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Sr. Systems Administrator Resume

Piscataway, NJ


  • Result Oriented IT leader with an impressive background in SAN Design, SAN performance optimization, management and leading technical efforts. Designing and executing Business Continuity/disaster Recovery solutions. Help recruit, develop and manage elite teams of administrator and contributors to achieve corporate technology goals and objectives.
  • Demonstrated ability to build complex SAN Solutions managing large amounts of data (data warehousing up to a petabyte). Successfully bring new products online: on time, within budget, and properly scaled for optimal performance and operational support. Superior technical management capabilities from both a technical and business perspective.
  • Exceptional Process Improvements skills. Automation and Continuous Service Improvement. Identifying opportunities to automate and reduce time to service delivery.


  • NetApp ONTAP
  • Veritas Cluster Server 5.0
  • Hitachi 9970V/9980V Installation and Administration.



Lead San Engineer/Architect

  • Leading storage team with run the business tasks and project deliverables.
  • Successfully designed and completed project for automatic delivery of Database updates to all codelines across multiples arrays and hence reducing time from 6 hrs to 2 min.
  • Planned and lead the effort to swap 8 USP 9990 coming out of lease with 8 DMX4 - 4500 on schedule.
  • Attending and presenting management with new Datacenter expansions plans. Successfully distributed services from 1 datacenter to 4 datacenters to achieve service isolation.
  • Delivered a savings of about $500K through reduction of filesystems by 26TB via consolidation.
  • Delivered substantial savings to organization by putting efforts in automation and Documentation. Reduced End to End rollout times by at least 50% using automation scripts and processes.
  • Developed and mentored Junior Administrators on strategic corporate projects such as SAN Storage Services, Run the Business and UNIX Infrastructure services.
  • Successfully migrated performance environments from EMC to 3PAR and hence enabling rapid automated environment builds and handover to customers.
  • Architecting 3PAR V800/T800, VMAX and Netapp for best performance to provide excellent IO response times to Oracle ASM and Vmware ESX Farms.
  • Designing and Maintaining SAN Fabrics with Cisco MDS 9513 switches.
  • Expert in designing solutions using latest technologies like Snaps, Clones and Replication to provide storage saving and meet SLAs.
  • Architecting and Installing Netapp C-mode Filers.
  • Designed and coded Opensource software to assist in only SNAP replication on Linux using Device Mapper Framework and hence sending only changed blocks which lead to new environment deliveries from 21 days to under 1 day.
  • Architecting remote data protection solutions using EMC SRDF, 3PAR Remote replication and Netapp Snapmirror.


Lead SAN Architect

  • Worked with various Healthcare vendors to design, implement and tune applications.
  • Successfully negotiated, architected and implemented Netapp FAS6000 replacing EMC Celera NAS.
  • Achieved outstanding hands-on and leadership results while administering high-availability global infrastructure, providing seamless support to mission-critical 24x7 SAN, infrastructure, server, and network systems.
  • Ensured business continuity and propelled disaster recovery operations by planning and implementing robust IT storage and backup architectures.
  • Partnered effectively with change management teams, driving configuration, system interdependency, and improvement recommendations.
  • Played a key role in multiple strategic initiatives related to data-center migrations to reduce operational costs and enhance security by consolidating multiple data centers and remote offices.


Sr. Unix Administrator

  • Installing and administering more than 400 Solaris Production servers in 24x7 environment.
  • VCS 4.0 Installations and Configuration. Configuring Oracle HA using VCS Agent. Wrote perl script to automate VCS resources creation and modification.
  • Veritas Volume Manager upgrades.
  • Creating and Handling Storage Migration Projects.
  • Created Perl Scripts to automate Production Readiness QC for Production Servers.


Sr. System and Storage Administrator

  • Installed and Maintained Sun Fire 15K/12K/6800/v880 Servers for Operating Systems, Software, Hardware and Patch Maintenance. Creating new domains with Flash Archive.
  • Standardized and Secured Solaris 8 and 9 builds with automated jumpstarts.
  • NFS, NIS+, Automounter Administration.
  • Upgrading Solaris servers using Live Upgrade. Upgrading Veritas Volume Manager.
  • Analysis, tuning and performance optimizations of Solaris servers. Migrating Application/data from Enterprise Servers to Sunfire Series. Supporting Confidential various Home Loan project servers.
  • Assisted in architectural design of multi-vendor SAN.
  • Support, projects and administers EMC Storage Network that includes EMC DMX, EMC Powerpath, EMC Solution Enabler, and EMC Control Center.
  • Adding EMC Disk space for Open Systems Servers (SunFire 12K/15K/6800), HBA Installation, drivers and firmware upgrade, edit system and configuration files of the host, zoning with in switched fabric SAN, host connectivity, lun masking.
  • Setup TimeFinder BCV Pairs, replication within site and between data center located in multiple locations using Concurrent SRDF, Disaster recovery fail-over and fail-back.
  • Create and modify Fabric Zoning using McData Enterprise Fabric Connectivity Manager (EFCM).
  • Disk and filesystem administration using Veritas Volume Manager and Sun Solstice DiskSuite, keeping the software version and patch level up-to-date.
  • Maintained excellent project coordination skills along with communication and people skills.
  • Designed, built, tested and deployed procedures for software distribution on AIX.
  • Wrote Perl/Shell scripting for administration and reports, create systems support procedures and documentation.
  • Plan and implement assigned projects, change management, on-call support, and hotline bridge participation.


Sr. Project Engineer

  • Design and Implementation of 2 SunFire 15k and 2 SunFire 6800 at AIG using Sun Best Practices.
  • Creating Design Documents for 15k and 6800.
  • Preparing Functional test document for 15k and 6800.

Confidential,Boston, MA

  • Design and Implementation of Jumpstart Infrastructure for SSGA.
  • Wrote Perl Cgi scripts to automate the recovery of systems using Flash Archive.
  • Wrote various perl scripts for automatic downloading and updating of patch bucket.
  • Wrote Web GUI, which enables the System Administrators to recover any system with few clicks.
  • Demonstrated SSGA to recover complex system under an hour using Flash Archives.

Confidential,Quincy, MA

  • Developed Jumpstart Infrastructure and policies to implement Globally.
  • Developed DR policies for statestreet bank for recovering root disk using Flash Archive Solution. A system can be recovered in less than an hour with root disk encapsulated.
  • Wrote CGI Perl scripts to give frontend for jumpstart server. Now a user can add a client using the web interface rather than login to the server. This gave flexibility to UNIX SA team.
  • Worked on improving patch implementation policies for statestreet.
  • Wrote Script to backup oracle database using symcli utilities. This Script employed symcli Timefinder Commands to attach, mirror and split the BCVs.
  • Worked on implementing Flash Archive Solution for building new machines. It takes about 2 weeks to deploy a machine in statestreet network after various certifications. After incorporating flash Archive, a machine can be deployed within 4 hrs.

Confidential,Hartford, CT

  • This Project was to redesign the E10k. Cigna was having problems with their present E10k Infrastructure. The new design had better distribution of application across domains.
  • Recreating E10k Domains.
  • Upgrading VCS, VxVM and VxFS to 3.5 in the production environment.
  • The Work involved working during weekend and nights.
  • After Redesign, the performance was better. The whole environment is more simplified and easier to manage.
  • Updated Run books to include latest process and procedures
  • Moved data from faulty IBM ESS to new IBM ESS using Veritas Mirroring.
  • Planning and Installation of HDS 9980V along with Sun Enterprise Services.
  • Got “Most Worked Hours Award”.


  • Completed Application Readiness Service for 6800.
  • Tested various failover scenarios for complete readiness.
  • Wrote CGI/Perl scripts to compare configurations, patches of systems.
  • Developed web interface for patchdiag utility. This utility produces output in HTML format that can be printed/mailed to the customer.
  • Wrote Perl script to complete a readiness for servers. This script does user defined tests against servers and produces a spreadsheet showing the status of servers.
  • Wrote Perl scripts to compare patches, packages, /etc/system and ndd parameters.

Confidential,Albany, NY

  • Successfully replaced Microsoft ISS with Iplanet Webservers on Sun Hardware.
  • Handled the whole POC, Showing Fleet that the performance numbers from Sun are better than Windows NT with Compaq Hardware.
  • Helped Sales to sell Sun Crypto-accelerator cards.
  • Got Appreciation from Sun Manager and Sales person on successfully replacing Microsoft with Sun.


  • Monitoring Veritas Cluster of 2 E10000 Servers. These machines are used as
  • Database servers and both have 56CPU/56GB RAM. My Job includes looking into application Implementation, look for bottlenecks and suggest tuning.
  • Implementing Sun Best Practices for New E10000 Servers.
  • Helping the client to migrate from Sybase 11.9.2 to Oracle 8.1.7.
  • Looking into Database Bottlenecks like hot data files, indexes. Finding the best method to alleviate the problem and helping the client to either reallocate the file to new controller or do partitioning.
  • Oracle 8.1.7 Administration
  • Provide normal Sysadmin support to client for all the Sun Machines ranging from ssp to E10000.
  • Parsing the Logs generated on ssp for any error messages in E10000 domains.
  • Using vmstat, iostat, sar, tnsping and netstat to determine the system and network health.
  • Updating RunBooks for E10000 Environment.

Confidential,Cambridge, MA

  • Worked at Confidential for Server Consolidation. The project was to analyze the present environment and purpose a new design for NFS Architecture. Moved the users home directory from local storage to NFS mount using NetApp F800 filer. Helped migrating applications from SGI to Solaris.
  • Created a website for Documentation and documented the whole architecture along with disaster recovery procedure and configuration files.

Confidential, Piscataway, NJ

Sr. Systems Administrator

  • Design and Installation of the portal. The area spreads from Solaris OS to Netscape Servers. Installation of Checkpoint Firewall in HA with StoneBeat.
  • Configuration of Clariion FC5700 with Navisphere and implementing Volume Manager to create File systems for Users Mail directories and portal directories.
  • Implementation of Mailbox servers in HA with Veritas FirstWatch.
  • Upgrade of Veritas FirstWatch to Veritas Cluster Server.
  • Installation of new Frontend Servers with Solaris OS, Netscape Enterprise Server, Coldfusion and Oracle client.
  • Netscape Mail and Directory Server Administration.
  • Installation of BigBrother. Wrote script for BigBrother to monitor coldfusion process on the web Servers.
  • Installation of MRTG. Wrote script for MRTG that displays Number of Hits for Website in real time.
  • Installation of WebTrends v2 for NT to report on Visitors of the WebSite.
  • Creating and Modifying Rule Base of Checkpoint Firewall to allow New services.
  • Analyzing and modifying the Security policy of the Unix Servers and Firewall.
  • Management of ArrowPoint Content Switch to add new rules for the new host Sites and to create load balancing between different servers.
  • Implementation of Primary and Secondary DNS Servers.


Member Support Staff

  • Planning, Installation and Maintenance of MHS(Message Handling System) that included National and International Fax Gateways,X.400 Mailing Servers and Access Servers for Dialup Connectivity.
  • Installation and Maintenance of Student Server in High Availability Environment connecting two SS20 NETRAi machines back-to-back acting as DNS, LOGIN and MAIL Servers for Students.
  • Installation and Maintenance of CLUSTER SERVER at VSNL, Delhi. This Cluster includes two Enterprise 3000 Systems, Solaris 2.6, Qualix HA, CLARiiON Raid Box. These servers are used as DNS, LOGIN and MAIL Servers for the TCP/IP Customers of VSNL(ISP).
  • Migration of one of the TCP/IP Server(Digital Alpha 400) to the Sun Enterprise 450 Server.
  • Installing, upgrading operating systems and application packages
  • Applying patches for the Operating system and also for the applications.
  • Setup, Maintain and Manage the User Accounts and Groups. VSNL was having the Highest Number of Customer Base (50,000+).
  • Administering (Creating, Mount/Unmount, File System Integrity, Backup/Restore) the File Systems (UFS,NFS).
  • Performance monitoring of Enterprise servers using scripts, TOP, Perf view, vmstat, iostat, sar etc.
  • Unix Shell scripting to automate complex and repetitive operations & performance monitoring.
  • Installation and Configuration of Cisco Routers, UB Hubs, LAN Terminal Servers, Wellfleet Router.
  • Maintaining Heterogeneous Network Constituting SCO-Unix, Solaris and Windows NT.

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