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Network Technology Consultant Resume

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New York, NY


  • Network Infrastructure Manager / Sr. Network Engineer with extensive experience in network, cable and telephony infrastructure environments, data operations and systems support centers. Product knowledge spans LAN/WAN, OCAP & TRUE TWO WAY CABLE, Telecommunications, Network Engineering, PPP, OSPF, BGP, ATM, MPLS, QOS, EIGRP, Frame Relay, connectivity, computer services and hardware.
  • Ascertained a broad range of technical experience over the past 33 years.
  • I have worked in the IT and Electronics field as a Manager of Systems Support and Network Engineering specializing in Computers, Telecommunications and Electronics. My vast experience ranges from working in multiple LAN/WAN networked environments as well as providing managerial and systems support for large computer companies like Comcast Communications, Confidential, Vanguard, MCI WorldCom, Brocade, Hewlett Packard Enterprises and Confidential Pharmaceuticals as well as intermediate to small companies. Some of my industry knowledge and past responsibilities included RF, Electronics, Networking, Telecommunications and computer (voice, data and video) Engineering. The systems I have helped design and work with were cutting edge technology, and utilized some of the most current proprietary and non - proprietary hardware and embedded software and applications, in the Video Telecommunications, Computer and communications industry. I have acquired many of the certifications needed in the computer, communications electronics and project management fields like Confidential 's MCSE, MCP, Cisco CCNA, RF site certifications and A+, and Six Sigma.


  • Training and Development
  • Project Management
  • Extensive knowledge in the computer field with troubleshooting and repair of networks
  • Product Engineering, Design and Implementations
  • Quality Control
  • Productivity Improvement


Confidential, New York, NY

Network Technology Consultant


  • Secondary project responsibilities were Network Technology Consultant in a Cisco shop working directly with Network Teams to integrate new mergers and acquisitions into a globally standard network platform.
  • Both projects responsibilities consisted of creating and reading Visio Network topology drawings along with Network Design and concepts, creating Bill of materials (BOM) for ordering, creating and tracking RFC’s via Remedy and Project Management knowledge and skills, being pro-efficient with Confidential ’s office suites and applications along with Cisco Switches, Routers, Security Appliances, VOIP, WAAS, and ISP providers like Confidential & Confidential, Confidential and others.

Confidential, Boca Raton, FL

Brocade OSE Onsite Network Engineer


  • Working as Brocade supporting Engineer for BNA (Brocade Network Advisor, VDX6740 core switches, MLX router’s, IDX6100 access switches along with other management software like Solarwinds, Cisco core, aggregation, access switches and security appliances.

Confidential, Shreveport, LA


  • Assigned to Confidential team of Willis Knighton as BRC (Brocade resonant consultant) to assist with network deployments (refreshes, change management configurations, MOPS, network architecture interfacing and troubleshooting issues of the following Brocade hardware: CER-2024f,ICX7750-48F,VDX674,ICX6610’s in stacked and standalone configurations along with BNA Application/Appliance for monitoring.
  • These Brocade Infrastructure appliances interfaced with many types of industry LAN/WAN/WLAN appliances like ARUBA wireless controllers, Ciena Sonnet Ring, Proxy servers, Cisco ASA appliances and Polo Alto Firewalls along with other proprietary peripherals.



  • The following Brocade equipment was implemented and deployed: The Core configuration utilized VDX8770’s Fabric Switches, and MLXe’s Core Router/Switches. The Aggregation layer consisted of VDX6740 fabric Switches and ICX6610 Management Switches. Other Brocade Technologies utilized is the Vyatta Vrouter, along with the Brocade BNA and interfaced with Polo Alto Firewalls and F5 5250v Load Balancer’s as well as Riverbed CX-7070H’s.
  • Some of LAN/WAN protocols were VRRP-E, VLAN, OSPF, MPLS and EBGP / IBGP along with redistribution.
  • All Brocade Edge Fabric interfaced with other Vendor infrastructure hardware like Cisco Nexus switches, and other vendor servers and DMZ’s.



  • Interfacing with key stakeholders vendors and technical personnel through all aspects and phases of project as Network Engineer Consultant in the field and remotely. Project responsibilities includes: assisting with the configuring, troubleshooting, staging, code upgrades, licensing and deployment of Brocade’s ICX-6610, 6450 and 6430 stacked core and standalone edge switch topologies for nationwide refresh project.
  • Trained and made recommendations to Traveler’s Net-ops team for best practices and utilization of Brocade switches and infrastructure components for deployment strategy.


Cisco LAN/WAN Engineer


  • The primary focus was the delivery and implementation of Unified Communications, data, OSP and facilities solutions to customers globally.
  • Configuration and troubleshooting of the following Cisco LAN/WAN/WLAN products: 2921 Routers, 2960/2950 Switches, ASA5512 Firewall, 2602i Lightweight APs (access points), 7500 Wireless LAN Controller and the MSE Wireless Control System (Cisco Prime).

Confidential, PA

Network and Infrastructure LAN/WAN Engineer and Analyst


  • Analyzed LAN/WAN/WLAN traffic and made recommendations for realignment and restructuring.
  • Consulted with Network Management and Net-ops team in the NOC and International DATA Centers to optimize all global enterprise network components including; Cisco, Juniper, Avaya and F5 routers, Aruba wireless Controllers 5500 series lightweight AP’s (access points), switches, firewalls and load balancers. (All experience was both voice and data). Worked with products like Solarwinds, Reporting tools and Visio Diagrams to adhere to Confidential compliance and be cost efficient in the international market place.

Confidential, Wilmington, Delaware

Network Security Design & Implementation Engineer


  • Worked with Global Net-Ops team along with Telecom and ISP Providers such as Confidential, Confidential and Confidential to expedite the design processes for the following projects (secure tunneling for egress points to implement Office 365), (VPN tunneling for Windows 7 upgrades) and some migration work as well.
  • Specific infrastructure appliances were Cisco ASA 5540-5580 enterprise environment firewalls to configure DMZ zones along with creating objects and Confidential secure tunnels.

Confidential, Camden, NJ

Network SR. Engineer


  • Primary responsibilities are the Cisco switch and device design, implementation, migration and refresh from Cisco EOL 3550 in the IDF’s to HP Procurve 3800E’s and Cisco 3750’s infrastructure.
  • Core’s being utilized in the Confidential ;s were Cisco 6500 series LAN Switching with VLAN/WLAN,STP,IOS, HTTP, HTTPS, Lightweight APs (access points), Confidential LAN Controller SMTP, SNMP, SSL and tagging technologies.
  • Secondary responsibilities were the support of the network LAN/WAN infrastructure and proprietary hospital systems and interfaces for systems like DaVincci Robot, RFID’s and others.

Confidential, Bluebell, PA

IT Manager and Sr. Network Engineer


  • Utilize ITIL best practices to manage IT department and trained internal personnel to assume the management role when completed.
  • This assignment was a dual position with Network Engineer to technically support responsibilities; design, and implementation of new policies in two offices (Pennsylvania and New Jersey).
  • Other responsibilities included RFP and vendor relations, evaluating and supporting a Cisco network consisting of 2800 & 2900 series routers, redundant stacked 3750 series switches, ASA 5520 appliances with DMZ, Natting, Routing and switching protocols BGP, VLAN/WAN/WLAN, STP, VOIP, SIP, PRI’s, H323 and the Confidential Active Directory 2010 consisted of Exchange, SQL Citrix client and servers, Hyper V Virtual machines double take and Symantec Backup, DNS and DHCP Services.
  • Responsibilities included resolving trouble tickets and new implementations and upgrading of network circuits design and solutions for both data/telecom related issues.

Confidential, Philadelphia, PA

Sr. Network Engineer


  • Primary responsibility was to configure deploy and support Cisco 2951 router’s to a lab environment and then move to a production / retail environment with split tunnel Confidential for Barracuda and Confidential & Confidential web washing capabilities. Routing protocols - BGP, OSPF, NAT, LAN/WAN/WLAN and Confidential utilization Secondary responsibilities was to support the Cisco Data and voice infrastructure, migrate from Confidential Controllers and Light weight AP’s (access points) to Aruba wireless Controllers and AP’s along with airwave tool to check signal propagation and heat map foot print.

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