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Infra. Technology Specialist Resume

John Deere, IL


  • A Storage and systems Engineer with 9 years of industry experience in information technology including planning, designing, implementing, configuring, and supporting the Storage Infrastructure. Also work closely in other areas like VMware, Linux to stabilize the IT infrastructure.
  • 6+ years of experience in storage environment with good hands on SAN and NAS arrays devices such as Confidential - (VNX, VNX2, XtremIO, ISILON, VMAX, Clariion), NetApp - (7-mode, c-DOT), Confidential, Confidential - (SVC), Recover point.
  • 2 Years of Experience in Hyper Converged Infrastructure (Nutanix), Converged Infrastructure - vBlock
  • 3+ years of experience in Virtualization infrastructure with good hands on VMWare vSphere, AHV, vRA etc.
  • 4+ years of experience in fiber channel SAN switches like brocade, cisco MDS
  • 2+ Years of experience in Linux Administration, Deliver CHEF cookbooks for Linux system process in Physical, Virtual and Cloud environment.
  • Work experience with environment like IHG, JP-Morgan, VOLVO, John Deere, Confidential .
  • Expertise in troubleshooting the incidents and having end to end responsibility in the environment.
  • A keen desire to learn and update knowledge base and skill sets to keep abreast of latest technologies and trends
  • Demonstrated ability to identify root causes of problems, consider both the long and short-term impact of proposed solutions and develop workable solutions. Ability to manage (Multiple) project tasks with changing priorities and tight deadlines. Ability to work well in a team. Open to Team related tasks, team meetings, team interaction and conference calls
  • Ability to work well with a wide variety of people at various levels, foster cooperation, and collaboration among individuals in the work unit, help team resolve conflicts constructively and ability and willingness to communicate when help is needed. A Self-starter with a positive attitude, willingness to learn new concepts and acceptance of challenges
  • Direct Interaction with customers. Clear written and oral presentation of ideas, proposals, and concepts. Ability to articulate alternative solutions. Strong listening, interpersonal & analytical skills, Willingness to relocate and ability to quickly adapt to new environments & technologies, dedicated to successful delivery


SAN/NAS: Confidential (VNX, XtremIO, ISILON, Clariion, VMAX), NetApp (7-mode, cDOT), Confidential, Confidential SVC, Recover point.

Converged and Hyper Converged Infrastructure: Nutanix, vBlock

Virtualization: VMware, AHV

Systems: - Linux Distros

Fiber Channel switches: - Brocade, Cisco MDS



Infra. Technology Specialist


  • Designing, implementing, and managing the storage environment
  • Storage provisioning from various storage arrays, Zoning on the SAN switches
  • Involved in different types of migrations like Storage migrations, traditional to Hyper converged etc.
  • Involved in various Infrastructure refresh project from Virtualization and Systems side
  • Performance tuning from the storage stand point according to the best practices provided by the storage vendors.
  • Good hands on SAN environment from Storage till the host layer like multipath configuration, ALUA settings, HBAs, queue depth settings, FC layers etc.
  • Involved in various firmware upgrades like ONTAP upgrade, VNX file and block upgrades, XtremIO code upgrade, Confidential patching, Brocade firmware upgrades, Nutanix Firmware upgrade, vBlock RCM
  • Maintain full DR copies at the DR side and involve in DR test every quarter.
  • Configuring and managing the various replication technologies like Snapmirror, recover point, replication for file etc.
  • Install, configure RHEL on Physical servers for Database
  • Experience with Chef for automation of all system process in physical, virtual and cloud environments through chef cookbooks
  • Experience in designing and building Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kiabana for log aggregation and log analytics
  • Experience in creating Kiabana dashboards for various Infrastructure and application teams
  • Automate deployments in Devops model through Chef Automate
  • Configure ESXi servers, configuring vSwitch etc.
  • Responsible for DRS activities and for operational tasks like storage vMotion etc…
  • Analyze the capacity and IOPS growth trend and plan for the refresh in terms of Storage and Compute systems
  • Configuring and managing the backup infra structure like DataDomain, Veeam backups etc.
  • Deliver Chef cookbooks in Infrastructure area (Linux Distros) for patching, automating the operational tasks
  • Built ELK stack and onboard various application logs to ELK, Create dashboards
  • Manage Cloudbolt for VM build, Integrate IPAM, Virtualization, Cloud end points, Chef to Cloudbolt for end to end server build automation.

Confidential - John Deere, IL

Technical services specialist


  • Installing and configuring NetApp CDOT clusters, Creation of vserver, configuring LIFs (CDOT), Create Aggr, volume, CIFS shares, NFS shares, export policies using Oncommand manager and CLI.
  • As a capacity co-ordinator, manage the capacity for all the filers and storage arrays
  • Storage provisioning to all sort of platforms like windows, Linux, VM etc...
  • End-to-End commitment with Customer for deliver the new storage service.
  • Plan and Configure new storage and perform the migration upon the storage replacement
  • Configuring VNX arrays according to the environment, configuring storage pool, FAST VP, FAST Cache etc.
  • Specialized in VNX performance troubleshooting.
  • Configure FAST VP policy, snapshot schedules, upgrades etc.
  • Plan, design & build high quality deliverable solutions that meet client requirements & defined objectives
  • Participates in formal account planning workshops for Datacenter Solutions
  • Analyze the capacity and IOPS growth trend keep repeated meetings for customer update
  • Experience in NetApp storage efficiency and data protection (CDOT and 7-mode)
  • Frequent ONTAP upgrade for NetApp filers
  • Storage provisioning from Confidential ISILON
  • Manage ISILON filesystems, quotas, snashot schedules etc...
  • Create Zoning with CISCO MDS fabric switches.
  • LUN provisioning (vdisk) from Confidential SVC to servers like windows, Linux, AIX, Solaris
  • Create Mdisk group in Confidential SVC with Confidential VNX, VMAX, Clariion as a backend Storage.
  • Plan and implement the setup for SAN devices
  • Manage Mdisk, Vdisk from Confidential SVC and the luns from backend storage
  • Creating backup policies in master server, configure backups for the hosts like windows, linux, AIX and so on
  • Troubleshoot the failed backups and responsible for complete backups according to the policies.
  • Migrations:
  • 7-mode NetApp to CDOT using 7MTT
  • 7-mode NetApp to Confidential ISILON
  • Snapmirror migrations
  • Lun migrations


Storage administrator


  • Plan, design, Support, and administration for NAS storage
  • Analyze repeated incidents and Preventively creating problem case to avoid Major Impact
  • Hot swap on disk replacement and shelf installation.
  • Creating process and various project documentations to support team
  • Major role on performance analysis and submit the report to management
  • Proactively working on data growth trend analysis to manage the over commit on critical projects
  • End-to-End commitment with Customer for deliver the new storage service
  • New Filer installations, ONTAP upgrades and firmware updates
  • Managing around 350+ NetApp Filers around Global supporting various VOLVO Groups
  • Managing VMware environment Datastore provisioning, vibe scheduling and SV backup configurations
  • Provisioning File shares for Oracle/DB2 db systems and setting up Snapcreator framework client for manual backup
  • Volume, Q tree creation, quota management, NFS and CIFS share Administration and Management
  • Understanding Storage Efficiency Model with De-duplication, Thin-Provisioning etc.
  • Monitoring/Management of the DFM Server
  • Having good knowledge in VMWARE platform
  • Managing VC, datastores and VM
  • VMotion and migration of datastores, VM s
  • Understanding LUNs, Create, destroy, move LUNs in the NetApp Environment
  • Involved in shell scripting to get the necessary output while upgrade, to list the volumes which are above the threshold etc..
  • Physical Storage Management: Assigning disk ownership, aggregate, Flexible Volume, Qtree, RAID-DP, Disk Scrubbing etc.


Sr. Analyst


  • Creating and Managing the Aggregates and volumes
  • Configure and manage clariion arrays
  • Snapshot, Snaprestore, Snapmirror, Snapvault management
  • Working on scheduled activities like rebooting the filer, upgrading firmware’s
  • Co-ordinate with the Storage Vendors for any Part Replacements and open NetApp Cases
  • Proactively follow-up with vendors to ensure optimum and timely issue resolution
  • Decommissioning of the filer
  • Managing Vscan in the environment
  • Administration in Systems side (Unix).
  • Interacting across the platform teams for Storage orders and resolving the challenges
  • Working on day to day activities like handling incidents, Problems, Events, Request, and Storage provisioning
  • Document SOE and KB articles within and across the team for better understanding on their roles and scopes
  • Creating and maintaining quality documents for knowledge sharing




  • Storage & Server performance tuning, performance monitoring and health checkup
  • Management of Disk shelves, DR using Metro cluster, Non-Disruptive Hardware Changes, Controller failover and single point of failure
  • Local Disk, File System, and User administration in Solaris OE
  • NFS Management
  • Installation & Management of Hardware, Software, Networking infrastructure
  • Created domain on windows 2003 server and Active directory management, DFS
  • Part of Level 3 support providing support to multiple customers as shared delivery
  • Managing iSCSI/FCP Networks
  • Managing VIF, VLAN, RAID, WAFL and NVRAM
  • Coordinating with storage vendors for failed part replacement
  • Monitoring the devices using Netcool and raising incidents for the same.

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