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Rf Design Engineer Resume

Greater Los Angeles, CA


  • Result oriented and a good team player and can work as a Design, Planning & LTE/UMTS/GSM Optimisation engineer.
  • Excellent performance under high pressure situations.


Confidential, Greater Los Angeles, CA

RF Design Engineer


  • Created more than 100 sites RFDSs using Autoform GUI and Bulk spreadsheet
  • Getting the data from Transmitter Table, Atoll dump, Radio Count Sheet.
  • Providing the solution for the sites that have problems in adding the carriers.
  • Created plumbing diagrams for multi - carrier sites in MS Visio, MS Power Point, and color coded them as per the market specifications
  • Manipulated Macro sites data in MS Excel provided by the market in order to produce RFDS sheets
  • Tracking, assigning naming formats for different types of RFDS for Zoning, Construction and launch sites.
  • Working knowledge on Auto forms for creation, modification and data extract of RFDS.
  • Experience using Excel Macros for extraction of data from RFDS.
  • New site built with respect to coverage prediction, RSCP, Best Server plots and optimizing site by changing antenna type, height, azimuth and tilts
  • Site visit to verify that site were being built according to RFDS


Radio Network Engineer I


  • Cell Data Script (DT) writing for Warid and CMPak’s Dual Band Networks on Confidential ’s BSS R11 & R12 releases for Macro, Dual BCCH sites, IBS and Outdoor Micro Cells(Street level cells), for flawless site integration and functionality.
  • Daily monitoring of Basic GSM KPI’s (CSSR, Congestion, HOSR, CDR etc)
  • Doing log file analysis after drive tests and walk test of 2G networks. Making reports using MapINFO for the conducted drive tests and providing recommendations for further improvements.
  • Improving CDR, HOSR by Tackling External Interference Issue on EGSM Band
  • Using WinFIOL (Telnet Terminal) for design parameter auditing, hardware fault identification, parameter updates and modifications.
  • Using TEMS Cell Planner ( Confidential 9999 Model) to generate coverage plots and interference analysis plots, both composite and by cell, for integration sites, Site Acquisition Request (SAR) plots.
  • Initial Site DT, Issue based DT, Cluster Acceptance DT, Benchmarking and post-processing of the log files were conducted using TEMS Investigation 8.0 and MapINFO
  • GSM Site Surveys, Feasibility studies and Drive testing using TEMS Investigation Drive Test Tool kit.
  • Warid Pakistan GSM network benchmarking . Extracted the KPI’s - CSSR, Call Setup time, CDR, HOSR, Rx-Lev, Rx-Qual using TEMS Investigation. Highlighted the problematic areas and suggested the recommendations to improve the KPI’s in problematic areas/cells.
  • Confidential Network Database updates, maintenance & troubleshooting. Managing integrations sites drive tests and RF site audits with cost, time and resource efficiency to deliver weekly targets.

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