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Senior Unix System Administrator Resume


Operating Systems: AIX, IRIX, Solaris, HP - UX, UNIX, Mac OS X, Windows, Linux

Services & Tools: Microsoft Office Suite, Lotus Notes, Lotus Suite, DHCP, DNS, EMC, FTP, HMC, Confidential /PowerHA, LVM, NIM, NIS, NFS, SFTP, SMTP, Scripting, SSH, TCP/IP, TSM

Languages: C, FORTRAN



Senior UNIX System Administrator


  • Responsible for the administration, installation, configuration, upgrades, operating system migrations, decommissioning and support of the AIX operating system environment.
  • Respond to change management tickets, which is the primary driver of work. Which includes AIX operating system upgrades, PowerHA upgrades, firmware upgrades, configuration changes, operating system migrations and various other tasks.
  • Provided 24/7 on call support, proactively monitored systems, change processes, troubleshot problems and alerts to ensure that Confidential met its service level goals.
  • Responded to problem tickets, to ensure that Confidential met its level goals of response and problem resolution times, and to ensure minimal down time.
  • Worked with the support team in a large - scale environment, managing over 3000+ (AIX servers, VIO servers and clients), 100+ Confidential .
  • Worked with the Application owners to configure, test and validate Confidential /PowerHA fall over and Oracle clusters.
  • Experience in using nimadm to OS migrations, OS upgrades, and various other tasks.


UNIX System Administrator


  • Migrated from two old Confidential servers to two new Confidential servers, which included installing the current operating system in use and bringing all of the existing data back on-line. This was done with minimal impact to the Morgan Stanley customer.
  • Provided 24/7 on call support and proactively monitored the problems, change processes, troubleshot problem issues and alerts as needed.
  • As the primary support person on the AIX Tivoli infrastructure, created a detailed plan of action to upgrade the operating system from AIX 4.3.3 to 5.1.5 (including maintenance patches), with minimal down time and no interruption to the customer, while still monitoring the other Sun servers. The same action plan was used in upgrading the systems to AIX 5.2.8.
  • Due to the security guidelines in place, made quarterly user account revalidations and updated all documentation, to ensure audit readiness.
  • Ensured security patches and health checking issues were identified to keep the systems updated with needed security changes.
  • Created and maintained user accounts, including revalidation of accounts.
  • Maintained 18 Confidential AIX servers, 40 Sun servers and worked with external vendors to resolve hardware problems.
  • Diagnosed and resolved system problem as needed. Created documentation for root cause analysis.
  • Created and updated desk side and system related documentation.
  • Responded to problem tickets, which was the primary driver of work to ensure that Confidential met its service level goals of response and problem resolution time.
  • Served as the “go to guy” for my team as a source for answers on various operating systems supported by the team.
  • Established and maintained the heritage knowledge procedures and contributed them to the UNIX Repository for team use.
  • Assisted the application support staff in the managing of about 100 Silicon Graphics (sgi) workstations, 400 Confidential RISC 6000 workstations, 800 HP workstations, 4 sgi servers, and 3 Confidential RISC 6000 servers. Which included installing fresh operating systems, Confidential block point images, configured various printers and plotters.
  • Provided technical support to the end-user.

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