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Network Engineer Resume

New York, NY


I am a technology savvy self - starter, adept at moving into new environments and extrapolate from existing experience to quickly adapt to new technologies fluently and quickly. I possess first-rate communications and collaboration skills to lead and work in concert with diverse groups effectively.


Protocols& Technology: Network Devices, Network Diagrams, TCP/IP protocols, Network and internet communications, OSI models, Identifying problems at layered model approach (1,2,3 and 7), LAN/WAN operations and configurations, Static and Dynamic IP implementation, Calculate and apply VLSM IP scheme, Identifying common IP problems and correct them, Configuring and securing WLAN, NAT, VPN, Redundancy and Load balancing, PPP, IPv4/IPv6 addressing and subnetting, Static/default and Dynamic routing, Routing protocol types (Distance vector, Link state, Path vector), Passive interfaces, Redistribution of routing protocols, Route Summarization, Policy-based routing, Suboptimal routing, Route maps, Loop prevention mechanisms (Route tagging and filtering, Split-horizon, Route poisoning), Configuring/Verify/ Troubleshooting Routing Protocols on Cisco devices ( RIPv2, RIPng, EIGRP, OSPF), OSPF area type (backbone/normal/transit/ stub/NSSA/totally stub), Routers (Internal routers, backbone router/ABR/ ASBR), Virtual link/Path preference, BGP (eBGP, iBGP), BGP best-path selection, IPsec VPN, GRE Tunnel, DMVPN, AAA using local/TACACS+ and RADIUS, ACL (standard, extended, Named), Device management (Console and VTY, HTTP, HTTPS, SSHv2), (T)FTP, SNMP, logging, Syslog, Debugs, Timestamps, NTP, DHCP, DHCP relay, NAT( Static NAT, dynamic NAT, PAT), IPSLA, Tracking Interfaces, Cisco NetFlow, Switch administration and security Implement, DHCP and DNS (CLI/ SDM templates, Managing MAC address table, Troubleshoot Err-disable recovery), Layer 2 protocols, CDP, LLDP, UDLD, VLANs, Access ports, Trunking (VTP, VTP pruning, dot1Q, Native VLAN), EtherChannel / Link Aggregation, (LACP, PAgP), Misconfiguration guard), switching operations, Switch configuration tasks including (ping, traceroute, telnet, SSHv2, arp, ipconfig), DEBUG, Switching technologies (including VTP, RSTP 802.1w, PVSTP), Configure/verify and troubleshoot VLAN / Trunking 802.1q / interVLAN routing, Switchport and VLANs security, Spanning tree.

OS/Servers: Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8, Windows Server 2003/2008 R2/ 2012 R2 (Active directory, Group Policy Management, FTP server, WEB server, FILE server (Disk Quota management through FSRM), DNS server, DHCP server, Windows deployment services, WSUS server, Remote Desktop services, Network Drive Mapping, VPN (site to site & remote access VPN), NAT/PAT/ACL, Outlook (Gmail, Exchange, Rackspace, Office365)

Hardware: Dell PCs, HP PCs, Compaq PCs, (All motherboard accessories like RAM/CPU/HDD/PCI Cards and other peripherals), Gateway PCs, Cisco/ Linksys/TP-Link Routers/ Switches, Wireless Access Points, Ethernet, Network/Tag Printers, Dell Power Edge Servers, Sonicwall, 8x8 Phones

Raid Controllers: Configuration of hardware and Software Raid Controller.

Network devices: Configuration of switches/routers/firewalls/Access Points.

Tools: & Applications Microsoft Office (Excel/Word), installation and management of any type of softwares, POS, VMWare Workstation, Email Client Configuration, Hieren Boot, Acronis, Belarc, PC Mover, Symantec, Trend Micro, EasyToDo Backup, Malware Bytes, Ccleaner, IP Scanner, GetDataBack, OnTrackEasyRecovery, CS MAC Scanner, One Drive, Dropbox, RegRepair, Transporter.



Network Engineer

  • Managing Confidential network having 80+ branch sites, 2 Data Centers and 1 AWS. Performance maximizing by monitoring, troubleshooting network issues and outage and upgrading network infrastructure with new technologies.
  • Migrated network infrastructure from ISR 1900 Series routers to CISCO Firewalls ASA5500X to meet HIPAA compliance for Clinical and Hospital infrastructures.
  • Controlling traffic between different Zone/Network Segments by applying ACLs.
  • Managing and securing instances hosted on Amazon Web Service. Created VPN tunnel between Data Center and AWS and limit the traffic only to internal Networks.
  • Replaced HP8206 data center switch with two 9K (C93180YCEXB18Q) Nexus on each Data Center 8 FEX (2k - N2K-C2248TP-E), configured VPC (peer link and peer keep alive links), HSRP (Active/Active) and FEX configuration on both Data Centers.
  • Deployed CISCO Prime infrastructure from scratch to advance level Netflow utilizing Prime infrastructure for Network Devices Monitoring and alerts, Software image downloading to network devices and pushing configuration from Prime infrastructure to entire network devices.
  • Working on ISE (Identity Service Engine) project from scratch to take the network infrastructure to advance level of security.
  • Successfully done POC for SD-WAN future solutions. The deployment is of two different vendors, VeloCloud and SilverPeak are deployed at 20 sites as POC.
  • Redesign the Network Segmentation for entire network and moved each site from a two segmented network to multi segment network for security purpose and hardened the different zones with secured policies.
  • Enhance Security to keep employee safe from identity theft by introducing Onelogin. Which enables them to login to different web base accounts without typing their username and password each time.
  • Enhanced security over the network with addition of Firepower/FireSight along with IPS/IDS feature.
  • Using Network monitoring troubleshooting tools LogicMonitor, Syslog Server, and Wireshark to identify and isolate the network problems.
  • Meraki Access-Points configuration and managed different SSIDs and provide security between Guest, Contractors and Corporate Wifi.
  • Managed Shortel Phones system, configuration of new Shoretel switches SG50 for new sites.
  • Configured NTI Enviromux Server Monitoring system for Temperature and Power sensors of IT rooms.
  • Configured BGP over MPLS links and redistribution between EIGRP and BGP routes over multiple MPLS providers.
  • Configured DMZs and installed and configured ISP switches to enhance and improve failover times and security.
  • Configured ASA in Active/Standby Failover mode for High Availability.
  • Configured sites-to-sites VPN with Failover capabilities. AWS VPN to Data Center and limit the access only to internal networks and managing the routing table on AWS and Anyconnect VPN for remote user.
  • Configured IPSLA for ISP failover between four different service providers. Scheduled Firmware/Software upgradation on regular basis. Keep an eye of security related issues of firmware
  • Configuring Syslog on each site to monitor the changes on network devices and get help from those logs during troubleshoot.
  • Installed ISP switches in entire network to for ISP failover and Jump server.
  • Moved the corporate office and a few highly busy clinic/offices from etherchannel to switch stack.
  • Configured EIGRP routing protocol and Static routes, Route redistribution and advertising them between the Core Switch and Firewalls.
  • MPLS service is provided by ISP and we are using BGP between ISP and our Firewalls to advertise the routes. The Network requirement changes accordingly and I have configured BGP with different attributes so far (AS-Path Prepends, Local Preference, weight, route-maps, prefix-lists)
  • Keeping security in mind, I have successfully deployed AAA-Server with Radius authentication, so the IT team can access the device with their Radius credentials.
  • SNMP-SERVER configuration on devices to send the trap message to Prime Infrastructure and Firepower.
  • Configured Cradle Point 4G/LTE ibr1100 and created VPN tunnel to Data Center.
  • Making VISIO, Documenting the changes, maintaining the sheets for subnetting, inventory for the network equipments and keeping update the team about changes on network.

Confidential, New York, NY

Network/System Support Engineer

  • Maximizing network performance by monitoring performance, troubleshooting network problems and outages, scheduling upgrades and collaborating with network architects on network optimization.
  • Undertaking data network fault investigations in local and wide area environments, using information from multiple sources.
  • Securing network system by establishing and enforcing policies, and defining and monitoring access.
  • Remote support of on-site engineers and end users/customers during installation of network equipment.
  • Troubleshoot issues of network, servers and systems of different clients which ranges from Cisco/Dell routers switches, routers, Sonicwall firewalls and Dell PowerEdge servers
  • Configured VLANs, VTP, STP, LACP, PAGP, stacks on core and access switches.
  • Configured NIC teaming on Dell PowerEdge servers for redundancy, load balancing and configured switch accordingly.
  • Configured Access Lists, VPN, HSRP on Cisco Routers/Switch and SonicWall firewall.
  • Monitored network of few clients on What’s up Gold and WireShark.
  • Troubleshooting, upgrade and assembling of equipments according to client’s requirements.
  • Labeling of network devices, systems hardware and naming convention.
  • Cabling of all user’s machines in patch panels and from patch panels to network devices.
  • Managed DHCP and DNS settings on cisco devices server.
  • Configured Cisco Wireless Access Points.
  • Configured and Designed network for offices include data centers.
  • Deployed ASA 5506-X, 5508 and 5520 in data centers with 2 DMZs and SonicWall.
  • Designing Hi-availability which starts from Layer 1 and goes to Layer 7. Made sure there is not any single point of failure across network.
  • Performed frequent changes and upgrades to routers and Catalyst 2900/3600/3700/3800, TP-Link Gigabit switch and Dell PowerConnect switch 8024.
  • Implement security enhancements tools like Firewall Analyzer, Event Log Analyzer, Radius, TACACS+ Server to enhancements of encryption keys etc.
  • Configured NAT (Static, Dynamic and PAT) in different location according to the needs.
  • Configured EIGRP, OSPF.
  • Configured BGP AS-Path prepends, weight, route-maps, prefix-lists.
  • Design Remote Access Policy across each site. Configured several site-to-site IPSEC VPNs across different sites with Hi-Availability.
  • Lead Network Engineer to move core from Dell SonicWall to Cisco environment.
  • Provided support for our Support Services group in isolating and troubleshooting any store related issues (Network, Wireless, Etc.)
  • Daily monitoring of network infrastructure to proactively detect any issues with the network and resolve in a timely manner to minimize any customer impact.
  • Used Loop Prevention mechanism.
  • Upgrading data network equipment and servers to latest stable firmware (ASA from 8.0, 8.4, 9.51, Dell/Cisco).
  • Server designing, RAID 0-10 configuration, iDRAC PowerEdge Raid configurations;
  • Backups(NetGear NAS, Seagate NAS, Synology Device) by using Symentic, windows server backup role and Cloud backup of servers by Carbonite and Code42 CrashPlan;
  • Attended several webinars and conferences from Dell, Cisco, Juniper, and Palo Alto to get to know about latest trends in technology and gave recommendations to IT Manager.
  • Updating job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities, reading professional publications, maintaining personal networks.


Network Engineer

  • Lead Network Engineer in engineering system design and solutions organization.
  • Designed and configured two data centers which range from Cisco Routers, Cisco Switches, Cisco ASAs within high available and redundant environment.
  • Configured, managed, troubleshoot and improved the network design of company sites across different regions.
  • Worked with server team to make sure every service is available to remote users via Cisco AnyConnect client VPN.
  • Setting up new network using a machine functioning as a router.
  • Maintaining the existing networks and expanding the network by adding new devices and hosts machines to the network.
  • Administering Network Security (using ACLs, Route-Mapping, DHCP Snooping, Port Security)
  • Inventory management of all network and systems hardware, warranty/support renewals.
  • Administering Network Services.
  • Troubleshooting of Network Problems.
  • Sharing Network resources, such as data and devices to make the network more efficient.
  • Drive mapping and user base privileges.
  • Microsoft Servers and workstation Migration.


IT Administrator

  • Server Designing including Network Management and Trouble shooting.
  • Add & remove new/old equipment to the existing environment.
  • Server and Workstations related hardware and software troubleshooting.
  • Cabling (Configuring Cables)
  • Backups and Recovery.
  • Data Recovery.
  • Sharing of available resources.
  • Designing and Planning the Network according to the business dimensions.
  • Setting up new network using a machine functioning as a router.
  • Maintaining the existing networks and expanding the network by adding new devices and hosts machines to the network.
  • Troubleshooting of printer, scanner and other devices.
  • Sharing Network resources, such as data and devices to make the network more efficient.
  • Microsoft Servers and workstation Migration.

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