network (MPBN)
  • Written Standard Operational Procedures (SOP) for basic and advanced configuration/troubleshooting of all MPBN nodes
  • Close coordination with Ericsson Design team and Confidential for various design (LLD & HLD) & implementation related issues for network optimization
  • Participating in installation, configuration and integration of all MPBN nodes in different phases
  • Actively involved in software upgrades for Juniper routers, Cisco routers, Net Screen firewalls and extreme switches and expert in working with Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD).
  • Configuration, troubleshooting and maintenance of MPLS VPNS for carrying VOICE, SIGTRAN, and GB traffic over IP-MPLS Backbone and GRE tunnels b/w Cisco routers for carrying CLNS traffic of various transmission nodes i.e. Marconi OMS, DXX and Traffic Nodes etc.


Cisco Instructor

  • Trained and mentored students in Cisco and network configuration and installation
  • Created in-depth high quality Cisco classes for the Students of Confidential adding lasting value to the firm each course was crafted with care and precision, resulting in rigorous student development
  • Courseware covered the exhausting list of routing protocols (RPs): Routing and Switching, Configuration of different Routers and Switches, installation of different IOS, configuring IP Addressing, TCP/IP, Static Routing protocol, Dynamic RPs, Routing Information Protocol Ver1 ( RIP), Interior Gateway RP (IGRP), Routing Information Protocol Ver2 (RIP), Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), Enhanced Interior Gateway RP (EIGRP), Open shortest path First (OSPF), Integrated IS-IS, Route Redistribution, Route Filtering, Route Maps, IPV4, IPV6, RIPng, Access Lists, Working with binary/hexa decimal numbers, Quality of Service (QoS), Multicasting, Frame-Relay Configuration, Understanding Layer 3 Access Switch ports, Understanding ISL Trunk Ports, Understanding 802.1q Trunk Ports, VLANs, Configuration of VLANs with VTP, Implementing Spanning Tree, Configuration of STP, RSTP, MSTP, Configuration of Ether channel, HSRP, VRRP and GLBP, configuration of Wireless, Voice, LANs, Configuring Switch Security, Configuring Spoof Attacks, Configuring against VLAN Attacks, Configuring STP security Mechanisms, Implementation of Preventing STP Forwarding Loops, Configuring Securing Networks Switches, Implementing Trunks, and troubleshooting of different Model of Routers and Switches

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