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Power Systems Engineer Resume

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Wilmington, DE


  • An Electrical Engineering Professional with 2 years of experience in Design, Implementation, Analysis, Testing, Verification and Project management procedures established in Electrical, Electronics, Power, Automotive and Manufacturing Industries.
  • Experience on operation and maintenance of Electrical Machines such as Generators with heavy movable machinery, knowledge on Standards for protection, switching and load specifications in Transmission and Distribution of Electricity in the Grid.
  • Manufacturing Experience of Lead Acid batteries equipped in automotives and understanding of techniques involved in testing and validation.
  • Implemented a design, which harnesses Electrical Power from Solar Energy, performed design verification and efficiency simulation with the tools MATLAB, PSpice and ETAP.
  • Project work on conversion of Thermal Energy and utilization of Electrical Energy through the thermo - electric generator to generate Confidential source for the automotive loads.
  • In-plant training in a Cable Ship, acquired knowledge in installation, maintenance and OTDR testing of Optical fiber communication systems deployed under sea.
  • Experienced as a Project Engineer, updated database using SQL quires, organized Scrum meetings, created reports using the tool Jasper Soft and engaged in server monitoring.
  • Knowledge and understanding on requirements and acceptance criteria for cable and wire harness assemblies IPC -620.
  • Developed and validated SAS programs for the quality analysis of data sets, tables, listings, graphs and customized reports for business needs.
  • Well-grounded in concepts of Project Management, Bio-Medical Instrumentation, Environmental Engineering, Principles of Management, Logistics and Supply chain Engineering.
  • Tutored students in Electrical Machines and Circuits Lab (August - November 2011) to provide understanding on machines, data and specifications of the components that were to be used.
  • Possess a go-getter attitude with an ability to communicate well in tough situations and work under pressure.


  • CAD
  • COMSOL Multi-Physics
  • SAS
  • ETAP, PSpice
  • LabVIEW
  • PL/SQL
  • Microsoft Office
  • Windows, IOS


Power Systems Engineer

Confidential, Wilmington, DE


  • Troubleshooting, testing, and modifying digital, high power, and analog circuitry for signal conditioning and control applications with little supervision.
  • Development, modification, and use of laboratory test procedures from schematics and verbal instructions
  • Familiarity with all types of laboratory instrumentation, including oscilloscopes, function generators, meters, logic analyzers, power supplies and frequency counters, Integration and testing in a laboratory setting of all of the above.
  • Provide support to the wind, hydropower, solar, and power systems in research, design, and development of resource assessments, and perform power systems analyses.
  • Support micro-grid to full-scale grid demonstrations.
  • Coordinate, analyze, and deliver model results to technical staff, group leads, and external collaborators.
  • Need to perform the statistical analysis on the design data for the research & validation purpose by using SAS.
  • Prepare and contribute to technical reports, publications, and presentations at national technical meetings and project reviews with program sponsors.
  • Develop Worst Case Circuit Analysis, Electrical-Thermal Stress Analysis, Internal Conductor Analysis, and Mean Time between Failure reports.

Assistant Project Engineer

Confidential, Philadelphia, PA


  • Executed test plans, developed conversion and system implementation plans.
  • Involved in various phases of Software Development Life Cycle (Process, Design, Development, Support and Testing) and followed Agile methodology.
  • Gathered and analyzed data to prepare systems and programming documentation.
  • Assisted with implementation of changes in product development, maintenance and system standards in the creation of software specifications.
  • Regularly reported progress on projects and assisted with successful configuration management.
  • Generated SQL queries to update the users content list in the database.
  • Executed the solar wind monitoring and prepared schedules for Maintenance.

Junior Engineer



  • Allocated in an underground power station equipped with 7 Francis turbine generators of 110 MW each regulating the enumerate plant capacity of 150000 HP
  • Analyzed the dynamic functioning, in-process conditions and efficiency of Electrical Machines in steady state, partially loaded and fully loaded conditions.
  • Daily operation of power plant equipment including distribution of load requirements, daily logs, reporting and seconded as site control in facility repairs.
  • Performed Electrical, Fault and lightning load calculations, conceptualized power systems, control engineering and distribution designs to ensure efficient transmission.
  • Worked in a team environment to perform maintenance of Generators and Turbines, provided support and acted as an assistant for Maintenance Engineer.
  • Ensured that the cleanliness of assigned facility stays at or above Confidential and CTI Standards.
  • Presented my perspective understanding to the senior plant personnel and earned their consent and agreement on significant aspects.




  • Explored the manufacturing logistics of batteries that are utilized in small-scale, daily-based applications and large-scale industrial operations.
  • Reviewed battery and related board designs, test and debug prototype batteries and circuit design using oscilloscopes, signal generators, spectrum analyzers, multimeters.
  • Evaluated battery systems, products, components, applications by designing and applying the knowledge of electricity and materials as per ISO 14001 and TS 16949 standards.
  • Effectively participated in design decisions verbally and through written documentation specifications, schematics, bills of materials and test reports.
  • Power and analog experience, familiar with discrete switching regulators, Confidential - Confidential converters and linear regulator.
  • Assisted the Field engineer in the cable ship inbuilt with equipment required for laying down the fiber systems between two regions.
  • Developed knowledge on the Installation, Maintenance and ODTR testing of the Optical fiber cables deployed under sea.
  • Understanding of Raw materials, process and field work involved in Optical Fiber networking.

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