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Hadoop Infra Administrator Resume

Peoria, IL


  • Around 8 years of professional experience in Hadoop & Linux administration activities such as planning, administering, upgrading, patching, configuring, troubleshooting and maintenance, performance monitoring and support of systems/clusters.
  • Hands on experience in applying Linux and Hadoop patches and upgrading Cloud era clusters.
  • Experience in configuring and working with HDFS, YARN (Map Reduce), Hue, H Base, Hive, Impala, Oozie, Sqoop, Spark, Kafka, Spark2, Flume services.
  • Experience in creating cookbooks/playbooks and documentations for special projects like upgrades and etc.
  • Participated in application on - boarding meetings along with Architects and helps them by suggesting application/user accounts character lengths and on boarding the app & user accounts in to Hadoop.
  • Applies advanced methods/techniques & assists other admin’s in the administration, implementation & documentation of processes and procedures to ensure compliance with standard business practices.
  • Fix the issues by interacting with dependent and support teams and log the cases based on the priorities.
  • In a collaboration with application and dependent teams for Hadoop updates, special projects like cluster upgrades, patches and configuration changes/updates when required.
  • Hands on experience in doing Hadoop benchmark, functionality testing and helps application teams/users to integrate third party tools with Hadoop environment.
  • Experience in analyzing Log files and finding root cause and then involved in analyzing failures, identifying root causes and taking/recommending course of actions.
  • Additional responsibilities include interacting with offshore team on a daily basis, communicating the requirement and delegating the tasks to offshore/onsite team members and reviewing their delivery.
  • Effective problem solving skills & ability to learn and use new technologies/tools quickly.
  • Experience in providing 24x7X365,on-call and weekend production support.


HADOOP DISTRIBUTIONS & MANAGEMENT TOOLS: Cloudera CDH, Cloudera Manager, Horton works, Ambary, Apache Hadoop

HADOOP ECOSYSTEMS: HDFS, Map Reduce, YARN, Hive, Flume, Pig, Oozie, Zookeeper, Spark, Spark2, Ranger, Mesos, Hue, Kafka, Nifi, Impala, H Base and Sqoop.

OPERATING SYSTEMS: Unix &Linux(Cent OS 6 & RHEL 5, 6), Ubuntu 14.x, Windows 10/8/7/XP

SQL & NOSQL DATA STORAGE: Postgre SQL, MYSQL, Cassandra, Mongo DB, Teradata, Oracle

SECURITY: Kerberos, Sentry, Ranger, LDAP, AD, SSL/TLS

HADOOP INTEGRATED TOOLS: Talend, Db Visualizer, Tableau, Cognos, Net App, Data stage, Denodo



Hadoop Infra Administrator

Confidential, Peoria, IL


  • Experience in upgrading the cluster from CDH 5.3.8 to CDH 5.8.0 then to CDH 5.8.2.
  • Utilizes Cloudera Manager to assist in cluster management including configuration and resource management, reports, alerts, and service management.
  • Created cookbooks/playbooks and documentations for special projects.
  • Enabled utilization report after we upgrade cluster to CDH 5.82 for granular level YARN and Impala CPU & Memory utilization reports.
  • Installed Spark2 and upgraded CM 5.8.2 to CM 5.8.3 (Prerequisite for Spark2).
  • Introduced Cloudera Navigator Optimizer which will help to optimize the SQL queries.
  • Knowledge authentication using Kerberos and authorization using Sentry.
  • Experience in working with Kerberos cluster and involved in implementing security on Hadoop Cluster by working along with operations team to move non-secured to secured cluster.
  • Experience in doing benchmark testing and functionality testing for all services in Hadoop cluster.
  • Performance tuning of SQL performance when using Hive, Impala, Spark engine.
  • Integrated tools like DB Visualizer, Tableau, and Teradata via ODBC/JDBC drivers with Hadoop.
  • Setup password less login for several servers using SSH and installed PSSH to save massive amount time to implement same stuff on all servers.
  • Experienced on reviewing logs and troubleshooting the issues.
  • Built a script to for taking backup of the critical meta-data.
  • Involved in quarterly capacity planning meetings and added the nodes as per requirement.
  • Enabled HDFS snapshot feature and worked on taking snapshot backups for HBase tables.
  • Worked on configuring queues in capacity scheduler.
  • Interacted with Cloudera support and log the issues in Cloudera portal and fixing them as per the recommendations.
  • Sending and responding to Hadoop related alerts to all users and taking care of the Infrastructure Change Weekend (ICW) changes.
  • Involved in Analyzing system failures, identifying root causes, and recommending course of actions.
  • Good knowledge in setting up static and dynamic resource pool allocations.
  • Point of contact for the client and responsible for owning, tracking and coordinating with offshore team to resolve Hadoop related incidents within SLAs.
  • Ensure that critical customer issues are addressed quickly and effectively.
  • Apply troubleshooting techniques to provide solutions to our customer's individual needs.
  • Manage the BDR for Hadoop data and schedule fortnightly meetings with the application teams to check about jobs and in corporate changes, if needed.
  • Coordinate with other admins for root cause analysis (RCA) efforts to minimize future system issues.
  • Experience in providing 24x7 production support, on-call and weekly rotation support.

ENVIRONMENT: Cloudera CDH5, Cloudera Manager, HDFS, Hive, Impala, HUE, Flume, Oozie, Sqoop, Spark, Spark2, Zookeeper, RHEL6.x, Kerberos, My SQL, Remedy, IBM Lotus Notes, m Remote NG, Win SCP, SSH, PSSH, Citrix Net Scaler.

Big data Administrator

Confidential, waukegan, IL


  • Responsible for cluster monitoring, maintaining, managing, commissioning and decommissioning of data nodes.
  • In a collaboration with application and dependent teams for Hadoop updates, special projects like cluster upgrades, patches and configuration changes/updates when required.
  • Day to day responsibilities includes solving user’s issues and assist them in code deployments by providing instant solutions to reduce the impact and preventing cluster from future issues.
  • Providing access to new users by working with Linux team to add the requested groups with proper approvals and then adding them in to HUE.
  • Monitoring and managing the Hadoop cluster using Cloudera Manager and built Cloudera charts for users according to their needs for monitoring purpose.
  • Worked on Configuring, Managing permissions for the users in HUE.
  • Setting up HDFS quotas to enforce the fair share of computing resources.
  • Rebalance an HDFS cluster and running HDFS and H base reports bi-weekly and take care it.
  • Experience in Sentry administration for creating databases and providing/revoking access as requested.
  • Worked on MYSQL and JAVA upgrades on all Hadoop servers.
  • Full experience in troubleshooting with Oozie, Hive, Impala and YARN jobs issues.
  • Created NFS mounts for taking backup of the critical meta-data like Fsimage, Postgres db and etc.
  • Worked on commission and decommission of data-nodes and enable/disable the w.r.t services in Load balancer.
  • Setup password less login for all Hadoop servers through SSH keys.
  • Installed PSSH and using it to save massive amount of time while cluster upgrades and Linux server’s reboots and etc.
  • Monitor running Impala and hive jobs and recommended some steps which optimize the query performance.
  • Integrated tools like Talend, Tableau, Db Visualizer, Cognos and Data stage via ODBC/JDBC drivers with Hadoop.
  • Experience in analyzing Log files for Hadoop eco system services and finding root cause and involved in analyzing failures, identifying root causes.
  • Worked with app teams to come up with strategic solutions to remediate frequent and intermittent issues.
  • Experience in upgrading the Java versions and creating simulink’s as per the request.
  • Interacting with Cloudera support and log the issues in Cloudera portal and fixing them as per the recommendations.
  • Provided after hours and on call support to development team & internal customers.

ENVIRONMENT: CDH5, Cloudera Manager, HDFS, YARN, Hive, HUE, Flume, Oozie, Kafka, Sqoop, Spark, Zookeeper, RHEL6.x and Centos6.x, My SQL, Postgre SQL, MS Outlook with Lync, Service Now, SSH, PSSH, Putty, Win SCP.

Linux Administrator

Confidential, Miamisburg, OH


  • Installation and configuration of Linux for new build environment.
  • Created Virtual server on Citrix Xen Server based host and installed operating system on Guest Servers.
  • Configuring NFS, DNS.
  • Updating YUM Repository and Red hat Package Manager (RPM).
  • Created RPM packages using RPMBUILD, verifying the new build packages and distributing the package.
  • Configuring distributed file systems and administering NFS server and NFS clients and editing auto-mounting mapping as per system / user requirements.
  • Installation, configuration and maintenance FTP servers, NFS, RPM and Samba.
  • Configured SAMBA to get access of Linux shared resources from Windows.
  • Created volume groups logical volumes and partitions on the Linux servers and mounted file systems on the created partitions.
  • Deep understanding of monitoring and troubleshooting mission critical Linux machines.
  • Experience with Linux internals, virtual machines, and open source tools/platforms.
  • Improve system performance by working with the development team to analyze, identify and resolve issues quickly.
  • Ensured data recoverability by implementing system and application level backups.
  • Performed various configurations which include networking and IP Tables, resolving hostnames, SSH key less login.
  • Managing Disk File Systems, Server Performance, Users Creation and Granting file access Permissions and RAID configurations.
  • Support pre-production and production support teams in the analysis of critical services and assists with maintenance operations.
  • Automate administration tasks through use of scripting and Job Scheduling using CRON.
  • Day-to-day - user access, permissions, Installing and Maintaining Hadoop Linux Servers.
  • Troubleshooting and fixing the issues at User level, System level and Network level by using various tools and utilities. Schedule backup jobs by implementing cron job schedule during non-business hours
  • Involved in Analyzing system failures, identifying root causes, and recommended course of actions. Documented the systems processes and procedures for future references.
  • Installed numerous operating systems on physical hardware and a virtualized environment; (i.e. RHEL5, 6, /Centos 6 Linux).
  • Provide responsive off-hours support in a 24 / 7 environment and ensure maximum availability of all servers.

ENVIRONMENT: YUM and RPM, CITRIX XEN SERVER 5.0, UNIX, Linux, SSH, PSSH, NFS, DNS, Shell and Python, FTP, IBM Lotus notes, BMC Remedy

Unix/linux Administrator



  • Trained and worked Primarily on RHEL Operating Systems.
  • Installed Red Hat Linux using kick start. Created, cloned Linux virtual machines, templates using VMware Virtual Client and migrating servers between ESX hosts.
  • Assisted other Linux administrators when help was needed and involved in primary Linux server administration tasks including setup, installation, OS patching, data backup, user account management and access control.
  • Performed creation and permission changes of files, folders and groups and managed user accounts on several servers as part of day-to-day tasks.
  • Disk Management like adding and replacing of hot swappable drives on existing servers, partitioning according to requirement, mounting new file systems.
  • Performed swap space management and installed patches and packages as needed.
  • Created Local Yum Repositories to support Package Management with YUM and RPM and update YUM Repository and Red Hat Package Manager (RPM).
  • NFS configuration and administration. Configuring distributed file systems and administering NFS server and NFS clients and editing auto-mounting mapping as per system / user requirements.
  • Troubleshoot and resolved basic level system hardware, software and communication problems.
  • Improve system performance by working with the development team to analyze, identify and resolve issues quickly.
  • Performed basic system monitoring, verified availability of all hardware, server resources, systems and key processes.
  • Monitored server and application performance and tuned I/O, memory and installation of SSH &configuring of keys base authentication.
  • Performs system monitoring using Linux native tools such as: top, vmstat, sar, tcpdump, ps and etc.
  • Troubleshoot: Rectified many issues by instituting best practices in system log analysis, backups, network operating center security, user account/permissions management and systems/software auditing.
  • Have strong Knowledge of internet services, systems monitoring management and open source tools with emphasis on Syslog, SMTP, HTTP, LDAP, Radius, SQL, and DNS.
  • Acquired strong general automation skills .This includes scripting, automated monitoring and automated monitoring, and automated VM deployments
  • Have vagrant experience with Cisco/ Dell / IBM / Sun hardware experience and knowledge.
  • Great experience in creating physical volume, logical volume, volume groups using LVM (Logical Volume Management) and Managed disks and file system using LVM.
  • Worked with advanced engineers on installing and configuring VMware/ESXi servers for virtualizations.
  • Extensively involved in troubleshooting bottlenecks of Memory, CPU, Devices and network using ps, vmstat, iostat, netstat, sar, snoop, nfsstat commands.
  • Provide responsive off-hours support in a 24 / 7 environment and ensure maximum availability of all servers.


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