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Security Engineer Resume

Herndon, VA


  • Accomplished Information Technology Professional with over 12 years of demonstrated career success offering effective security solutions for both information protection and physical security. Leveraging a diverse background of combined military, information technology, public and environmental health, and clinical experience with diplomatic security. Possess exemplary organizational skills and the ability to maintain high productivity levels while executing heavy workloads. Excellent communicator, motivator and leader with the ability to make insightful and sensitive decisions to maximize individual productivity.
  • Experience using data mining tools: Splunk & Bluecoat Logger
  • Proven ability to diagnose, troubleshoot, and resolve technical problems
  • Quick learner with strong working knowledge of software, hardware, networking, operating systems, and security applications
  • Ability to identify security vulnerabilities in our web - based and client-server enterprise software applications
  • Experience conducting vulnerability assessments
  • Experience with automated testing tools such as BackTrack, Metasploit/Kali Linux, Angrey IP Scanner and/or similar products (in training environments)
  • Skilled at policies and procedure development as well as identification and documentation of best practices
  • Outstanding communication skills; demonstrated background working well with students and co-workers in one-on-one and group settings
  • Experience using RSA Archer Compliance, Threat, & Incident Management
  • Ability to analyze network protocols/packet sniffing using the Wireshark, and other similar programs.
  • Superior analytical and problem-solving abilities, with track record of improving operations.
  • Help Desk ticket tracking experience with using Confidential Service Desk Express & ITSM Remedy
  • Experience with C&A programs Confidential / Confidential
  • Experienced at performing manual and automated penetration testing of web applications in lab environments.


  • Information Security DISA Security Polices Host Base Security Systems
  • PC & Mac Repair Incident Response
  • Incident Investigation Team Leadership Computer Proficiency


Confidential, Herndon, Va

Security Engineer


  • Installation & configuration of Fuse, Splunk, RSA Archer, McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator as needed for Continuous Diagnostics & Mitigation (CDM) process
  • Conduct open source, web access and link analysis. Analyze employee email accounts, computer files and documents
  • Performs and leads tests of software to ensure proper operation and freedom from defects.
  • Performs complex workflow analysis and recommends quality improvements.
  • Perform end-to end testing - including testing in an HP test facility and customer designated environments - could include development and testing, staging, pre-production, and production - needs to be repeatable
  • Produce test plans, conduct the testing, and generate reports - test plans provided to customer for review and approval prior to performing the formal testing

Confidential, Ft Belvoir, VA

Information Assurance Manager and Policy Analyst


  • Reviewed and interprets National and DoD-level policy, procedures, and guidance for Insider Threat; (2) recommend Confidential positions on drafts; and (3) update Confidential Insider Threat policy and procedures for compliance. Coordinates with network and other Technical Engineers and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs); follows Confidential procedures to coordinate, publish, and implement Confidential Insider Threat policy and procedure.
  • Advised and assisted the Confidential lead with compliance with applicable National, DOD and Confidential Policies.
  • Conducted research to identify IT vulnerabilities and recommend indicators of anomalous behavior, then propose solutions to decision makers.
  • Used the Risk Management Framework for certification and accreditation of assigned systems. Uses CJCSI 6510.1F and DISA Evaluators Scoring Metrics for Computer Network Defense Service Providers Tier II to evaluate and improve cyber-related incident detect, response, protect, and sustain functions.
  • Performed IA, Confidential, System Engineering, and database management services surge support, as required.
  • Used Splunk to help track user online habits for possible insider threat investigations.

Confidential, Quantico, VA

HBSS Administrator


  • Responsible for configuring, integrating, operating, and maintaining Host Based Security System (HBSS) for Secret networks and non-secure networks.
  • Monitor the HBSS for alerts, assess and modify the HBSS operational parameters (filters, signatures, rules, etc.) when requested
  • Enforce incident handling and overall practices and procedures accordance w/ policy & procedures, in the event of a security violation or unauthorized attempt to access or alter DLA data
  • Responsible for installing, managing, maintaining and configuring the Host Based Security System (HBSS) and associated modules
  • Installation and configuration of the latest released version of the McAfee HBSS suite of software, subject to DISA approval, on hardware located at various military installations throughout the world
  • Assist in providing daily administration transition assistance into operations for the McAfee HBSS suite of software

Confidential, Washington, DC

Tier 2 Cyber Security Analyst


  • Analyze network traffic using SourceFire to assess, prioritize and differentiate between potential intrusion attempts & false alarms
  • Analyzing DLP (Data Loss Prevention) using McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator to prevent loss of user PII over the network
  • Analyzing all security systems log files, reviewing and keeping track of triggered events.
  • Researching current and future cyber threats and reconciling correlated cyber security events.
  • Performing volubility scans on DOE websites using WebInSpect
  • Reporting CAT 1-5 cyber incidents to US-Cert

Confidential, Fairfax, VA

I.T. Security Analyst


  • Performing quarantine of Confidential systems that do not meet current Confidential security requirements
  • Creating tickets in the ITSM Remedy to track systems quarantine and removal from quarantine
  • Supporting the Confidential Host Based Security System (HBSS) implementation
  • Utilizing ArcSight to create personal channels to monitor traffic key to job role
  • Analyzing all security systems log files, reviewing and keeping track of triggered events
  • Researching current and future cyber threats and reconciling correlated cyber security events
  • Developing and modifying new and current cyber security correlation rule sets

Confidential, Washington, DC

Security Analyst-Help Desk Technician


  • Analyzing all security systems log files, reviewing and keeping track of triggered events
  • Investigating possible cyber-attacks on DoS systems
  • Training on PCAP analysis
  • Training on ArcSight for network traffic analysis from foreign IPs
  • Providing Tier I-III support to the Secretary of State & all Secretary support staff
  • Resolve issues surrounding computer hardware, software, network, and telecommunications systems while demonstrating expertise in customer service and technical knowledge
  • Record, maintain and update records in the Confidential Service Desk Express
  • Make changes to user profiles using Active Directory
  • Using Remote Desktop Connections to troubleshoot & repairs
  • Perform analysis of problems and assist with corrective action to restore functionality
  • Work with technical customer service or development staff to resolve recurring problems and issues with applications and/or products

Confidential, Woodbridge, VA

Help Desk Technician/Lead IT Specialist


  • Established entire small office network set-up, which included but not limited to (12) desktop workstations, (8) laptop workstations, (3) wireless printers, (1) and medium sized laser printer, 802.11g that was later updated to 802.11n. Also set-up VoIP communication for 4 telephone lines
  • Help create company NSD domains while using Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
  • Operated as service point-of-contact for help-desk, helping to diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve issues
  • Assisted in programming operating system from Windows XP to Vista and 7 for 20 workstations, MAC OS.X support for iMAC & Macbook Pro machines
  • Provided daily technical support for e-mail, network, connectivity, telecommunications, peripheral equipment, and system maintenance as well as printer and fax machine repair.
  • Created and maintained of Microsoft Outlook accounts
  • Responsible for computer set up, software installations as well as software and hardware updates
  • Provided daily security checks on all workstations as well as personal PDAs
  • Performed vulnerability scans on PCs and network/local printers using Nessus.
  • Implemented new security protocols to help prevent customer and business related security breaches.
  • Responsible for adding new employee Microsoft Outlook profiles. Also removing former employees’ from Outlook. Also handled password recovery and system lockout recovery.

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