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Systems/network Engineer Resume

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Livingston, CA


Operating Systems: Win7/Server 2003/08r2, Mac OSX 10.7 - 10, Linux/Unix Distros (Ubuntu, CentOS, RHEL)

Hardware: Cisco 2900, 3100, 3500, Dell Force10, Cisco IronPort s170, Barracuda Firewall, HP ProCurve 3100, NetGear 2100, PBX Server (PRI/SIP), Dell PowerEdge Servers, JBODS, QNAP, VNXe3100, Dell TL4000, Dell PS7600/6100 Storage, CradlePoint Wireless Routers, HP COM5/7

Software: Dell EQL Group Manager, QNAP TS-1279U-RP, EMC, VMware ESXi/VSphere, Linux Shell, Mac Terminal, Apache Studio DB Sophos/Symantec/TrendMicro Microsoft Office, Cisco WebEX/Unified Presence, Jenkins, Apache SVN, MySQL, MS IIS, AWS (EC2, S3, CLI), FreePBX, Cisco CLI, HP CLI


Programming Languages: HTML, JavaScript, Basic Python/Bash/Shell scripts


Systems/Network Engineer

Confidential, Livingston, CA


  • Provide network support at all levels, including HP Comware 5/7, Ruckus AP’s, FortiGaurd, cabling (cat 5e, cat6, fiber), RFI scanners, and network printers and clients.
  • Respond quickly to network outages or events that significantly have an impact to business operations and production.
  • Monitor network activity and performance in HP iMC, FortiManager, and Ruckus Wireless Controller to minimize network outages.
  • Maintain cat5e/6/fiber cabling, termination, and dressing that coincide with network vendor expansion projects.
  • Gather accumulative network statistics obtained by network report mechanisms and syslogs (StatSeeker).
  • Research cutting edge network and security automation tools (InfoBlox, AlienVault, DynoTrace) to help fill-in gaps for analytical and strategic capabilities. Additionally, test or develop in-house network core solutions using Open Source Software (Ansible, Splunk, Puppet) for ease of management, deployments and data aggregation.

System/DevOps Support Engineer

Confidential, Fremont, CA


  • Managed the network and server operations including technical support for child-to-parent businesses in intelligent lighting, manufacturing, data centric and R&D at the Western US Region.
  • Part of a team building internal DevOps infrastructure from deploying AWS EC2 web-server instances, and perform test/debug analysis on software development build servers (Jenkins). Administered various open source tools for automation and software development within the DevOps environment such as (Jenkins, Puppet, GIT/SVN, and other).
  • Inventory and provisioned VMware ESXi servers utilizing full range of VMtools for efficiency of DevOps virtual lab and production environments.
  • Managed data build repos, artifacts, and cron backup jobs, and update Python/Java web frameworks running apache and mysql services. Involved with designing internal administrative tools using DJANGO on Python framework.
  • Maintained day-to-day server and network operations in Windows Server 2008r2 AD/DNS/DHCP, and Linux Server Administration LDAP/SAMBA/DHCP/Open SSH.

IT System/Security Specialist

Confidential, Sacramento, CA


  • Assigned subcontractor at the California Emergency Management Agency in which performed a wide range of IT duties at client/server, network, and security operations, including data integrity and sustainability.
  • Liaison for all state and local federal partners to augment core server and network operations within an open secret environment, and conducted risk assessments, threat analysis, and site surveys in support of security audits.
  • Collaborated with support teams and network engineers to propose system architectures and security capabilities that align with the open secret guidelines.
  • Safeguarded classified and unclassified data assets within an open secret environment; communicated through state and federal channels and aid security clearances.
  • Provisioned software and hardware assets as a gatekeeper and ensured security guidelines were acquired, and prior to deployments.
  • Monitored and analyzed network traffic resource exhaustion using open source tools as NMAP, Wireshark, and Angry-IP.
  • Maintained day-to-day IT operations and service request(s) for Windows servers/clients, network peripherals and devices, plus software/hardware troubleshooting.

IT Administrator



  • Worked directly with IT Director and Department Officials in implementing and testing the baseline software or hardware elements to meet staff and student requirements.
  • Updated information resources via staff or student web portal so that academic community is aware of technical change of processes and maintenance.
  • Managed purchasing and/or receiving of print supplies, network supplies, computer hardware, software licenses, and contract agreements distributed from local companies or manufacturers.
  • Monitored and tracked software versions, fixes, and vendor announcements.
  • Evaluated and recommended software, hardware equipment, and other tools necessary to implement and enhance automation processes.
  • In charge of the maintenance on security controls, cameras, alarms and documentation of security polices and agreements.
  • Monitored the performance of computer systems, services, and the network.

Confidential, Sacramento, CA

IT Consultant


  • Carried out a wide range of responsibilities as an IT Consultant throughout the Sacramento region.
  • Managed deployment projects, initiated disaster and recovery programs, server/system maintenance, and desktop/phone support and served as subject matter expert across all Window domains.
  • Acted as project lead on a large scale PC refresh project, scheduled backup and recoveries, maintained purchase of assets and inventory in SAP system, configured complex database or network connections, and generated correspondence reports for IT Managers/Senior Engineers.
  • Provided training support on new systems and applications including network issues.
  • Wiped obsolete hard drives using DOD tool methodology standards.
  • Setup, configured, and secured VMware clients linked to enterprise servers.

Confidential, Stockton, CA

IT Security Analyst.


  • Provided computer and network technical support. Win NT service patches and updates. Backup and recovery of Win NT servers, Microsoft 2003 and Exchange Servers.
  • Monitored and analyzed core Barracuda firewall traffic filters, and set rules to prevent exploit of vulnerabilities.
  • Maintained user accounts, group policies and file service permissions utilizing Active Directory.
  • Collaborated with data and/or network engineers to isolate network and radio transmitter failures.
  • Maintained order and shipping of supplies, and maintenance agreements for software/hardware requirements.
  • Conducted surplus of inventory and disposal which included a list of obsolete equipment and promoted a friends or family auction.

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