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Security Engineer Resume


  • Highly skilled and result driven IT Systems Security Professional with extensive experience in IT Security
  • Administration and Engineering.


  • Program Management
  • System Security Plans
  • Risk Management and Mitigation
  • User Training and Support
  • Continual Improvement Methodologies
  • Group Policy
  • Active Directory
  • Computer Management
  • Window Server 2003
  • Confidential Novell
  • Ethernet
  • Check Point VPN
  • SecureClient
  • SQL
  • Token Administration
  • Relius Administration
  • Pinnacle Administration
  • Citrix
  • CA Top Secret, CA ACF2, Confidential, Z/OS,
  • Security for ORACLE


  • ACF2, Active Directory, Audit reports, automation, CICS, Citrix, COBOL, CA, hardware, direction, Documentation,
  • Ethernet, features, FTP, government, Help Desk, Confidential, DB2, MVS, IMS, JCL, LDAP, Mainframe, Confidential Mainframe, mainframes, McAfee, meetings, Access, Excel, Exchange, Microsoft Office products, SharePoint, Windows,
  • Window, Word, works, MQSeries, enterprise, network, Novell, Omegamon, OS, ORACLE, personnel, Policies, processes, Program Management, Confidential, reporting, requirement, risk analysis, Risk Management, servers, SQL, strategic, System Administration, systems support, User Training, Tivoli, trouble shooting, troubleshooting, TSO,
  • TSO/ISPF, UNIX, upgrades, utilities, VPN, WebSphere


Security Engineer



  • Implementation, maintenance, and support of key mainframe security applications.
  • Creation/Support of software to manage system utilities, automation, monitoring and reporting.
  • Performed complex troubleshooting and analysis to determine ways to improve a system's Security, reliability, scalability, availability and performance.
  • Worked with data center hardware and software technologies including network, storage, security, servers, mainframes, and load balancers.
  • Maintained and enhancing data security infrastructure, applications and processes.
  • Worked with 3rd party mainframe software suppliers.
  • Used a variety of Mainframe operational tools (Tivoli, CA - Sysview, Omegamon).
  • Worked with a distributed, multi-platform architecture.
  • Worked within a high-volume production systems.
  • Developed, deployed and supported systems software and hardware technologies.
  • 1.9 years of utilizing TSO, MVS, JCL, JES III, FTP for Mainframe operations.
  • 1.9 years of Confidential and CA-Top Secret security processes and procedures.

Identity/Access Management Analyst



  • Reviewed comprehensive system access & security solutions at a subject matter expert level.
  • Provisioned access to pre-defined Confidential resources, troubleshoots as needed and interacts with contractors.
  • Answered questions about native -- Confidential commands, how Confidential interface works with subsystems, how to secure CICS resources and reasons, Confidential access authorities, etc.
  • Mainframe, Z/OS, Citrix, In-House Developed Applications, Vendor Applications.
  • Internal and external customers, I/S personnel, and systems support areas.
  • Designed and configured system access rules and permissions within multiple environments to protect information resources within the enterprise.
  • Developed and configured security system registration and provisioning tools.
  • Ensured requests are accurately provisioned to create, modify, delete, maintain and monitor system access.
  • Communicated with internal and external customers on access to various applications.
  • Assisted customers with access issues, request submissions, and other issues related to Data Security.
  • Provided customer training as needed.
  • Completed periodic reviews/audits to ensure compliance with company, state and federal regulations and to ascertain a correct security risks/violations.
  • Worked with System Security Officers and I/S area support groups to address system security issues, audits, reviews, evaluations, standards, and best practices.
  • Created, run, and analyze reports from the enterprise server.
  • May audit/analyze security reports to develop risk analysis scenarios and response procedures.
  • Provided expertise and assistance on project teams with regard to data access issues.
  • Attended meetings to discuss the design, development, implementation, and updating of comprehensive system access, security solutions and changes.
  • Reviewed and implemented access security features, changes, and upgrades on systems, applications, hardware, and software.
  • Reviewed departmental procedures and recommend changes to increase efficiency and security.
  • Updated documentation to reflect improvements and communicate those changes to the area.

CA Top Secret Specialist



  • Evaluated and Tested the CA Cleanup Tool.
  • Provided CA Cleanup Documentation on how to utilize the CA Cleanup Tool.
  • Performed CA Cleanup Reports for Reference and Unreferenced resources.
  • Involved with the CA Cleanup update to version 12.1.
  • Performed various TSS Violation, Change and Audit reports on the Test System to do trouble shooting with user's violations and other problems they were having on the Test systems.
  • Provided support and work with Application and System Programmers and Analysts for CA Top Secret project activities.
  • Performed various System Administration duties per the request of SRDP's, Heat Ticket's and e-mails from the various users on the Production and Test systems.
  • By giving the user(s) access to the various resources.
  • Involved with the ALL Record cleanup project, CASB PIN Project and the Application and Equipment PIN project.
  • Provided WebSphere and LDAP Adminstration.
  • Helped with the updated documentation for the WebSphere cells and Certificates.
  • Wrote up the Help Desk procedure Documentation.
  • 1.3 years CA Top Secret Administration.
  • 1.3 years of TSO/ISPF, CICS, COBOL, DB2, JCL, MQSeries, Z/OS, UNIX, LDAP and WebSphere for Confidential Mainframe.
  • 1.3 years of working with Microsoft Office products: Word, Excel, Access and SharePoint.
  • 1 year working with CA Clean-up.

Sr. Systems Security Advisor



  • Developed strategicdirection and plan for protection of information assets, evaluate level of security required, identify and implement controls to protect assets from intentional or inadvertent modification, disclosure or destruction in defense, government, utility and nonprofit arenas.
  • Managed IT/IS Operations, establish policies and procedures and develop heightened awareness of security issues.
  • Developed processes and programs across multiple platforms that protect proprietary information and reduce costs.
  • Provided Application and System Programmers with Security requirements for various system programs on the various systems.
  • Provided Managers and Programmers with Security requirements on the various systems.
  • Trained Co-Workers on new and old Procedures and Policies for Security Administration.
  • Updated old and New Procedures and Policies for Security Administration.
  • Monitored and corrected system and user violations on the various systems.
  • Provided Auditors with audit information on the various systems for annual audits.
  • Reduced system access requests to various systems by 50% to 75%.
  • 5.2 years of Active Directory, Exchange 2003, Exchange 2010, FogBugz Ticketing system, Group Policy and RSA Token Administration.
  • 5.2 years of ACF2 Security and eTrust Audit Administration.
  • 5.2 years of TSO, CICS, COBOL, JCL, Z/OS and MVS for Confidential Mainframe.
  • 5.2 years of Sungard OMNI, OMNIPay, OMNISys, Pinnacle and ORACLE Administration.
  • CA ACF2, ArcSight, Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2010, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Access and SQL training.
  • Familiar with Citrix, Code Green, FireEye, Ironport, Access and SQL.
  • 5.2 years of user training and support.

Assistant Data Processing Security Administrator

Confidential, State of Maryland


  • Provided assistance to Security Administrator in the comprehensive design and implementation of security requirement, facilitated online changes to security software, ensuring adherence to prescribed Audit requirements.
  • Maintained and updated Mainframe based Process and Procedure Documentation.
  • Reviewed Security Logs and corrected various systems violations.
  • Reduced system access requests backlog 50%.
  • Provided Application and System Programmers with Security requirements for various system programs on the various systems.
  • 13.5 year of CA Top Secret, CA ACF2 and eTrust Audit administration.
  • 13 .5 years of TSO, CICS, COBOL, JCL, IMS, MVS, Z/OS and UNIX for Confidential Mainframe.
  • 13.5 years of RSA Token Administration, McAfee Helpdesk Ticketing system and Checkpoint VPN
  • SecureClient Administration.
  • CA Top Secret and Confidential Training.
  • 13.5 years of user training and support.

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