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Telecommunications Specialist Resume

New York, NY


  • Telecommunications specialist with over 10 years experience servicing the NYC region.
  • Recognized for bilingual capability with sound customer service and resolve.
  • A team oriented individual with extensive practical knowledge in radio frequency and modulation through coax and fiber mediums and the first 4 layers of the OSI model.
  • Stand out record of high performance reliability in mean time to repair situations in fast paced environments.
  • A very strong hardware/software installation and maintenance of telecommunication systems with basic networking knowledge.


Software: Microsoft Office 2003, 2007, 2010,, Microsoft security essentials, Malware Bytes, Combofix, Logmein, Windows PowerShell, Adobe Reader, Flash, Cisco IOS command line.

OS: Windows 7/8/8.1, XP, Vista, Mac OS X, Windows Server 2008.


Confidential, New York, NY

Telecommunications specialist


  • Performed subscription audits for Charter Spectrum (formerly known as Confidential ) in NYC franchise.
  • Monitored packets with their payloads for UDP traffic, used TCP/IP to ensure overall latency errors and RF levels were within parameters.
  • Extensive knowledge on the Hybrid Fiber - Coaxial specifications from the headend to the customer premises equipment. Experience in using/repairing or replacing equipment such as: Trunk amplifiers, Distribution amplifiers, Line extenders, Optical nodes, DSAM, spectrum analyzers, JDSU Pathtrak, TDM, CWDM and DWDM modules, OTDR, QPSK modulator and demodulators fiber patch panels, various passive device wiring and components. Extensive experience with fiber patch panel cabling and dressing as well as Ethernet (T586a/b) and coaxial connectors.
  • Installed and repaired residential digital cable, high-speed internet, and digital telephone service. Regular installation, decommission, and upgrades of line cards and resolved issues with digital transport equipment such as CMTS, ASR and aggregator switches, video edgeQAM equipment as well as legacy analog equipment UHF VHF IRD’s and IRTs. Maintained overall ISP/OSP (inside/outside plant) specifications to ensure high speed data, digital phone, and digital television, including repair or replacement of system components such as amplifiers, line extenders optical nodes, and passive equipment.
  • Ensured all measures were taken to avoid service outages through proper planning and preventative maintenance with hot fixes and repair build outs. Covered outages and preventative maintenance calls as well public relation calls for businesses and repeat trouble calls in a timely manner with resolution.
  • Worked with the network operations center to coordinate repairs, upgrades and fire up of new operational infrastructure for business circuits in the hub while performing analog and digital signal testing. Coordinated repairs and maintenance of hub equipment, test equipment and tools as well as meticulously documenting any changes for hub equipment specifications in compliance with FCC regulations.

Product specialist

Confidential, Flushing, NY

  • Assisted the caller with billing inquiries and technical issues with Confidential equipment.
  • Processed proper procedures and set up appointments for equipment exchange and new installations.
  • Assisted in technical issues with customers over the phone and basic cable equipment troubleshooting.
  • Sold products and provided a professional experience over the phone for inquiries related to products offered by Confidential .
  • Activated specific programming for customers and accounts to have services working properly.

Confidential,New York,NY

  • Installed and maintained the PC Hardware including: Expansion cards, hard drives, video cards, RAM, DVD drives, Battery, power supply, RJ45, and wireless cards.
  • Installed device drives for devices that are not automatically recognized by the OS (operating system), and also to update devices.
  • Upgraded software for Windows, adobe, etc.
  • Troubleshoot network communications using basic commands including: IPConfig, Tracert, Arp - A, Netstat, Ping.
  • Troubleshoot Windows Startup process.
  • Changed the boot order in bios for CD, Harddisk, Network, and floppy. Changed jumper settings on IDE drives for master/slave, and cable select.
  • Used remote access to connect to desktop for systems administration.
  • Used Windows drive mappings for software installation, share folder access.

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