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Systems Operations Engineer Resume

Chandler, ArizonA


To become a contributing team member of an engineering organization, as well as strive to surpass individual and team goals, resolve technical issues, and assist in producing quality products.


Systems Integration/Hardware/Automation Engineer with experience in performance engineering, integration testing, hardware testing/debugging, systems and Confidential factory automation support, computer optimization and network administration. Creative and persistent problem solver with Lean Six Sigma experience, proven troubleshooting and interpersonal communications skills, established technical competence, and demonstrated analytic abilities.


  • Knowledge of PC and Server computer hardware designs and architectures
  • Ability to interpret and write electronic schematics
  • Knowledge with Digital/Analog Multimeters
  • Knowledge with Digital/Analog Oscilloscopes
  • ROM Programmers (Flash, TSOP)
  • JTAG, I2C, & PCI Bus Analysis
  • Concepts in Analog/Digital Controllers
  • Concepts in amplifiers, filters, and oscillator design
  • Knowledge of RAID storage and hardware configurations
  • Concepts in Advanced Communication
  • Concepts in HW/SW performance engineering and optimization
  • Transact-SQL (T-SQL)
  • Perl
  • C/C++ (Visual, Turbo, Borland)
  • Command Language (TCL)
  • WinBatch
  • 32/64-bit Confidential Microprocessor Assembly
  • Extensible Firmware Interface
  • Windows XP (Professional, Enterprise Server 2003/2008, Data Center Server 2003/2008)
  • UNIX (SCO-Admin)
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2000
  • Windows Server 2003/2008
  • Android OS
  • SQL Server 2000/2005/2008
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook)
  • WinDBG
  • Knowledge in Servers, Workstations, Routers/Switches, Firewalls
  • Concepts in Network Security
  • Knowledge of various network protocols (Wireless 802.11b, IP, TCP/IP, ISDN, etc.)
  • Network troubleshooting and debug of network components
  • Customer and client experience/Interpersonal communication
  • Experience in writing technical documentation
  • Customer/Client Support
  • Manufacturing experience
  • Effective Team Leadership


Confidential, Chandler, Arizona

Systems Operations Engineer


  • Initiated a department - wide effort to adopt an innovative culture, and embrace process reduction as a priority for the department in moving forward in providing support to the end-users.
  • Lead efforts to integrate the Confidential IT Virtual Factory (ITFA) platforms groups across four geographies into the GOS Systems Operations team for 24x7 automation systems support. The effort allows local site automation groups to eliminate local on-call support by transferring capabilities into the SysOps support model.
  • Created a conceptual ‘Dashboard’ from SharePoint that incorporated GOS operational metrics. The effort exceeded the organizations expectations of providing operations metrics that was available in an online format that can be manipulated to display what the user wanted to view
  • Delivered technical analysis of several application related issues affecting system performance within the CCE (Consolidated Computing Environment). The issues that were identified included memory and I/O bottlenecks; where the results were then given to the developers for correction.

Confidential, Chandler, Arizona

Service Desk Automation Engineer


  • Developed an improved method for 300mm Station Controller/Winclient rebuilding for local automation engineers in Fab 24 Ireland. The improved process reduced the complexity of rebuilding the systems from 2.5 hours to .75 hours. Created and administered the Process Resolution Document ( Confidential ) for the effort.
  • Lead the effort to revise and deliver feedback to all Process Flow Integration (PFI) engineers on new resolution documentation that GOS uses to resolve incidents in Fab 24. This allowed all Support Engineers for GOS to reduce escalations and provided better communication for F24 local automation and GOS.
  • Initiated a program to allow all 300mm Station Controllers to be troubleshot from a remote location. The program allowed automation to remotely reboot, diagnose, and fix issues related to the tool Station Controller.
  • Initiated a program to align Fab 17 and Ireland Factory Operations (IFO) to utilize 200mm Station Controller reboot scripts developed by Fab 20. This would reduce the amount of incidents created by the users in the fab that have issues with manufacturing tools and their Station Controllers.
  • Developed a shift scheduling plan for the Support Engineers that will allow the engineers to be more effective at work and improve the overall business for the organization
  • Obtained L2 PFI/Automation Engineer Certification to handle 300mm incidents before they were escalated to local automation support engineers

Confidential, Bellevue, Washington

Systems Engineer


  • Responsible for running TPC-C and TPC-E workloads across prototype engines of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 on large-scale Itanium2 hardware using the latest version of Microsoft operation systems (Longhorn Server and Vista for x64), as well as across various Intel64 and IA64 platforms
  • Responsible for maintaining and updating all hardware used by the on-site SQL team along with maintaining and enhancing the automation environment that produces performance data for Microsoft. Systems include 1,500 hard disks, large-scale 64-way Itanium2 system, multi-core/multi-thread Itanium2 and Intel64 systems, and multiple 4-way and 2-way Xeon client systems. Intel’s SQL Server performance team on-campus is only group capable of delivering steady and reliable TPC-C and TPC-E data to the SQL Server teams, compiler teams, and Microsoft Research teams. The data allowed Confidential to identify major areas for improvements in SQL Server scalability within various Microsoft products
  • Provided basic database administration that includes implementation and maintenance of the core database on large-scale system. The database administration duties include backup and restore, query analysis, database building exercises, client/network troubleshooting, and performance tuning; all while in a controlled network environment
  • Interacted with the Microsoft SQL Server team members to deliver reliable performance data among Intel’s OEM’s as well as the Server Performance team in Portland (Jones Farm Campus)
  • Knowledge of intermediate performance characteristics that include performance latencies in memory, cache, and I/O (CPI, Pathlength); Knowledge of Intel’s performance analysis tools that include EMON and VTune®
  • Collaborated with Confidential Operating Systems Performance team to debug Microsoft kernel issues with new releases of Microsoft OS on Confidential platforms
  • Willingness to address lab issues and take responsibility for lab specific hardware problems - Exhibiting attention to detail; (i.e. Diagnosing I/O latency issues with engineers in the Microsoft on-site team)
  • Worked with SQL engineers on both whitepapers on performance configurations, and benchmark configurations in the lab
  • Reduced the complexity of problems in order to simplify diagnostics and general understanding of performance issues
  • Constructed an internal website to present up-to-date performance data to various Microsoft groups
  • Achieved a Microsoft Certified Professional certification and is near completion of a Microsoft Certified Database Administrator ( Confidential ) certification
  • Responsible for purchasing of hardware needed for site planning when required

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