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Cyber Security Chief Resume

Jacksonville, NC


  • A results - driven, customer-centric, fluent, and effective Software Engineer with a Cyber Security Specialization who is capable of thinking “out of the box.”
  • Strong in design and integration problem-solving skills.
  • Proficient in Linux CLI, Java OOP, Shell Scripting, C#, HTML, CSS, ASP.NET, VB.NET, MS SQL with database analysis and design.
  • Specialize in network monitoring security software installation and working to prevent cyber-attacks especially in business and corporate settings.


  • Database management, design, and analytics
  • Excellent understanding Agile methodology
  • Solid understanding of various programming and security software applications
  • A superior breadth of experience in network administration and information security
  • Excellent proficiency with encryption firewalls authorization methodologies and Web filtering authentication
  • Profound facility with security policy development implementation and enforcement
  • A sound grasp of a variety of Internet protocols
  • High skills in data analysis and network security threat identification
  • Strong expertise in detecting intrusions via network scans
  • A strong work ethic that includes solid attendance record and frequent overtime
  • Excellent internal and external communications skills


Security: Wireshark, Nmap, Nessus or OpenVAS, Metasploit, Snort (IDS), Splunk, FTK Imager, Symantec IDS/IPS and firewall, vulnerability-scanning, Web gateway, proxy appliances and antivirus tools

Software: Share-Point Administrator, VMWare, Virtual Box, MS Active Directory/Windows Server, Windows OS, Linux OS (Red Hat, Centos, Fedora), Pen-testing with Kali Linux.

Systems: Experience working in mixed Windows/Linux, database, and virtualized/physical server environments.

Programming: Shell scripting, MS Server 2012 Active Directory, Java, C#, HTML, CSS, ASP.NET, VB.NET and MS SQLJavaScript.

Productivity Software: Microsoft Office 365 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Visio, Project), Outlook, and SharePoint.


Cyber Security Chief

Confidential, Jacksonville, NC


  • As Cyber Security Chief and Cyber Network Systems Chief, my network was without a security incident for the entire time a served. My day to day duties included performing basic and advanced systems installations, operations, software integration and help desk support troubleshooting to maintain optimum secure cyber communication systems both in garrison and deployment environment.
  • Developed and implemented online security procedures.
  • Helped implement and monitor security measures for USMC/ USN communication on secret internet protocol router network (SIPRNet) for 3 years without incident.
  • I successful provided internet access and secured Battalion network during 6 field exercises with a 100% success rate by setting up and configuring Cisco ASA Firewalls using Command Line (CLI) and Adaptive Security Device Manager ASDM GUI to name and create VLANs interfaces using nameif, assign security-levels either by assignment or default naming (inside or outside),
  • The use of switch port command to move ports from one interface to another, configured Confidential (OpenDNS) to resolve IP address to host names.
  • Configure Confidential with setroute commands to dynamically assign IP addresses to devices in internal network and DMZ.
  • Setup and configured network address translation (NAT) to convert internal IP address to external IPs for connection over the internet.
  • Configure ASA to generate RSA crypto key pairs of 1024-bit length for use in SSH connection on internal interface and enabling SSH on HTTP port 443.
  • Created Access Control Lists ( Confidential ) specifying what ports (80, 443) and traffic to allow or deny.
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008 implementation and troubleshooting from a security/firewall perspective.
  • In Window Server I often created/ added users and computers to our organizational units (OU), creating and applying group policies to controls their users and/ or computers actions and access under the Group Policy Management ( Confidential ) console.
  • Hands-on experience using Windows Firewall with Advanced Security to create new and edit existing rule to specify Rule Type (programs, ports, and predefined), Protocols and Port, Users and Computers, Profiles, and Names which allows communicating outbound.
  • The firewall allowed for the use of Confidential rules to control inbound traffic by enabling core network services and specifying (punching a hole) what actions to take such allow, allow the connection if secure, and block ingressing traffic.
  • Basic TCP/IP network implementation and troubleshooting. Using Ping to test devices on the network by allowing a signal (ICMP echo request) to be sent to determine if the device is running. NSLookup used to fetch/query Confidential records for a given domain or IP address. Traceroute is used to see the step by step route packets take to get to the destination. IPconfig which display the current TCP/IP network configurations values to determine if Confidential and Confidential servers are up and running.
  • Achieved excellent (100%) compliance rating on complying with Confidential orders, policies, and procedures on network security, radio equipment, and crypto-keys.
  • Participated in 6 field exercises/ events installing, configuring, and supporting an organization's local area network (LAN) connect to wide area network (WAN) segment of a network system while employing encryption.
  • Intermediate Linux (Redhat, CentOS) CLI experience using wildcards such * and? with ls, rm, cp find/ search files or strings. Stand Input, Standard Output, Standard Error, and redirects standard output to a file by using >, >>, <.
  • Comparing files by using commands such as diff, sdiff (side-by-side), and vimdiff (highlights differences using vim). Searching the content of files using grep, file, cut, tr, column, more, less, and pipe commands.
  • I am also able to transfer and copy files over the network using clients such as secure copy (SCP) and the more robust SSH file transfer protocol (SFTP).
  • Using alias command list to create and unalias to delete aliases.
  • The use of ps and top to see processes running both in foreground and background. Using Control-c to kill a process and Control-z to suspend a process, and kill command to end process and programs.
  • Experience using cron service and crontab command to run scheduled jobs.
  • Switching users and running commands as others using su to switch users, whoami command display account name, and sudo command to allow me to run programs as another user.
  • Installing software with Packages using Package Manager to manipulate the package; yum and rpm commands for RPM and apt and dpkg for Confidential .
  • Designed, developed, and implemented a Microsoft Access DBMS to build system authorization access request (SAAR) relational database and maintained data confidentiality and integrity by implementing role-based access control list ( Confidential ) for authorized users reduced the risk of disclosure on personal identifiable information (PII) by 95%, eliminating process duplication by 100%, and lowering paper usage and cost of disposal of documents contain PII by 100%.
Cyber Security Chief

Confidential, Bethesda, MD


  • Performed duties assisting in the prevention and treatment of disease and injury and assist health care professionals in providing medical care to Confidential members and their families.
  • Maintained a total of 819 medical records both in ALTHA and CHCS systems.
  • Assisting in prevention and treatment of disease and injuries; caring for sick and injured; administering over 3723 in immunization programs while station at the office basic school in Quantico, VA.
  • Processed over 2091 officer’s candidates into the TBS officer training school by ensuring each company was medically ready.

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