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Business Process Analyst Resume

New York, NY


  • More than 10 years of experience in system analysis with extensive use of EDI in implementation.


Confidential, New York, NY

Business Process Analyst

  • Monitor and test EDI for new clients in the shipping/logistics/warehouse system. (Mypodium)
  • Assist in the implementation process of new customers.
  • Review layout and transmit 810 - Invoice, 856-Advance Ship Notices, and 315-Shipstatus, along with other EDI documents.
  • Evaluate users’ system needs regarding in-house system.
  • Implement and test proprietary client systems for Disney and other customers.
  • Troubleshoot problems with Logistics system Mypilot and Mypodium for over 20 clients.
  • Provide support for internal and external users’ customer tracking goods.

Confidential, New York, NY

EDI Coordinator

  • Managed the processing and conversion of all EDI Vendor accounts into in-house accounting system.
  • Continually received and processed all inbound documents, using TrustedLinks.
  • Utilized the Vendor Compliance system to analyze the quality, accuracy and integrity of the data interchange.
  • Facilitated routing to retailers such as Target, Mervyn’s and Sears and provide shipping instruction to warehouses nationwide.
  • Generated and submitted Invoices (810), Advance Ship Notices (856), and Routing Requests (753) to appropriate trading partners.
  • Communicated with the Systems division on an ongoing basis to ensure successful operations of all EDI applications.
  • Generated regular forecast models by tracking usage from national high volume retailers such as Target, Mervyn’s and Sears, using MS Access and Excel.
  • Provided support in procuring complete and accurate vendor styles, National Retail Federation codes in QRS/INOVIS.

Confidential, Long Island City, NY

EDI Supervisor

  • Managed and oversaw the EDI for all vendor accounts including Invoices (810), Advance Ship Notices (856), and Routing Requests (753) and other documents.
  • Retrieved data from the Navision Financial accounting system to research and analyze charge-backs and perform other data analysis using MS Excel.
  • Implemented changes to reduce chargebacks and also saving the company over $25,000 in chargebacks.
  • Collaborated with Management Team to perform systems analysis, map system processes and make recommendation for systems improvements during the organization’s process reengineering initiative.
  • Assisted in the testing, implementation and troubleshooting of Navision Financial 3.6, a new database accounting systems.
  • Acted as liaison between end-users and development team to ensure successful implementation and optimal performance of new system.
  • Collaborated with Customer contacts, such as Target, Gottshalks, Federated and Nordstrom to ensure accuracy of data input, requirements, and transmission of data for all vendors associated with the EDI program.
  • Produced documentation that enabled accounting department to dispute chargebacks and saving the company money.

Confidential, Hawthorne, NY

Information Technology Supervisor

  • Managed and oversaw invoicing staff and all data processing and provide technical support to over 100 employees.
  • Charged with the installation and troubleshooting of PC hardware and software issues.
  • Maintained regularly scheduled backup on Window 2000 server and assist in other system development initiatives.
  • Provided support in procuring complete and accurate vendor styles, National Retail Federation codes.
  • Managed and oversaw the EDI process for all vendor accounts including Invoices (810), Advance Ship Notices (856), and), Catalog (832), Purchase Orders (850), etc.
  • Trained new employees on the Navision Financial system.
  • Collaborated with national department store chains on the reconciliation of charge-backs.

Confidential, NY

Staff Coordinator/Office Manager

  • Liaison between 50 adjuncts, 27 full time staff member and 100 students.
  • Created queries and generated reports on student records stored on ISIS systems, using SQL, MS Access and Excel.
  • Liaised between publishers and university to create and maintain database for the management of publisher/university relations.
  • Developed system wide forms for use in the ordering and processing of coursework materials.


Operating Systems: Windows Me, 2000, XP and 7

Programming Languages: SQL, HTML, familiar with XML

PC Software: Ms Office Suite (Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint), ACCPAC and Paradox, Navision Financials, FileMaker Pro, INOVIS

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