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Information Technology, Network Administrator / Customer Support Resume

Herlong, CA


Information Technology Professional seeking to contribute training and acquired skills in an intermediate level information technology or technical support position within the Private Enterprise, Federal Government or as a Government Contractor. Seeking a position that will allow me the opportunity to explore continued growth opportunities utilizing life skills, work knowledge and academic knowledge.


  • Decorated Confidential and Confidential Veteran with over 15 years experience in the field of WAN Technology and Telecommunication Center systems.
  • MCTS, Microsoft Certified Technology Specilist Windows Server Infrastructure 2008, Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator Windows 2003 + security with strong Active Directory background within the Federal Government Enterprise environment.
  • CISSP, Certified Information System Security Professional (ISC)2, CASP, CompTia Advanced Security Practioner. CompTIA A+ce, Network+ce, Security+ce. Knowledgeable in aspects of enterprise network security.
  • Familiar with the Open System Interconnect, OSI model, VPN, WINS, DHCP, IPSec, SSH, SSL, TLS, IPv4, IPv6, and DNS.
  • Ability to work independently under company guidelines and directions.
  • Troubleshoot, and resolve network issues, configure Windows - based workstations and Support data back-up/recovery procedures.
  • Upgrade PC hardware, software, and networking technologies (TCP/IP, DNS, routing, and subnetting).
  • Perform in a remote access technologies, (VPN, dial-up, terminal services).
  • Excellent planning and \ or organizational skills and the ability to work under pressure in a live environment.
  • Personable (enjoys other people and gets along well with co-workers).


Confidential, Herlong, CA

Information Technology, Network Administrator / Customer Support


  • Responsible for operational maintenance, support, upgrades and life cycling for computer operating systems and Dell computer workstations. Responsible for planning and delivery of information technology customer support services, installation, configuration, troubleshooting, customer assistance, V drive server maintenance, and/or training, in response to customer requirements for Help Desk levels Tier I/II, to includes, computers, peripheral equipment, firmware, services, related resources within the DOIM structure.
  • Provide networking continuity of operations On Juniper Secure Network VPN for all end-users of Blackberry handsets. Performs software installations and upgrades to Windows 7 operating systems. Fine-tune BIOS system to achieve optimum performance levels. Provide identification and fix for problem issues within existing systems design and implementation.
  • Provide support for implementation, troubleshooting and maintenance of IT systems. Manages IT system infrastructure and any processes related to these systems. Provide support to IT systems including; day-to-day operations, monitoring and problem resolution for all of the client problems. Provide second level problem identification, diagnosis and resolution of problems. Provide support for the dispatch system, RFID system, hardware issues and remain involved in the resolution process.
  • Work with senior administrators and managers to prioritize and accomplish assigned tasks associated with computer applications and customer support functions Utilize acquired knowledge to balance user requirements, available resources and organizational goals and objectives while maintaining top quality customer service. Alter network configurations when needed to enhance performance or expand system capabilities
  • Troubleshoot software and hardware operation conflicts and make needed changes for system optimization. Respond to changing and developing workflow, and monitored the affects while continuing customer satisfaction and employee training. Provided technical guidance, advice and on the job training as well as assistance to customers and make recommendations to them and other Information Management Division team members.
  • Work with senior team members regarding new developments within DoIM (Director of Information Management) systems. Provide recommendations to senior team members and management based on independent research and technical evaluations evaluation of available equipment and networking capabilities taking test results and available performance reports into account.
  • Resolves customer problems concerning IT automated systems, software and /hardware issues. Re-image windows legacy operating system with current Windows 7 operating system. Pre-stage windows BIOS sets for new operating systems, and configure windows background services.
  • Maintain and save end user’s documents, desktops and favorites by copying to mainframe servers for re-implementation on new configured pc workstation.
  • Resolves customer problems concerning IT automated systems, software and /hardware issues. Re-image windows legacy operating system with current Windows 7 operating system. Pre-stage windows BIOS sets for new operating systems, and configure windows background services.
  • Maintain and save end user’s documents, desktops and favorites by copying to mainframe servers for re-implementation on new configured pc workstation.
  • Configure outlook 2007 primary email accounts.
  • Reconfigure outlook 2007 email accounts.
  • Issue Blackberry Handsets (cell-phone). Configure and reconfigure Blackberry Handset (cell-phone) for email accounts, password and CAC reader configurations.
  • Configure Blackberry server accounts for end users accounts.
  • Document trouble ticket database and assist system administrators and network operations personnel.
  • Back-up responsibility for answering and triaging incoming Help Desk calls and electronic requests and -Perform escalated call resolution and advanced problem resolution.
  • Provides feedback to system administrators on problematic trends and patterns in order to develop procedures to improve problems areas.
  • Monitor network status through network monitor What’s Up Gold. Prepare daily and periodic reports related to IT services and applications.
  • Manage workstation operating systems to include the troubleshooting and installation of upgrades, patches, and security files. Perform workstation maintenance to include troubleshooting hardware failure, resolving workstation issues, and replacing workstation components.
  • Provides Active Directory identity management including distribution lists and security groups
  • Manage all wireless card accounts and mobile devices
  • Provides support on remote access, workstation remote access network server connectivity, and workstation connectivity.
  • Provide data network support to users by troubleshooting network issues, isolating problems with network components through diagnostic tools, performing setup and maintenance, and support cable installations.
  • Provide support and maintenance for printer/network copier issues.
  • Provide support to include setup, configuration and troubleshooting user account problems.
  • Provide user support, training, and troubleshooting on a variety of workstation, software, hardware/ accessory issues.
  • Monitor network status through network monitor What’s Up Gold. Prepare daily and periodic reports related to IT services and applications.
  • Work with senior specialist to: install complex, non-standard software on workstations; implement office moves / renovations to include tracking services through an automated service desk system.
  • Escalate issues to infrastructure and application teams and outside vendors upon exhausting troubleshooting options
  • Back up and recover files for users on workstations.
  • Undertook proper procedures to dispose of potentially hazardous computer components implementing safety precautions.

Confidential, Austin, TX

On Line Help Desk Specialist


  • Provided basic help desk support for problems and service requests related to hardware software, network / mainframe connectivity and Confidential ’s proprietary application support.
  • Acted as a technical representative for Confidential ’s technical services to its agents and customers.
  • Initiated, escalated and resolved problem tickets and/ or service requests. Troubleshoots and resolved technical problems and escalated issues beyond support to other support resources.
  • Facilitated closure defined service level expectations.
  • Conducted timely 1st level problem determination for to problem tickets and or service requests while meeting or exceeding defined service level expectations.
  • Conducted timely 1st level problem determination for incidents using documented procedures, and accurately documented the issues using the appropriate toll(s).
  • Ensured customer satisfaction by responding to Service Requests through approved channels to the Help Desk in a timely, accurate, and professional manner.
  • Recorded problem symptoms and status information in a timely and accurate fashion using the appropriate tools in order to communicate with and properly utilize 2nd and 3rd level support resources.
  • Acquired and maintained current knowledge of relevant product and services and supported policies to provide technically accurate solutions to customers. Provided clear, concise information through written and verbal communications.

Confidential, San Antonio, TX



  • Served as one of several initial points of contact providing IT services to Confidential personnel encountering software/ hardware equipment problems.
  • Assisted customers in resolving technical problems and defining automation needs. Responsible for documenting assistance requests and providing first tier support to customers in multiple areas of Information Technology (IT), to include, personal computers (PC), office automation software, general office automation equipment, email, Local Area Network (LAN) equipment/and or services, and specialized medical applications.
  • Answered incoming telephonic calls and remotely responded to electronic mail from customers relating to outlook mail, encryption certificates and signatures, account and password expiration, password account lockouts, account reset, O/S program files, computer applications, file and application restoration problems, hardware/and or software troubles, and networking problems.
  • Documented all incoming call, identified end user location, date and /time of issue, problem definition and documented issue into remedy database. Remotely analyzed and diagnosed a variety of desktop and laptop computer systems, software, hardware, peripheral devices and networking issues.
  • Maintained personal reference guides to facilitate software and hardware problem resolution. Tracked status of user problem through Remedy automated software to assure problem resolution, recorded resolution, and performed callbacks to customer regarding status of problem.
  • Ensured that end user inquires and problems concerning networks, computers, peripherals, and services are expeditiously resolved.

Confidential, San Antonio, TX

Internet International Marketing Manager


  • Led a small international marketing department projects by coordinating internal company groups and outside customers.
  • Ensured well planned, efficient, and timely marketing implementation and development projects that ensured the success of the entire marketing campaign for the various international markets.
  • Researched, developed, and pro-actively manage international and some national marketing campaigns. Identified suitable international target audiences and create strategic partnerships with trade publications and trade associations in order to promote services and products through marketing campaigns: direct mail, mail inserts or advertising.
  • Managed the product brochure production process and ensure that the design and "feel" of each product brochure is appropriate for the target markets.
  • Managed relations with several organizations involved in the marketing campaign, international PR Company, and existing media and marketing partners. Conferred with subordinate and upper management on daily basis.

Confidential, San Antonio, TX

On-Line Help Desk Analyst Info Technology


  • Troubleshoot and diagnosed WAN connectivity using various networking tools and applications; Speedracer, GREP, REDBUG, IP reset, Pings, MTR session, IPCONFIG, TELNET, Hyper Terminal, pass word resets, router firmware update, account refresh, hung Telco sessions, and DSLAM malfunctions.
  • Diagnosed broad - band connectivity using various vendor applications and networking tools.
  • Worked with vendor FST(s) field service technicians in setting up customer’s Internet connectivity. Initiated and followed up on trouble ticket issued to the customer. Maintained 24hour customer contact to insure constant briefing on any issues pertaining to the customer’s Internet connectivity. Documented all cases as prescribe by company policies and procedures. Forwarded any unresolved issues to on-coming analyst and network engineers.
  • Maintained over 90% break / fix ratio.

Confidential, Plano, TX

On-Line Help Desk Production WAN Analyst


  • Technical network support analyst in a globally distributed enterprising corporate information technology control center. Primary duties included but were not limited to technical analysis, testing, and evaluation of Confidential WAN, wide area networks (WAN) and hardware infrastructure distributed over the continental Confidential, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Asia.
  • Supported network and data processing needs for all network related issues. Monitored and responded to automatic notifications on all network issues including signal loss and applied theoretical knowledge of the Open System Interconnect Model (OSI) in order to determine functionality of data encapsulation and data transportation in an ATM frame relay data packet switching environment.
  • Interfaced with project managers, program coordinators, and network engineers in diagnostic troubleshooting on Confidential and Ekered drug store WAN issues through lab utilization of VMS operating systems. Agreed upon a plan of action for problem fix and documented technical issues on a daily basis through routine dialog with the client base.
  • Configured Covad’s Netopia routers, Broadxent routers, Zyxel routers, Speed Steam and Flow Point routers for WAN Internet connectivity, port forwarding, port mapping, host mapping, bridging, NAT, PPPoE, DHCP, and DNS.
  • Determined operational quality of the network infrastructure hardware, 3com routers, switches, and hubs, Cisco routers, hubs and switches, ADC Kentrox and Flexcom modems, Ethernet and token rings cabled networks.
  • Performed maintenance and diagnostic tests according to prescribe operational procedures, logged, documented all terminal upgrades according to procedures and briefed upper management and tech advisers and Confidential store managers on pertinent Y2K ATM(s) upgrades issues.

Confidential, Washington, DC

Chief Warrant Officer


  • Responsible for full range of advisory, troubleshooting, diagnostic, repair, retrofitting, testing, fielding and assistance services in support of DIVARTY, division artillery, and a heavy mechanized combat infantry division combat elements consisting of M1 series Main Battle Tanks, M2\M3 Bradley Fighting Vehicles, M901 ITV(s), M198 and M109\M108 series 155mm Howitzers.
  • Identified needed areas for improvement and those actions necessary to improve those targeted deficiencies. Reduced heavy combat maintenance costs, mitigated armament project risks and evaluated work quality of assigned personnel. Planned, assigned and supervised the workflow activities of 30 to 100 military heavy-maintenance combat personnel.
  • Coordinated and evaluated troubleshooting, repair, and testing programs for small arms and military heavy combat vehicles, including complete tank turret fire support systems, optical sighting system, laser-electronic-optical systems and electronic component weapon sub-systems.
  • Personally selected, developed, organized and effectively managed the efforts of base and field technical teams to obtain established objectives within the constraints of limited resources, changing technology, military rules and military regulations
  • Worked under very minimal supervision with extensive latitude for the use of initiative and independent judgment. Performed related duties as assigned and applied working knowledge of environmental and chemical hazards on a large-scale maintenance operations center.
  • Improved and recommended training to complete performance appraisals and worked within stringent deadlines to complete assignments in a restricted suspense period.
  • Performed highly advanced managerial duties overseeing the daily operations and activities of the armament and small arms sections.
  • Duties involved establishing goals, objectives, developing guidelines, procedures, policies, rules, regulations, time schedules, work-flow models and procedures, priorities and standards for achieving established and specific goals.
  • Planned combat-maintenance operational security and designated combat reactionary forces within designated sections of the armament platoon by preparing detailed drawings of the platoon’s edge perimeter.
  • Reacted to enemy threat-intent in a combat environment and posture by planning and scheduling combat rotational moves and relocations.
  • Developed combat maintenance-sectional layouts and coordinated procurement of combat-tactical armament (ammo), surveying equipment (binoculars), and took necessary action to improve survival rate of military personnel in combat environment.

Confidential, Ft Hood, TX

Section Leader


  • Inspected, repaired, and maintained heavy mechanized armament systems and fire control weapon systems; main battle guns and small arms related equipment. Operated, inspected, and performed operator maintenance, direct support and general support maintenance on all prescribed armament equipment.
  • Examined heavy mechanized armament systems for visual defects and proper installation of turret systems components such as main battle guns, breech assemblies, rack mounts, HB machine guns, coaxial machine guns, ejector racks, grenade launchers, load rails, suspension devices, bore evacs, muzzle brakes, feed chutes, electronic LASER range finders, electronic ballistic computers, electronic wind sensors, electronic command guidance systems, turret cupolas, fire control telescopes, articulated telescopes, elbow telescopes, periscopes, and binoculars.
  • Boresighted and collimated main gun to prescribe technical measures.
  • Performed after-firing inspection on heavy mechanized main battle guns and howitzers. Examined M1 series main battle guns, M109 series, M108 rag tops and M2\M3 Bradley for mechanical defects and analyzed malfunctions of turret electronic and electrical components using TMDE and DSTE electronic equipment.
  • Disassembled, repaired, or replaced mechanical, electrical, electronic, and pneudraulic mechanisms of the main weapon systems.
  • Removed, disassembled, and inspected optical-electronic parts and subassemblies for damage, rust, corrosion, acceptable parameters and tolerances. Made adjustments and performed serviceability tests on gun systems and ssociated firing system.
  • Tested electrical and electronic circuitry for continuity, voltage, and proper operation Tested for unwanted electrical or electronic signal or power before connecting electrically actuated explosives and propellants. Adjusts and installs fuses, boosters, and delay elements in conventional munitions.
  • Ensured compliance with Confidential policies, directives, and safety procedures.
  • Analyzed productivity and work qualityof professional soldiers.
  • Evaluated operational efficiency of main battle guns, armament subsystems, and recommended modifications if needed.
  • Established goals and objectives applicable to the development, selection, and management of professional soldiers in support of the Confidential ’s 1st Cavalry Division.

Confidential, MD

Technical Writer \ Editor


  • Edited all academic material for usage, logic and order of presentation, organization, style, clarity, reading grade-level, proper placement of illustrations, and emphasis, accuracy of references, spelling syntax, technical terminology, and format. Researched, wrote and rewrote additional academic course material when portions are found to be deficient. Reviewed source references and conducted research in technical subjects areas to confirm or clarify statements, checked military and technical terminology, and prevented publication of obsolete course material.
  • Rewrote technical material which contained errors in content, structure and style. Deleted and condensed superfluous and repetitive course material using editing procedures. Worked with different subject matter experts, writers, and managers in various departments to produce Confidential (military occupational specialty) specific quality products
  • Prepared outlines and made suggestions to assist writers and technical managers. Provided test authors with written comments concerning problem areas and recommended improvements with the overall quality of Confidential 41c and 45g SQT.
  • Conferred with test writers concerning major problems and needed changes in original Confidential drafts.
  • Reviewed essentiality of appropriateness and intrinsic value of illustrations and artwork. Provided continuing guidance to developers concerning approved formats and English grammar.
  • Designed and wrote paper documentation using various authoring methods. Produced and created technical and user oriented documents, manuals and technical reference materials.
  • Served as a member of soldier training publication and skill development test review boards which certified the education soundness and editorial and technical accuracy of the 41C, 45G and 45Z armament Confidential publications according to Confidential command doctrine.

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