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Security Architect & Engineer Resume

Mclean, VA


Mr. Black has a management and engineering background spanning 25 years. He continues to serve as security architect and executive support and has the ability to simplify complex problems so they can be solved instead of admired. Jeff requires little management oversight. He has designed solutions to protect trillions of dollars for FMS, protected integrity of the nation’s trading Confidential at SEC and NYSE, and has served the USAF, CIA, NRO, and DHS. It’s not the experience that gets it done. It’s the success oriented attitude.


Confidential, Sacramento, CA

Security Contractor

  • PM to implement NIST 800 - 53 System Security Plans for Vision Service Plan (VSP) Conduct assessment & engagement sessions across multiple business units Brief executives, managers, application owners on NIST controls and plans of actions Fully document overall process for repeatability and consistency across VSP

Confidential,San Francisco, CA

Manager, Cloud Security


  • Implemented Security Improvement Plans for customer retention Led offshore and nearshore teams for implementation of NIST/ISO compliance across SAP and Data Center realms Vulnerability management lead for T- Confidential North America (US & Mexico) Worked with Agile/SCRUM software development teams to ensure security requirements were captured and implemented Conduct PCI-DSS assessment for Raley’s grocery chain

Confidential,Washington DC

Product Manager/Owner


  • Developed Android mobile applications to increase innovation and competitive edge Designed and built secure mobile hard drive enclosures for the FBI and CIA Sold the business and returned to the Pacific Northwest

Confidential, Washington DC

Director, Information Security

  • Launched an ISO 27001 & NIST information security program for a global law firm with over 25 locations worldwide in support of a future merger due diligence effort Created and staffed a security center with network and Confidential security engineer expertise, wrote security policies, performed incident response, and implemented pilot intrusion prevention Confidential . Created a security engineering review process across three IT groups and various system owners to ensure security was designed into new IT investments. Briefed C-Level and Senior Partners on business risks, strategy and efforts. Provided HIPAA and PCI expertise to attorneys concerning breaches, network segmentations, and proper database security for firm and clients.


Security Architect & Engineer

  • Security architect for Financial Management Service (FMS). Performed critical design reviews for Confidential that processed over 1 trillion dollars each year. Provided risk management to the Securities and Exchange Commission. Conducted network security design reviews and contributed to build-out of security operations center Security architect for a $300 million FBI web-based case management project that included support of software development, network and Confidential engineering. Security program manager for a $30 million Department of Homeland Security bioinformatics software development effort; Responsible for budget, staffing, security engineering, and formal IT security certification to include HIPAA.

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