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Network Security Engineer Resume

Chicago, IL


  • 13 years experience in network engineering, network planning and design, network evolution and strategy, network operations and deployment and technology migrations.
  • 8 years of leadership and mentoring experience industry networking, motivating, training, and leading organizational teams and cross functional team projects.
  • Strong end to end network engineering and operations background across Transport, RAN, CS - Core, PS-Core, Intelligent Network, Fixed Mobile, LTE deployment, Ethernet, and IMS.
  • Diverse technology background including IPv4, IPv6, Ethernet, Layer 2/3 switching and design, CDMA, GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, iDEN, HSPA/HSDPA, Wireless Infrastructure Design, WiFI, LTE, RF Planning, SS7/SIGTRAN, GMRS/FRS, UHF/VHF, MPLS, ATM, VPN, Network Security, Ethernet, SONET, Cisco, Cisco ASA, Palo Alto, Fortinet, IDS (Snort), Alcatel, IP and Digital Cable Technologies.


  • Forecasting
  • GAP Analysis
  • Business Cases
  • Cash Flow
  • Cost/Benefit Analysis
  • Cost Accounting
  • KPI, Performance Indices
  • Process and Flow Chart Development
  • Project Development and Project Management
  • Network Architecture & Topology
  • Network Engineering
  • Core Node Systems Engineering
  • Soft Switch Technology
  • Central Office Facility/Data Center Planning
  • VPN Design
  • Intrusion Detection Cross Points
  • WiFi Access Points - Cisco
  • Network Evolution & Strategy
  • Technology Swaps/Cutovers
  • Release Planning
  • Feature Testing
  • Lab/FOA Certification
  • Commissioning (C&I)
  • Product Requirements
  • VPN Systems
  • WiFi Access Points - Cisco
  • VoIP - Cisco
  • Gateways and AAA Servers


  • Performance Statistics
  • Database Design/Admin
  • Application Modeling
  • Server Virtualization
  • Data Storage Management
  • Mobile Applications
  • SharePoint Design
  • CRM
  • Linux
  • Recruiting
  • Mentoring
  • Goal Setting
  • Two way Coaching
  • Team Motivation
  • Project Mgt
  • Program Mgt
  • Change Mgt
  • Project Leadership
  • Sense of Humor
  • I smile a lot
  • Client Engagement
  • Event Planning
  • Marketing & Promotion
  • RFI/RFP/RFQ Preparation
  • Product Concepts
  • Project/Program Mgt
  • Budgeting
  • Business Plans
  • Professional Presentation Skills


Confidential, Chicago, IL

Network Security Engineer


  • Review Reports from Firewalls, VPN and IDS systems for intrusions/malware. Established new Policy’s as required by FBI and/or the Banking Industry Alerts
  • Assist other Engineering Groups in comprehension and support of any high level system designs and installations in the LAN/WAN environments using Palo Alto, Alcatel, Cisco platforms
  • Maintain good relationships with numerous individuals within onShore and our clients.
  • Maintain records and assist in audits for SOC2 compliance for financial clientsEnd to End Network Engineering and Planning
  • Completed network architecture solutions initial proposals for Sales for Confidential, Private companies and Bank clients.
  • Responsible for end to end High Level Design Plan Connectivity and Design for Firewalls and Network equipment (Alcatel, HP, Cisco routers and switches)
  • Design Layer 2 and 3 physical and logical Topology’s.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve networking issue’s.
  • Assist in installations for VPN, IDS and Fortinet/ASA Cisco Firewalls.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Regional Senior Overall Systems Design Engineer


  • Trained and mentored junior engineers in telecommunications network architecture, acronyms, and standard engineering job functions and advanced upcoming technologies.
  • Established new processes and RACI’s for internal cross functional processes and for special projects
  • Developed Team building projects and coordinate events for Central Regions Systems and Design Teams (Traffic, Overall Systems Design, Integrations, Detailed Systems Design, Transport)
  • Assist other Engineering Groups in comprehension and support of any high level system designs and installations.
  • Maintain good relationships with numerous individuals in and outside of Confidential organization.
  • Develop strategy, processes, lead team of 7 and project managed National Cisco ATM Rip Project and migrate all traffic.
  • Pseudo Wire deployment combining 2G, 3G, 4G from TDM to IP. ALU 7750 and 7705 router configuration.
  • National Network Refresh to remove End of Life Cisco 65XX and 40XX switches and replace with 45XX.
  • National Out of band management design and implementation to improve connectivity to critical network devices using Cisco Terminal Servers and Cisco Routing Devices.
  • Design and implement baseline configurations in accordance to the standards for TMO in the labs.
  • Follow up on installations with contractors and ensure turn up of the switch for uplinks and console access.
  • Ensure DNS and SSH v2 functional in all new nodes prior to migration of traffic.
  • Design MOP to implement migrations of traffic for Network Refresh and Out of Band management projects.
  • Work with and support the Field Services Center on National Capacity Forecast for GPRS, SGSN, RSP, RAN connectivity design in the network including data network elements.
  • Create Implementation Design documentation for Cisco, Nokia, Nortel, Ericsson and Alcatel equipment.
  • Analyze impact of all New Release on the networks
  • Budget yearly forecasting and quarterly re-forecasting for 2G and 3G Network Elements successfully within 1% of goal for 6 consecutive quarters, managing budgets for approximately 22 million in the Switch Core
  • Present technical and financial information and company engineering documentation to a variety of teams including executive leadership.
  • Business Case development to identify and present options on current and future network locations and designs, including VQE evaluations.
  • Create, publish, review and update System Market Designs based on the FSC NCP as well as other Regional projects.
  • Compile data and complete GAP Analysis to identify and solve inconsistencies in work flow process, security on systems in all Central Region Markets, and system functionality
  • Review and address KPI goals and address concerns.
  • Ensure compliance with Telecommunications standards, including Telcordia, ITU and ANSI/ETSI as well as Cisco routed protocols and routing protocols.
  • Create and develop MOPs for variety of Engineer tasks.
  • In depth knowledge of design in Physical Plant, such as fiber optics, cable management and fiber trough designs
  • Knowledgeable in Data Center Cable Design.
  • Vendor quote review to ensure projects are captured correctly in Vendor documentation prior to execution
  • Review Lab documentation and testing reviews from the FSC on new nodes.
  • Plan and prepare telecommunications engineering documents to implement new network nodes.
  • Audit, design, document and propose new voice and data transmission paths in Wireless Networks for additional cell sites or other infrastructure equipment.
  • Find and implement new technologies, creating diversity in vendor equipment in wireless voice, data and video networks.
  • Great communication skills with team members and other groups within and outside of the organization.
  • Proficient in site walk processes for bidder’s conferences, new vendor equipment and new solutions to old problems.
  • Good understanding of Transport guidelines and assisting in with decreases Operations costs.
  • Assisted in helping enhance communications of better business practices on a Regional level and FSC level to the market level.
  • Build hardware and connections in Granite for internal and external networks. Audit discrepancies using Business Objects reports and fix as required.
  • Completed network architecture solutions initial proposals for all aspects of NSS/Core R99 2.5G 3GPP R4->HSPA+ architecture including Geo-Redundancy, A-Flex, Iu-Flex, MSS in Pool, and Diversity facility strategy planning.
  • Responsible for end to end High Level Design Plan Connectivity and Design(down to card/module and link interface level (voice, data, and signaling of BSC, RNC, SGSN/GGSN, MSS/MGW, CsCf, MSC/MTX, GMSC, HLR/HSS, IMS, OSS, SMSC, MMSC, STP, Voicemail, SCP, SDP, DACCs, Billing, and Transport (including intra and inter market long-haul IMTs, PSTN tandem and end office trunking, (TDM/SONET/IP)). Plans included capacity plans, dimensioning, traffic plan analysis (RAN and Core), and systems engineering documentation
  • Produced end to end Low Level Design Plan templates and initial plans for use by regional and market field network engineering and operation teams for cross connect and wiring allocations, circuit and facility port mappings, neighbor lists, switch translations, neighbor lists, site border plans, office parameters, MSC and BSC data-fill, numbering/naming assignments, NPA-NXX allocations, IP address/subnet mask assignments, central office rack and floor space, BDP assignments.

Confidential, Oakbrook, IL

Regional Network IT Engineer


  • Build and foster vendor relationships
  • Decision maker for all new products for purchase and implementation into the Enterprise Network for the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area
  • Mentored and supported team of 15 EIT technicians
  • Project managed all EIT projects for the to support 110
  • Team leader for implementation locations for VPN and Confidential Digital Voice Services (VoIP) for the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area
  • Complete Network Topology assessments to over 110 company sites in the Greater Chicago Region
  • Review network stats to ensure security using Juniper Intrusion Detection Equipment
  • Review and recommend new equipment to improve network reliability, security and performance
  • Design new topologies for internal OC 48 ring between offices
  • Management IP’s for sub netting as needed
  • VPN design and implementation
  • Design Wireless networks using Cisco products and plan deployment
  • Design, Plan and Deploy VoIP networks for call centers and other Confidential business offices using SIP and Avaya, as well as Cisco Call Managers
  • Testing of all network functions with Ixia products
  • Responsible for all documentation of the network using MS Visio, as well as SMOPs for use by technician supporting the network.
  • Support Cable Head Ends in Management of CDV, DAC and VOD products and services
  • Work with a variety of Cisco routers, terminal servers and switches to ensure network connectivity
  • Troubleshoot down network connectivity
  • Work in Remedy for troubleshooting network issues.
  • Ensure inventory and RMA’s are completed as required

Confidential, Elmhurst, IL

Mobile Switching Office Coordinator


  • Lead the team which supported Confidential Race Cellular site testing and integrations, as well as 911 routing translations
  • Coordinated MSO workflow for Cellular site implementations with other cross-functional teams in Engineering and Operations
  • Point of Contact for support to multiple markets requiring assistance in AirGen functionality (Network Datafill)
  • Engineering of site layout in iDEN BSC.
  • Point of Contact for coordinating over 1400 downloads for Cellular sites
  • Communications coordinator for many high profile events, including Cellular Sites on Wheels, Base Radio adds for capacity improvements
  • Ensured all engineering teams involved were up to date on current issues and solutions
  • Part of the team to reorganize Nextel’s re-banding projects for the Confidential
  • Completed detailed oriented data and statistical analyses for Telco related outages and new build outs
  • Assist Management in using best business practices to ensure company savings in all area’s of the Mobile Switching Office Network
  • Review, analysis and implementation of routing and routed protocols for WAN and LAN infrastructures, such as RIP, RIPv2, IGRP, EIGRP, BGP, OSPF, as well as hubs, switches, and bridges into the wireless and data infrastructure.
  • Strong knowledge Confidential technologies
  • Fluent in RF concepts, color-coding, base radio allocations/placement, and ISC II ISC III standards.
  • In depth understanding of traffic statistical concepts, such as erlangs, hold times, and blocking
  • Multitasking Telco related testing i.e. T1, T3, and OC3, OC12, and OC192 SONET testing and turn-ups with Telco
  • Work directly with the Network for the Tri-state area covering 1400 cellular sites and their network elements in three different locations in the Chicago suburbs.
  • Part of a team to FOA new software releases in the Midwest Tri-state Area for iDEN
  • Strong knowledge of Network Topologies
  • Trunk building, testing and turn-ups on Nortel DMS-100 and Lucent 5ESS switches
  • Preventive maintenance requirements to ensure Network Quality, such as system health-checks and backups
  • Vast and through knowledge of troubleshooting, Maintenance procedures, and new implementations on all MSO Network elements, including DMS-100 Nortel, Lucent 5ESS switches and echo cancellations subsystems, Dantel Environmental Alarm Systems, FM200 systems, DSX panels (TBERD testing and OC testing) Fiber Distribution Runs and Panels, TCP/IP protocols and failures, 5500 wideband and 532L narrowband Tellabs DACCS’s, all iDEN equipments ( Confidential, BSCs, and BPX dispatch elements), BITS clocks, Metro Packet Switches, Voice Data Network Catalysts, and Sun-Solaris Operations Maintenance Centers.
  • Review of vendor Wire Standards for transmission media usage, such as fiber, coax, and Category 5 after project completion for sign off.
  • Analyzed alarms and following up hourly on high profile issue’s

Confidential, Arlington Heights, IL

Business and Network Analysis and Support


  • Direct Support to all Domestic and International infrastructures using the iDEN Network Elements and software
  • Light usage of Unix to diagnose issues for Product Support Engineers
  • Analysis of Raw Data gathered from different resources to create presentations for Management
  • Report pertinent metrics to management to ensure quick solutions to new issues
  • Vendor support for International and National Confidential Returned Materials

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