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Cyber Security Intern Resume


Programing Languages: Python, Java, and basic experience with C.

Databases: Access, Relational Database Design, SQL, Primary and Foreign keys.

Operating Systems: Linux (Ubuntu, Kali), Windows.

Software: Packet tracer, Nessus, Metasploit, Qualys, Burp Suite, SharePoint, Info - Path.

Exchange Management (365): Domain registration, adding and deleting users.

Web Development: HTML & CSS, Zoho Site, Web Designing.

Computer Networking: BGP, OSPF, RIP, Firewalls Rules, Wireshark, and VMware.


Cyber Security Intern



  • Participated on a business case study project with a team of Interns.
  • Developed a security matrix to determine the severity of a vulnerability.
  • Performed application scanning using Qualys/ Burp Suite.
  • Codded a script to check spoofed emails.
  • Developed an exercise to test the forensics process and tooling in United.
IT Intern



  • Developed and created websites using Zoho Sites systems.
  • Managed email exchange for the company’s’ clients using Microsoft (365).
  • Communicated with the clients and updated the technical teams.
Data entry



  • Digitalized the data from the notebooks into Excel.
  • Developed business reports that showed the revenue and expense.
  • Reported daily operations about the company and employees performance.
  • Cooperated with the operation team in assigning transportation tasks.

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