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Sr. Systems Analyst/programmer Resume

Ann Arbor, MI


  • Inventive Computer Engineer with over 20 years personal experience and 14 years professional experience installing, administering and supporting heterogeneous systems and data storage. Seeking position as Systems/
  • Storage Manager or similar.
  • Proficient in systems architecture, configuration and network administration.
  • Proven ability to design solid and manageable data systems, current specializations in storage management and design.


9+ years experience with large scale systems, including data storage, in a 24x7x365 environment 9+ years 24x7 system support experience - expert in providing end user support and training 12+ years experience with installation, administration and support of Windows and Linux/UNIX servers Exceptional analytical and troubleshooting skills; Project Management Solid knowledge of data design, including 9+ years experience in data collection, storage, management and reporting. Proven expertise in assembling and organizing data Outstanding communication skills with upper management, peers and users as demonstrated by recognition


Hardware: StorageTek (STK) tape libraries, STK & Confidential fiber channel tape/disk drives, Sun BladeStore, Sun servers (E450, V440, V480, x4150), Confidential xSeries, Confidential NAS servers, Siemens Syngo Dynamics (KinetDx DS3000) servers, Siemens SIENET MagicStore servers

Storage, Disk systems: StorageTek D280, FLX-210, 6150, Confidential DS4800, EXP3000, EXP810; Confidential Grid Medical Archive Solution (GMAS); Confidential Storage Manager10.x, Sun SANtricty; Familiar with EMC, Net App. and storage virtualization technologies.

Tape Libraries: Sun StorageTek 9310, L700, SL8500.

OS: UNIX (Solaris, AIX, HP-UX), Linux (Red Hat, Suse, Mandrake, Ubuntu, etc.), Automated Cartridge System Library Software (ACSLS), Archive Solution Manager (ASM/SAM-Q/FS), Confidential TSM, Sun Cluster, Windows (all versions, both workstation and server, including clustering), Veritas clustering, MS-DOS, MVS, OMVS

Protocols / network apps: TCP/IP, Confidential, syslogd, sendmail, ssh, scp, SANtricity, ntp, SMTP, Ethernet, Token Ring, NFS, CIFS, rexec, rsh, RIP v1/2, omproute (OSPF), netstat, named, telnet, firewall, FSPF

System architecture: SPARC, x86, Motorola 65k/68k, desktops/workstations and peripherals

Programming: Assembly, C/C++, HTML, SQL, shell scripting (csh, ksh, bash), Perl, Java


Sr. Systems Analyst/Programmer

Confidential, Ann Arbor, MI


  • Lead SAN / Storage engineer for hospital wide Radiology and Cardiology image archive ( Confidential ). Responsible for 3M+ studies (200+ Confidential ) of critical patient data acquired from main hospital and various satellite locations housed on a Sun StorageTek archive system in a tiered storage configuration 100+ Confidential Veritas clustered STK FLX line disk, STK tape libraries and Siemens storage systems and redundant Confidential GMAS 600 Confidential grid disk, TSM servers, Sun StorageTek SL8500 tape librarys.
  • Performance reviews consistently rated well above average Implemented system maintenance protocols which save $50K per occurrence Planned, directed and currently implement tape recycling project which saves $78K annually
  • Proposed changes to storage hardware upgrade/new tape library purchase which saved nearly $100K Proposed new, hybrid storage solution for Confidential system with potential capital savings of $5M over five years
  • Working extensively with Confidential Support, identified and isolated two TSM bugs and improved TSM configuration, mitigating problems incurred since installation.
  • Subsequently developed plan for a permanent, total system fix Co-created scripts to verify data archive integrity between grid and TSM, later adopted by Confidential Support 460 days storage system uptime without a single outage Integral member of Confidential replacement technical committee and Daylight Savings Time project team
  • Solely responsible for SAN utilization statistical reports
  • Image routing and radiology networking backup engineer, imaging web server backup engineer

L2 Software Engineer

Confidential, RTP, NC


  • Diagnosed and debugged Confidential NAS server (100, 200, 300/G, 500) defects and configuration issues for Enterprise class systems.
  • Worked directly with system programmers and system/network admins to resolve problems.
  • Provided world-wide support for Fortune 1000 companies in a 24x7x365 environment.

Hardware tester

Confidential, RTP, NC


  • Tested xSeries servers for hardware and microcode defects, wrote detailed code change ordershelped implement process improvements and documented processes.

L2 Software Engineer

Confidential, RTP, NC


  • Diagnosed and debugged MVS TCP/IP application code defects and configuration issues for Enterprise
  • Class systems. Worked directly with system programmers and system/network admins to resolve problems.
  • Provided domestic and international support for Fortune 1000 companies in a 24x7x365 environment.
  • Created Confidential component knowledge base helping customers solve their own problems quicker and with less effort, resulting in greater than 66% reduction of Confidential calls and increased customer satisfaction Devised formula to locate routing daemon’s internal task structure, resulting in a significant reduction in diagnostic time
  • Recognized by management and peers for developing and maintaining a Linux file server that improved the process of diagnostic information retrieval
  • Recognized by management, peers, and customers for outstanding product support through several ‘Thank You’ notes and awards
  • Developed strong working relationship with application team and worked closely with other Confidential support teams, both locally and other sites

Research Database Project Mgr/Network Admin

Confidential, E. Lansing, MI


  • Directed all technical efforts for three multi-million dollar cancer care research projects. Installed, configured, and supported LAN, utilizing Linux/Windows NT servers and Windows 95/NT workstations over TCP/IP.
  • Directed full project life cycle design, development and implementation of Computer Assisted Telephone Interview ( Confidential ) system, utilizing Ci3 software Designed, developed and managed data collection system structure, containing over 27,000 records
  • Analyzed and altered data sets at binary level to circumvent limitations of the Ci3 product suite, resulting in increased efficiency and reducing data loss and corruption to less than 1%
  • Installed and administered Windows NT and Linux servers, including file share permissions and accounts
  • Planned and implemented backup and disaster recovery strategy set up automatic tape backup and file restoration system

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