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Cloud Operations / Network Center Engineer Resume



Dedicated Telecom Network Engineer, with field over 13+ years of IT experience, experience leading projects and managing cross functional resources to optimize information technology for achieving a set goal. Providing excellent staff training, customer service, problem resolution, and superior leadership skills. Committed to quality and service excellence with the aptitude for launching new technology operations, including client and vendor relationships, policies and procedures and business processes.


  • Network Engineering
  • Configuration Infrastructure upgrade
  • Network Security
  • Information Assurance
  • Telecomm & Network
  • Deployment & Management
  • Virtualization
  • Cloud Services
  • Disaster Recovery
  • System Admin
  • Troubleshooting
  • Organizational Skills RF Communications Teaching/ Training.



Layer 3 technologies: IPv4, IPV6, BGP, EIGRP, OSPF, VPN, GRE, and HSRP.

Layer 2 technologies: Spanning - Tree, VLANs, Trunking, Etherchannel, Port-Security VTP, UDLD, VDC, and CDP

Network Management/Monitoring: SolarWinds, HP OpenView, Cisco Works, Netview, DM, SDM, CCP

Network, scanning and Security Tools: Zabbix, Splunk, Nagios .Nmap, Nessus/OpenVAS, OpenNMSSnort/Suricata, Bro IDS, mod sec Wireshark,nmap, Q-Tip, Logger, IP Scanner

Network Simulation Tools, Documentation: Packet Tracer/Microsoft Visio

Cisco Routers: ASR, ISR./ Cisco Switches IOS, Catalyst, Nexus

Cisco Firewalls: VPN ASA, FWS PIX, Cisco Access Control Server (ACS)

Ticketing, Database systems, mailing: ServiceNow, Oracle Siebel,Connectwise, Remedy, Lotus Notes, Outlook

Operating Systems: Windows, UNIX “smartOS”, Linux Based OS’s

Virtualization: Compute, Network & Security, Object and Block Storage, Imaging

Availability/ Clustering, Disaster Recovery: KVM, SmartOS hypervisor, OpenSolaris, VMware, OpenStack, IBM SoftLayer/ BlueMix, IBM MarketPlace, AWS

Cloud Services: PCI Compliance device testing & Enterprise Key and Crypto management

Application-level encryption: SafeNet ProtectApp

Column-level database encryption: SafeNet ProtectDB

File system-level encryption: SafeNet ProtectFile

Full disk virtual machine encryption: SafeNet ProtectV

Telephony and VoIP: Cisco UCCE 8.x, CUCM, Gateways, SIP, SS7,SCCP, H.323, Ericsson, Motorola PBX, Cisco Meraki, Aruba

RF/ Wireless Electronics & Comm: Telecommunication, Satellite CommunicationHF & VHF “Motorola and Codan”, Antenna design, Oscilloscope testing, Problem identification, analysis & solutions


Confidential, Colorado

Cloud Operations / Network Center Engineer


  • Monitor and Maintain Network Security Systems & Infrastructure
  • Monitor and Maintain Applications & Operating Security Systems
  • Identify, categorize and respond to Security System events
  • Participate in Incident Management, Change Management and Security Policy Management
  • 24x7x365 Product support for Confidential and Samsung Triton Cloud.
  • Monitoring and incident response to alerts
  • Operating services running in our cloud environment
  • Watch ticket queues and perform troubleshooting, engaging other departments and stakeholder for escalations as needed.
  • Implementation, maintaining, and troubleshooting of complex virtualized environments.
  • Document pre-deployment and post-deployment plans along with the team for all configuration changes.
  • Stay abreast of current technologies and make recommendations based on knowledge and research.
  • Utilizing open sources monitoring tools, to monitor the cloud and its data centers, Systems and network related issues (such Zabbix, Splunk, Nagios .Nmap, Nessus/OpenVAS, OpenNMS, Snort/Suricata, Bro IDS, mod security)
  • Performing network maintenance tasks in a highly available 24/7 data centers on Routers, Switches and Loadbalance servers
  • Troubleshooting Cloud services and its infrastructure resources issues, network outages and Cyber Security vulnerabilities and attacks incidents. Methodology evolve access Command Lines of different systems.
  • Supporting customers of both, Confidential Private and Public Cloud services, from L2/L3 up to L4/L7.
  • Be able to access the cloud infrastructure using SHell/ Bash commands for t roubleshooting included IP network, virtual network fibers, and security threats mitigating
  • Navigate Smart OS, Linux systems and Unix-Basic Operating systems to Look up log files and setup basic config using command line.
  • Strong analytical, troubleshooting, and problem solving skills
  • Experience with Shell automation/scripting; server and network virtualization technologies; open source software
  • Contribute in building the Confidential SOP’s within agreed upon SLA
  • Verify Security incident source alert notifications are authentic and trusted including DDOS mitigation techniques
  • Identify and resolve incidents that are not defined by (or deviates from) an existing incident response guides.
  • Assist with significant incidents as needed or assigned.

Confidential, Maryland

Senior Client Service Engineer


  • Support ProtectV encryption product that controls the security of virtual environment while addressing specific compliance mandates like NIST, GDPR, HIPAA, HITECH, and PCI DSS.
  • Resolve client’s questions or problems over the telephone or internet in the areas of system configuration/setup, product functionality and bugs/enhancements on Cloud Base Systems.
  • Support Cloud encryption connectors such Volume Encryption for Virtual Environments (VMware, IBM, SoftLayer, AWS and other Virtual/ cloud Environments)
  • Troubleshoot Key Management solution (KeySecure) and related common PKI bases Access Cards using multifactor authentication issues to be PCI DSS compliance environment.
  • Serves as primary support liaison between company and customer.
  • Testing of product for approval to operations as part of product life cycle.
  • Keeps customer informed of how and when software bugs problems are resolved. This includes improvement request on application.
  • Manage Support Engineers in region and act as escalation point to R&D Team.
  • Involved in any additional follow up, testing and troubleshooting with R&D Team which primary use Python code and API calls for services provided or needed for the encryption mechanism, editing .jason files and other code testing or automation code to be used.
  • Responsible for appropriate referral to other support and quality assurance areas.
  • Write technical notes, application notes, case studies and solutions.
  • Responsible for resource planning and allocation.
  • Provide feedback for development and consistency of automated threat detection mechanisms with application and its network connectivity to cloud (private oe public)
  • Update and maintain response guides for accuracy.

Confidential, Maryland

Integration Engineer


  • Develops Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for administering the firewalls and Endpoint Profile system
  • Perform the following systems Pre-Installation staging:
  • Power up and test equipment to minimize installation delays due to DOA equipment
  • Configuring various hardware/software prior to installation.
  • Perform software and firmware upgrades/ updates per factory guidelines on hardware’s prior to installation day.
  • Demonstrate to customer new installed systems and how it can be utilized to meet expectation and beyond.
  • Research and Development of new hardware and software by testing and evaluating functionality and integrating with other systems.
  • Troubleshoot devices returned from field to provide solution with effectiveness and cost consideration.
  • Identify faulty parts amd prepare RMA for faulty one to the Vendor.
  • Document Technical information for new install projects after configuring devices with given info and update drawings accordingly.
  • Managed and monitor as well as troubleshoot network security control systems (e.g. firewalls, antivirus, intrusion detection, wireless, proxy server, VPN, Confidential +, RADIUS, ACLs, IPSEC, 802.1x, audits, log files)
  • Develops Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for administering the monitoring and performance measurement system
  • Review projects proposals to ensure accuracy of technical information proposed.
  • Work coordination and customer support.
  • Design to configure network requirements on switches and layer-3 & layer-2 protocols and best practices for Video and Data traffic.
  • Setup Cloud based VSaaS systems such Genetec Stratocast and Axis.
  • Create RAID-1, RAID-5 and RAID-6 arrays for storage drives on Dell R730 series.
  • Configure, maintain and monitor SAN using Direct Data Network (DDN)
  • Design after site survey, Microwave links AP’s using FM1200 VOLO and FM3200 BASE series. Troubleshoot installed AP with connectivity issues.
  • Technical support - remote configuration of software/hardware. Support end-users with technical issues, answering questions about system functionality, troubleshooting devices returned from field, creating, maintaining, & updating ticketing system queues,
  • Maintaining employee’s physical access and badges databases using SQL server 2008 R2.
  • Technical Training - training technicians on system installation and configuration, preparing manual-based handout for device installation and operation, train users on new implemented technologies.

Network Operation Center Engineer

Confidential, Maryland


  • Respond to alerts generated by network monitoring systems of various state agency’s network devices (on all the platform / series of cisco routers (1600,1700,2500,2600, 2700,2800,3600,3800,4000,7200,7500). This includes Cisco switches (2900, 3500, 3700, 4000, 4500, and 6500), cisco pix firewalls, and Checkpoint firewalls).
  • Troubleshoot received tickets and escalate issues based on SLA’s and SOP'S for resolution. Follow up and work with network team and hardware vendors support (Juniper TAC, isoTAC) to resolve the issue.
  • Managed Layer 2 technologies, including spanning-tree, VLANs, VTP, UDLD and CDP
  • Managed Layer 3 technologies, including ipv4, BGP, OSPF, IPV6, HSRP, GLBP and VRRP
  • Create SONET circuits cross connect on the Cisco ONS 15454, between ingress port facing carrier OC3 to internal OC3 network that carries customer allocated time slot.
  • Perform T1 port/s turn up and loopback testing with carrier during remote site/s T1 turn up over the Overture 140/180 series.
  • Troubleshooting traffic shaping and aggregation issues on Cisco 3800 ISR series Cisco. Troubleshoot and escalate if needed to network team Layer 3 routing issues on multiple Maintain ATM Network and customers provisioned Virtual Circuits PVCs and SVCs.
  • Responding to customer generated email and tickets and follow up until issue is resolved
  • Creating & updating documentation for the Network Operation Center procedures
  • Providing assistance with internal systems projects
  • Assisting Tier 3 engineers with maintenance, patching and backups, log servers, Confidential + integration and network issues problem solving.
  • Develops Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for administering the monitoring and performance measurement system.
  • Depending on availability, perform network devices hardware burn-in, Code, OS and Software loading, uploading configuration files to match final installation, make equipment ready for pick up on install day.
  • Verify incident source alert notifications are authentic and trusted.
  • Identify and resolve incidents that are not defined by (or deviates from) an existing incident response guides. Assist with significant incidents as needed or assigned. Update and maintain response guides for accuracy.

Confidential, Virginia

Network and Systems Support engineer


  • Perform Inventory/ materials handling for all hardwares including documenting all of the equipment received and provide packing slips to accounts receivable
  • Provision/ stage project materials and hardware such, IP cameras, servers, Wirless RF devices & access control equipments to be ready for install (deployment)
  • Build technical documentation based on customers different router models including the Cisco 7200 router series for security systems VLAN assignment and configuration, NAT configurations, Port forwarding and QoS, to be able to transport security services from customer LAN to the cloud (via VPN) for remote monitoring and management .
  • Maintain and upgrade the Company communication infrastructure as growing such, LAN, VoIP, WLAN networks as well as its 2821 Cisco router that provide secure internet access.
  • Design and implement installation and maintenance for customer Firewall using the SonicWALL TZ series its WAN connection to internet.
  • Customer implementation of LAN sub-netting to different network segments which includes servers access and other IP based physical security components or devices to be accessed internally as well as through internet.
  • Assisting customers on-site and remotely on configuring IP-based camera systems and different video streaming protocols used by those devices such RTP, RTSP, and RTCP and configure video compression using H.264 protocol.
  • Design, troubleshoot and audit microwave links AP’s and bridges using Fluid Mesh and Ubiquiti technologies which connect remote surveillance area to data center or head end.
  • Consult customers in the upgrade, maintenance and repair of existing network systems and issues including firewalls, router, switches and wireless access points devices used to transport physical security data.
  • Troubleshoot devices returned from field to providing solution with effectiveness and cost consideration and to identify faulty parts and preparing RMA to Vendor
  • Maintaining multiple Office servers (Windows), ensuring system uptime, stability, & security, and preparing demo for customer representation
  • Perform site surveys to provide suggestions on best system that fits customer need.
  • Provide network engineering support by surveying customer network and present solutions to integrate and introduce CCTV and physical access systems to the network.
  • Apply solution to mitigate vulnerabilities, hardening the network devices such as routers, switches, firewalls, and remote access systems by creating the security baselines.
  • Demonstrating newly installed systems to customers, including optimal utilization of bandwidth.
  • Perform R&D work to ensure providing customers new technologies and work together on how it can be designed and integrated for customer representation before implementation
  • Attend state governmental and Federal bidding meetings and prepare proposals to meet BID specification with cost effective solutions that is utilizing the best technology in physical security available in the market


ICT Engineer


  • Install, configure and maintain Broadband communications using EMC Satellite systems and sometimes using Cisco VSAT module (installed on Cisco 2800 series) for signal termination. Installation Include, antenna mounting and positioning for best SWR values.
  • Configure, install and troubleshoot 802.11 WLAN links and its components (BSS, DS and Extended Service Set or ESS.
  • Operating system installation, setup, configuration and maintenance on Dell PowerEdge 2850 and 2900 Series servers. Install United Nations applications as needed and integrate its services and access with the Domain Controller DC using LDAP protocol.
  • Administrate network operating center’s devices, servers, users, workgroup access, Policies and configuration guidelines.
  • Support analog/digital phone network design using ERICSSON PBX platforms. This include installation, configuration of switchboard, VOIP Integration and configuring port to Routers for WAN access over Sat Communications.
  • End user phone system setup, configuration, maintaining services on wired DECT devices configurations. Build and enable system user features, CLIP, DDI, MOH, VOIP Call transfer and conference.
  • Monitor Alert systems to determine malfunction and prevent breakdowns & glitches.
  • Deploying and/ or disseminating standard material, such as workstations/laptops and software, application, programs, directories, Thuraya Satellite phones ( fixed station and mobiles), web content, publications, database content;
  • Providing IT support and network sharing resources to all end users
  • Assisting installing pre assembled or partially assembled switching equipment, switchboards, wiring frames, and power apparatus according to floor plans
  • Performing a large volume of detailed work, frequently of a confidential nature
  • Maintaining web pages, electronic documentations, SQL databases, maintaining information and knowledge management


Technology Engineer


  • Receiving, testing, & installing telecommunications system hardware to meet operation needs for main Delegation and sub-offices.
  • Preparing & maintaining a comprehensive DB inventory of IT materials and telecommunications Systems ( Lotus Notes)
  • Ensuring timely new installations & any infrastructure upgrade need for WAN Connection via Satellite communication as well as, the LAN Infrastructure for the delegation and its sub delegations LAN networks and devices.
  • Maintaining all operating system, Mandatory & anti-virus software's ensuring compliance with registrations & upgrades.

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