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Systems Consultant/contract Programmer Confidential Resume

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  • I have been responsible for the choosing, recommending and designing many systems to meet all current and future requirements for computer hardware and business needs for Manufacturing, Distribution and Energy. I made the decisions after extensive research and development based on customers business requirements.
  • I have directed team has or had the sole responsibility for installing, designing and writing many business systems for different IT platforms, which I have listed below
  • I have a proven record of accomplishment of completing all tasks and systems on time and under budget.


HARDWARE: AS/400, AS/400I, SYS/36, SYS38, PC and IBM Mainframe

SOFTWARE: DB2, OS/400, DB/400, DB2, OS/2, Windows


APPLICATIONS: BPCS, MAPICS, DATA3, LAWSON, ERP, MRP, PKMS, Harris Data, SSA, ICC Transportation, Confidential, Confidential, GWIZ, SOFTWARE 2000, Confidential, Confidential, EDI, HARBINGER TRUSTEDLINK.


APPLICATION EXPERIENCE: Systems Designed, Written, and Modified and tested

MANUFACTURING & DISTRIBUTION: Bill Of Material Costing, MRP, ERP, Inventory Control, Return Goods Inventory, Data Collection, Quotation System, P.O.S., Order Entry, Sales Analysis, Time & Attendance, Warehouse Location, EDI.

OIL & GAS: JIB, D.O.I., AFE, Revenue, Gas Marketing, Lease Pay Out, Lease Profit & Loss, Land, Production, EDI

FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT: AP, AR, G/L, Payroll, Tax Reporting, Asset Reporting.

MISCELLANEOUS: Trips Processing, Reservations, Freight System, E.D.I. Interfaces, TCP/IP and IFS


Systems Consultant/Contract Programmer



  • I have worked remotely designing, writing and changing numerous business application and systems upon user request, these request range from a simple report to a RF warehouse location system. There production schedule is produce by a modified mapics system requiring an enhanced and tighter lot batch control.
  • I designed and wrote the RF warehouse location system. These systems were all written using RPGII, RPGIII, RPGIV, RPG Free, SQLRPGLE and COBOL.
Systems Consultant/Contract Programmer

Confidential, Phoenix, AZ


  • Added an interface for UPS tracking number update to Confidential order entry and invoice system. Have greatly enhanced a home grown sales tracking and pool construction system to better track cost and construction phases.
  • I have Written many upload and download programs to move date from ICMS and Quick Quote to populate the Confidential data base and ICMS
  • Confidential is running on Confidential 7.3. Modifications and new systems were written in RPG, RPGLE and SQLRPGLE.
Systems Consultant/Contract Programmer

Confidential, Birmingham, AL


  • Modified and tested several RF scanning programs. Wrote and modified many bare code labels program using Confidential . Ashford.

Confidential, Peoria, IL


  • I was responsible for writing all programs that created flat files that met all reporting requirements for the Mexican government.
  • All files were formatted in EDI standards, converted to IFS and FTP to remote server as a text document.
  • I also wrote a system to create XML files to interface to a distribution reporting system called Confidential for the Scandinavian countries that sell Maui Jim product.
  • These files were formatted in XML standard, converted to IFS and FTP to a remote server as a text document.
  • I made changes to trading partners and mapping to EDI 850, 860 and 856 transactions.
  • I was responsible for the modification and designing numerous bar code labels using T. L. Ash ford label system. I designed screens and wrote over 40 - file maintenance programs to support the bar code creation system.
  • All of these programs and system were written in RPG Free using embedded SQL.
Systems Consultant/Contract Programmer

Confidential, Ithaca, NY


  • I am currently writing all programs and systems using RPGIV, RPG Free, COBOL and SQLRPGLE Embedded SQL.
  • The greater percentage this process was completed remotely via VPN internet connection.
  • Modified and enhanced the warehouse location and inventory system. I have written a payroll control systems using RPG Free, corrected, and enhanced numerous COBOL programs.
  • I wrote the Employee master records add/update system using EV3 data files from ADP was written in RPG Free.
Systems Consultant/Contract Programmer

Confidential, Lakewood, CO


  • Worked on and wrote numerous applications and programs using RPGIII, RPGIV, RPG Free, SQLRPGLE and COBOL.
  • Design and wrote many application-extracting files from the AS400 IFS Partition converting from XL and VSE to AS400 Files and from AS400 files to IFS for transmission to 70 different AS/400. Had the opportunity to help in debugging and modification of several JAVA programs.
  • All programs and files were controlled through the ALDON change management system.
Systems Consultant/Contract Programmer

Confidential, Lincoln, NE


  • I worked as the lead with a team of three designing and writing a warehouse location system that was bar code and RF driven. Modified and enhanced the existing inventory control system based on user and all business requirements.
  • Created many TCP/IP uploads from XL spreadsheets to the AS400; these spreadsheets were created in Tokyo Japan and emailed to Lincoln, NE these were the master production schedule, which was produce, by their manufacturing system.
  • I was responsible for making modifications to over 30 existing programs written in Confidential .
  • All of the programming was written in RPGIII, RPGIV, RPG Free, SQLRPGLE and Confidential .
Systems Consultant/Contract Programmer

Confidential, Richmond, VA


  • I worked with a team of six to gather requirements needed to develop and design a Confidential system that would meet all business requirements.
  • Tracked and defined the average and store cost in 12 files and approximately 500 programs.
  • Made the necessary modifications to 14 COBOL and modified or wrote over 50 programs in RPG Free and RPGIV to use the consignment cost where required these included files to update the People Soft accounting system.
  • Wrote a tracking system in RPG Free to find all programs and file usage in any given Program, CL or Process.
Systems Consultant/Contract Programmer

Confidential, Denver, CO


  • Worked on a team that wrote and modified current programs and systems to meet the security standards for Confidential this was written in RPGILE and RPG Free.
  • I was responsible for designing and writing an Agreement Upload system; this took data from a XL spreadsheet uploaded to AS400 physical file edited, post and maintained the agreements for the builder and subcontractors.
  • Two of us were responsible designing and writing an Electronic Accounts Payable Check Approval System.
Systems Consultant/Contract Programmer

Confidential, Salt Lake City, UT


  • Was responsible for designing, writing and installing a system that used Confidential processing to extract spool file and placing them in physical files, these files was displayed to users using subfile processing, users would select any entry which was converted into PDF format and E-Mailed to other users or clients.
  • I was also responsible for writing or converting over 25 programs for subfile process, reporting and master file update using the RPG Free, RPGILE or RPGIV programming languages.
Systems Consultant/Contract Programmer

Confidential, Denver, CO


  • During conversion, I was responsible for maintaining all systems on the AS400 using Confidential Data systems Software.
  • Made extensive modifications to the revenue and gas balancing applications to allow for the real time re calculation of revenue for any well or gathering point.
  • I assisted the programming manager in converting from the AS400 to an NT Network using the Gwiz Application Package.
  • I wrote many conversion and file transfer programs using RPGIV, RPGILE and TCP/IP procedures.

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